US TV Ratings: Video Music Awards Hit All-Time Low on MTV

Camila Cabello (left) and Madonna
For the second straight year, the MTV Video Music Awards drew its smallest audience ever.
Monday’s show drew 2.25 million viewers and a 1.1 rating among adults 18-49.
Across eight Viacom-owned channels, it drew 4.87 million viewers and a 2.2 in the demo; both sets of numbers fall short of the 2017 VMAs, which set the previous low.
The awards also aired on a ninth Viacom network, TV Land, for which numbers weren’t immediately available. It is highly unlikely, however, that enough people tuned in there to push the VMAs past their 2017 on-air total of 5.36 million viewers and 2.6 rating in adults 18-49.


  1. Corporate media can’t resist using their power to push their political agenda on no less than nine channels and viewers are tired of it. They are no longer in the business of entertaining but brainwashing. People of a certain age will remember mocking Russian and other state run media for how boring and bad it was. Now the joke’s on us.

  2. Can I be the first old guy to complain?! That said, I like to think I’m `young at heart’, but they were just gawd awful. Madonna’s “tribute to Aretha” was just a painfully long self-absorbed tribute to herself. And yes J-Lo. You can still wiggle your ass. We get it. That said, I did kinda dig the Aerosmith/Post Malone collaboration as odd as it was.

  3. Half assed newer talent, old whiny talent and the hi-jacking of entertainment by social elites to bash President Trump, bash the USA itself, bash white people notably white men and to play endlessly the faux victim card has most of middle America NOT GIVE A SH*T ABOUT ANY OF THESE CELEBRITIES AND THEIR STUPID TIME WASTING AWARDS SHOWS!

  4. More like…..the RADICAL LEFT and the Deep State are at an all time low. Their heads are going to POP OFF when they lose the mid terms……


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