Firings at Edmonton’s Newcap cluster, Capital FM & K-97

Shane Michaels
Melissa Wright


Puget Sound Radio received word, Shane Michael’s from Capital FM and Melissa Wright from K-97 have been let go. Also shown the door was Kelly Walters GSM.




  1. Assuming they meant Melissa Wright, the morning midday announcer. That’s a bit of a surprise to me… she had been on air with K97/K-Rock/K-Lite for almost as long as i’ve been alive! Was always a pleasure to listen to her when I did.

    Shane Michaels, there’s another big Edmonton radio vet that I grew up listening to… whether it was as Sled Dog or just Shane, he was always a genuinely nice guy. I hope there’s great things on the horizon for both of them!

  2. Seriously you let go of Melissa ?? She was the most decent real person on the radio next to terry!! I guess I won’t be listening now:( how sad you let go of your most trusted employee!!

  3. OMG Melissa!!!!! I can’t believe that they let you go!!! What a huge slap in the face. If the PO was still around I’m sure that we’d put you to work lol. So where are you going now?

  4. Newcap, you’ve lost a faithful listener. Bring Melissa Wright back. I will NOT LISTEN til you bring her back. You MADE A HUGE MISTAKE. HUGE HUGE HUGE

  5. Melissa was the only reason I listened..already changed my radios to Cruz. Wasn’t happy with the “New Terry Evans” show already. K-97…HUGE MISTAKE!!

  6. Seems that with all the moves in Canadian radio these days, that to qualify as an exec or PD, you must have graduated from the University of Stupidity….

  7. I am in utter disbelief… K97 having let Melissa Wright go is the MOST LUDICROUS move I’ve ever heard of. I personally will NEVER listen again, CRUZ FM here I come… Good Bye

  8. Shane and Melissa are both amazing on-air and in person. They’ll bounce back bigger and better than before! Good luck to each of you! – Steve Huber

  9. Swamp them with a Bring Melissa Back campaign. Emails, texts, calls etc. Make that switchboard light up people!

  10. Why can’t Global (ist) get rid of those LIBTARD fools at CKNW – Jody Vance, Mike Smitty, Gord NEW WORLD ORDER MacDonald and Simi VACCINE Sara…….

  11. Well Richard, you can always hope that they eventually self-destruct by choking on their own hypocrisy the way Mike Eckford did.

    I had the great fortune of actually listening to the very “how can women tell if they are being underpaid if they don’t know how much men are getting paid— hey Mike whats CKNW paying you— stutter stutter cough cough” episode that marked the beginning of the end.

    The Social Justice Hipster crowd are having their Great Leap Forward and today’s well-liked virtue signaler (the folk you mentioned) will be right in the target of tomorrows “Progressives”. For example, all, except for Simi, are white in skin colour. Their days are numbered. Even Drex. We are heading into the stage where skin colour trumps sexuality etc etc as the high moral ground.

    They are going to be “One of us” before you know it. They can read the script but they can’t read the writing on the wall.

  12. Hey Richard & George…even though this is an Edmonton story, it again proves that the ‘brainiacs in suits’ in Canadian radio have no connection to the listening audience & their preferences, be it Ottawa, Edmonton or Vcr.
    Methinks something sinister is afoot…

  13. There is no reason for me to listen any longer I used to listen to Melissa even when I was in Arizona I guess one less radio station for me to bother with

  14. If your not happy with this decision and you post on PSR that is step one. Now K97 knows that the audience is pissed off. The suits likely dont give a rats ass about the listeners or we would not be posting about this.
    Tune in K97 make a list of their advertisers. Pick the top two and PHONE them and tell them how you feel. This is an action the suits might hear

  15. Y’know, every time I don’t listen to K-97 for a few days, someone disappears. My husband told me that he read on Facebook that Melissa was gone. “Naahhh!” I said, “They wouldn’t do something so stupid!” Then I thought about Steve, Bill, & Brynn, among others…

    Good job, K-97 Mgmt! Pretty soon you won’t need to worry about a station, ratings, or anything that keeps a station going ‘cause you won’t have a listener following!

  16. She was terrible. and now they should get rid of Rob “IceBerg” Lettuce. he’s a crusty old coot who invites everyone to report on the yellowhead traffic everyday …..BORING! can you imagine what Melissa looks like now compared to that 30 year old picture ??? I don’t know how these people think they are relevant to the current world….re-hashing the shite they do everyday….

  17. I was kind of waiting for the bitter ex part-time-on air A holes to appear and Josh—you are it. Pretty sure there’s a good variety who know who you are. Don’t Diss 20 year vets who rocked their time slots. Who were #1 on their station. Josh 1 or #2 —-stop it….you’re embarrassing.

  18. Unbelievable. Just heard today. I thought she was just on vacation. The person or canned show that replaced her is awful even worse than the terry and Pete show which I avoid like the plague. Brings me to feel like that line in Don McLean’s American Pie, the day the music died. I hope she surfaces in Etown again, really enjoyed her wit, r&r insight and down to earth sense.

  19. Kind of shocked , but not surprised .
    She was one thing on the radio , but a whole different thing on social media.
    You were OK if you bowed to all her views , but if you tried to debate or questioned them , she quickly could become rude and condescending . I think opposing views can sometimes create a debate and sometimes change ones point of view. I know I learn from such debates….. and have changed my view more than once after looking at it from another angle. That part of her of turned me away from being a fan . At times if you didn’t see it her way , she became a straight bully by insulting you and your character…. happened to me more than once .
    Can’t help but think that might have had a hand in the decision….. but what do I know ? I wasn’t there.

  20. Terry and Pete are the plague, together that is. I don’t mind Terry so much, but that new guy is bottom of the barrel. It sounds like Terry doesn’t even like him….I will never tune into that show again until he’s gone. What are the honchos thinking? What the hell is happening to this station?

  21. Can’t believe Mellisa Wright is gone. What a shame, K Rock has been making the dive off the deep end lately. Shitty commercials and shitty hosts lately. Morning show is brutal, bunch of whiners and complainers usually.

  22. What the H…! Melissa is “ WAS” the only
    Reason l listened to K97 You have made
    a catastrophic mistake! WOW I guess you
    Can’t fix stupid. Bye Bye K97 deleting app

  23. Shr was rhe best always something to learn and her lucnch was great. She always made my day. This was a big mistake for new cap radio . They should bring her back.

  24. This is unrelated, but reading Elaine’s comment about Terry Evans being a decent real person almost made my eyes roll right out of my head.

  25. What is the old saying “change is good as a rest”.

    I was driving to indoor soccer and was channel surfing with the radio. Starting at the lower end of the channels (frequencies), suddenly, I stumbled onto a very recognizable voice and personality. One I have liked for many years. It was Melissa Wright but not on her usually station. I was shocked at first and did some reading on the net to find out what had happened.

    Change is good for me too! Now, I will be tuned into Cruz Fm 95.7 on my dial and dust will be collecting on the other button.

    Big mistake old station (you don’t deserve call letter being mentioned)!

  26. I am rather sad to hear of Melissa Wright’s firing. As a Edmontonian living in London I was back last summer and caught the morning show and Melissa’s show. Both were tight and good. If there is a reason for the dismissal I would love to know what it is. If there isn’t one I would be prepared to contribute to any legal or fan based effort to have her reinstated. Fan of the station and the talent it’s developed of decades.


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