Calgary radio host says he was assaulted, believes attack was politically motivated

August 27, 2018


Calgary radio host Kumar Sharma (Fairchild Radio FM 94.7)  says he was physically attacked by several men and that he believes it was because of a Facebook post he shared about an aspiring UCP nomination candidate.

A Calgary radio host who says he was the victim of a swarming attack says he believes he was targeted because of an unfavourable post he shared on social media involving an aspiring UCP nomination candidate.

Kumar Sharma said he was attending an outdoor concert on Aug. 19 when he was confronted by two men who he says are supporters of Hardyal Singh Happy Mann, a United Conservative nomination candidate for Calgary-Falconridge.

“I was viciously attacked from behind from a group of men… There were at least seven men who attacked me all at once. I did not recognize any of these individuals,” Sharma said.

“This has had a very severe impact on my health, on my emotional well-being and on my family.”

Calgary police have confirmed with Global News that they are investigating the alleged assault.

At a news conference hosted by Calgary Forest Lawn MP Deepak Obhrai on Monday, Sharma and Obhrai produced a photo which they said had been taken by one of Sharma’s friends who witnessed the alleged attack. They also claimed one of the alleged assailants has been pictured in multiple campaign photographs with Mann.



  1. This community has a history of political violence so there needs to be a thorough investigation. If the allegations are true the perpetrators need to be punished to the fullest extent fo the law. This type of intimidation takes place in third world countries and has no place in Canada. Perhaps the reason we don’t have ride sharing is that politicians of all stripes are afraid of being subjected to similar violence from this community.

  2. obiwan,

    With our current crew of self-loathing, anti-western values politicians, bureaucrats, MSM media and all too many useful idiots in our citizenry, they all seem by intent or ignorance want to turn the host of western developed world nations all of whom contributed to creating the greatest society ever, “THE WESTERN DEVELOPED WORLD” into 3rd world $h*tholes, where many of the immigrants left because they lived in $h*tholes, but can’t seem to not bring their backwards, $h*hole ways to the west. UGH!!!! 🙁


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