Mark Zuckerberg Personally Made Decision to Ban Alex Jones


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  1. Anyone who cares about free speech and privacy should delete their Facebook account. You can request a download of everything that FB has on you including any photos and videos that you’ve uploaded. You will be shocked at how much information they have. I started by removing their bloated app from my phone and never missed it. Although I enjoyed the odd post from friends more often than not I was annoyed by all the ads and reposted garbage in my news feed. FB is not worth the price of admission and since they blatantly censor conservative viewpoints they don’t deserve to be supported by conservatives.

  2. Never have come close to acquiring a FB Account. Many Friends and Family have FB and that is as close as I want to be.

    Most of ALEX Jones is just fine and I believe he provides an important Public Service and someone needs to Hold Feet of Elite, Entitled, Liberal PC Establishments Feet to Fire. Unfortunately ALEX sometimes Crosses the Line and it number one has a detrimental affect on his credibility and he opens himself up to criticism and questions on his judgement.

    Too bad as he could be so much more if he toned things down.

    Long past time for U.S. Government to Break Up FB, Google, and a few others, if the Dems ever get Control of the WH, Senate, and House again it would mean the end of Free Speech and Independent Thoughts and Freedoms.

    Time for POTUS DJT to act immediately after the Mid-Terms on FB, Google, and others.

  3. Personally , I believe the only reason Jones has been dropped by the social media platforms is he is not suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. If Jones was anti Trump if Jones did a 15 minute monologue every night insulting DJTs intelligence , if Jones had threatened to move to Canada, if Jones suffered from TDS he could say that Sandy Hook was done by space aliens and nobody would even whimper. Zuckerberg is simply doing what little he can to show that he is part of the globalist elite that were counting on a HRC victory.

  4. Private online companies can decide to allow or not allow anyone they please on their system. The issue I have is do we want Apple, Facebook or Google deciding on what is hate speech and what is not? Probably not when you consider how these companies have cozied up to the Chinese and pretty well embraced the Chinese communist party’s wishes for restricting the internet in China. Think about it, Apple iCloud data in China is now stored by the state-owned company China Telecom who store all iCloud data and encryption keys belonging to Chinese citizens, so if you are sending emails to folks in China your emails are being accessed by the state. Google has their own deal with the Chinese as well. Not the type of companies you want deciding on Internet freedom.

    It probably is time for Google and YouTube to be broken up and regarded as a utility, this will mean any disputes people or companies have with them will have a process and open procedures to remedy any issues. Their sheer size makes them virtually a monopoly so this is a logical next step to protect the public.


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