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Steve Darling, Former Global News Anchor, to run for Council in Port Coquitlam


Darling announced his intentions on Facebook. It is his second try at politics.

Former longtime Global News broadcaster Steve Darling is throwing his hat into the realm of Port Coquitlam politics.

Darling announced in a Facebook post that he planned to run for councillor in the city of Port Coquitlam where he and his family lives. It is his second go at politics.



  1. Darling is somewhat of a narcissist, not sure why he thinks he should be a politician. At least he is moving down the food chain in aspirations.

  2. Well, we’re glad his kids are excited. Other then being a media mooch the past 18 years, I’d like to see his qualifications to run a city and business like PoCo. I’ve heard nothing of his education, business experience, negotiation record, dealing with powerful municipal unions, law enforcement/legal experience etc. And being a soccer dad is NOT a qualification! Voters should be very diligent in getting to his background before they allow his, or any candidate’s hand in their wallet.


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