Media spin on Danforth shooting is troubling, by Candice Malcolm


(This column originally appeared in the Toronto Sun)

By: Candice Malcolm

July 26, 2018

The world learned on Wednesday morning that the Islamic State took responsibility for the Danforth shooting that left two dead and 13 injured.

Canadians could be forgiven, however, for not knowing that the deranged Islamist death cult claimed to have had a hand in the Toronto massacre. Most Canadian media outlets decided to ignore the news altogether.

When I checked the news early on Wednesday morning, the story had been covered by U.K.-based Reuters, the Jerusalem Post in Israel, the South China Morning Post and the Toronto Sun. No other Canadian mentions.

When Canadian media outlets covered this revelation hours later, they added their own editorial spin. Global News posted a distorted article about why the ISIS claims shouldn’t be taken seriously.

The article quoted two academics who basically say the exact same thing — ISIS is desperate and claims responsibility for everything these days — and didn’t provide the other side of the story.

Rukmini Callimachi of the New York Times, by contrast, notes that the wording of the ISIS claim implies that the Toronto shooter was “self-radicalized” but adhering to ISIS calls for violence.

“The shooter is described as “a soldier of the Islamic State” and they say he responded to “the call” to target citizens of Coalition countries,” she said on Twitter.

Reports from the Sun and CBS that quote police sources suggesting the shooter had an online interest in ISIS.

Other media outlets spun this story by quoting Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders, who said “we have no evidence to support these claims” — a vague statement likely referring to an ISIS-directed attack, rather than an ISIS-inspired one.

Saunders, however, went on to say “we will continue to explore every investigative avenue including those who knew Mr. Hussain, his online activity, and looking into his experiences with mental health.”

In other words, Toronto police have not ruled out jihadist extremism as the motive, hence why Toronto police are reviewing “his online activity.”

This is just the latest example of the Canadian media deliberately torquing this story.

On Monday, after the police released the name of the shooter, the CBC instantly released a statement it said came from the killer’s family.

But as reported by the Sun’s Anthony Furey, the statement was provided by a left-wing political activist known for creating “talking points and media advocacy” around the issue of Muslims in Canada. The polished statement read like a PR stunt — because it was.

Why didn’t the CBC tell Canadians the truth — that the statement claiming the shooter had a long history of mental illness was provided by an activist with a political agenda?




  1. Terrorist Events carried out by Islamic Radical Assassins has been covered up in the EU for years.

    why would we expect it to be any different in Canada, especially PM Justin.


    Hopefully newly elected Ontario PM Doug Ford will provide some “Push Back” against this sort of Cover Up.

    Canadians need to be aware of what Atrocities could be just around the corner.

    Time for all of us to stand up to Media and demand they provide us with honest, informative, and objective Reporting of any Event similar to the one on Danforth.

    Why are Canadians not demanding more on this?

  2. 50+ years of liberalism, its Marxist, anti- western, anti-freedom idealism has brought Canada, much of Europe and even in part the USA to this point.

    Constant virtue signalling through self-guilt will have a price, the price will be a proverbial wound spring breaking loose and snapping back crushing those and all that fall into this drivel of anti-western, anti-USA, anti-Canada, anti-liberty, and notably over the last 15-20 years anti- Caucasian ideals.

    The delusional left and its adnauseum virtue signaling to firstly Islam and secondly to all other identity politics and all activist groups WILL SEE A MASSIVE SOCIAL, POLITICAL AND MAYBE IF THE LEFT DOES NOT STOP ITS VIRTUE SIGNALING B.S., BLOOD SOAKED BLOW BACK!

    The only society in recorded history that has done more to lift the lives, better the lives, create values of liberty and value human life in general with more justice, HAS BE THE WESTERN DEVELOPED WORLD! Firstly post Christian Church reformation about 250-300 years ago, which led to a blooming of modern sciences, engineering and the industrial revolution, which itself was centered around Robert Fullton’s development of the steam engine. This spread through and from Europe to the rest of the then developing world. This industrial revolution led to the lessening of flawed human ideals hurting people and led to the concept of bettering human life, developing and growing economies and as such more liberty and justice even if it was and still is flawed as humanity is and always will be flawed. No, it did not happen overnight. No it did not happen without spilled blood and even injustice at times. But it was the best course in human development and western world values for the most part.

    The latest blooming of western developed world values came post WWII. WWII was our comeuppance and as such globally our second industrial/technological revolution where the counter side of backwards Marxist Communism spurred our western society which post WWII now included many non European and North American nations to become better, to make life for more people better, to become more just and to grow economies, lifting all boats so to speak.

    Starting in the mid-late 60’s though this counter culture of lazy, Marxist ideals dressed as modern liberalism and social activism through self-flogging of the west by many people of the west has waged an ideological war on the western world. This happened even as the west defeated Soviet style Communism. But the G’Damn Commies and all their useful idiot SJW ‘s took off their RED STAR Commie uniforms and just merged into western society to try to subvert it for 50 damn years. Now their toxic intersexionality with Islam today (BTW you freaking Commies and SJW’s it’s a cult[ure] that hates not just Christians and any other faiths, but also hates you atheists and you silly Marxists) in trying to send the greatest society man has even created, YES WARTS AND ALL! the western developed world BACK TO IT’S DARK AGES! SO EFFING DROP DEAD YOU IDIOT STOOGES WHO WILLFULLY FALL PREY TO THIS SHITE!

  3. George

    Anything with a pulse would be far far better than Wynne and her Minions, the past several years of Liberal Governments have gutted Ontario and unfortunately the Province has a long way to recovery,

    I only hope Ford has some answers, The future of Ontario and in fact the rest of Canada is Secure only if Ontario is healthy and well managed.

    Keep your fingers crossed.

  4. I urge those of you that are suspicious about the “Fake News” Story about the Danforth Shooter to read yesterday’s National Post Piece by Rex MURPHY. Finally someone asks for some transparency,answers, and truth surrounding the Shooter himself.

    MURPHY points out that the Statement from the Family of the Shooter’s Mental Illness and so called Life Long struggles was written by an Ontario NDP Activist. That in itself should set off Alarm Bells. I am surprised that story did not point out that the Shooter was a Nobel Prize Winner!

    Again, we need far more transparency, more truth, and a more independent investigation and report on this whole horrific Slaughter of Innocent People who were simply just out on the town attempting to have fun with family and friends. Sickening at best.

    OK Premier Ford, the Ball is NOW in your Court.

    Thank you Mr. Murphy.

  5. The narrative, its all about the narrative. Move along folks nothing to see here. Mental disorders do not create concerns over open boarder policies. Mental truck killings, mental shootings, mental stabbings. The media seems content to push the open boarders agenda. Politicians seem content to push for open boarders.
    Canadian boarder cities have voiced concerns over the amount of terrorists arriving daily. Italy has started to turn migrants away. Sorry I forgot the narrative. Not migrants but ship wreck survivors and not terrorists but refugees. Yes refugees fleeing the oppressive tyranny of the United States.
    Yes siree. If Fassils mommy and daddy say its not their sons fault he had mental issues the thats the narrative. When the wizzard says” DO NOT LOOK BEHIND THE CURTAIN” just listen to him.
    Open boarders are good for you.

  6. Disappointed (but not surprised) by the disappearance of our PM. I’m sure we will get a lecture and labeled racist next week by Lieberals for questioning what happened.

  7. PM Justin might be feeling out of sorts. His buddy that was captive in Afgan for 3 years is going to jail. Odd that he wasnt just labeled mentally ill and forgiven for his assault charges.

  8. Just in from the PMO. Rumors of an attack in Torontos Danforth district are unfounded. There was a slight disturbance when a mentally disturbed individual was forced to protect himself from a savage crowd of violent onlookers. Sadly the mentally handicapped individual succumbed to his injuries. Two other hostile attackers died as well.


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