Owner of company (Jimmy Pattison) involved in fatal duck boat sinking says they ‘shouldn’t have been out on the water’


Owner of company (Jimmy Pattison) involved in fatal duck boat sinking says they ‘shouldn’t have been out on the water’

“This business has been operating for 47 years and we’ve never had an incident like this or anything close to it,” Ripley Entertainment President Jim Pattison Jr. told CBS This Morning on Friday.

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  1. I saw this story after the tragic incident and figured out the local connection but didn’t hear any mention of it from the local media.

    I assume the kids in the Vancouver newsrooms were too busy monitoring Facebook and Twitter for the latest Donald Trump news. Back when we had journalists working in newsrooms this would have been picked up within a couple of hours.

  2. I think this had more to do with the grownups than the kids. The Sun buried an AP Wire store on it in its World News section. According to this story on Fox News Pattison hired someone to inspect the boats before he bought the company and was warned they were unsafe. Of course a fight breaks out in a nightclub at a Trump Hotel bar and it’s front page news in the Vancouver Sun.


  3. I can’t believe this. The only coverage of the Pattison connection to the duck boat story from Branson was a short clip by the CBC, Nothing with the other networks. I can’t find any reference or story about this in the Vancouver Sun, Victoria TC or any other newspaper or radio station here in Canada? Are the media protecting the Pattison name? If that is the case, I say shame on them. 13 people are now DEAD. Not a word on CKNW… time to abandon mainstream media, especially here in Canada…. Unreal!!!

  4. The newbies in News rooms would not have the experience to make the connection between Sr. and Jr. Once again, raising questions as to their credibility in covering stories. Well-informed News people would have known that Jim Pattison had to find a place in his empire for his kid. Ripley’s seemed the least likely place Jr. could screw up, and in fact, in the years since Pattison acquired Ripley’s, it’s stayed afloat (no pun intended). Until now.

  5. I’ve seen the story widely reported on Cdn media as well as the connection to the Jim Pattison Group so put away your conspiracy hats kids.

    And just so there’s at least one real fact in this thread, the JPG has owned Ripley’s since 1985…so the assertion that “Jim Pattison had to find a place in his empire for his kid” is absurd…not to mention he also has two daughters that don’t work in the company.

    Jim Jr. has been with the company for a good quarter century but not always as CEO.

  6. Put up some links Cartman. There was no wide reporting and it was deliberate in my opinion.
    Not only is Pattison a big part of the MSM he is also a huge advertiser. They look after their own.

    Ripley bought the leaky boat business about a year ago after commissioning a report on the condition of the boats. It’s irrelevant how long he’s owned the parent company.

    The Vancouver Sun had front page coverage for two days about elevator problems at Trump Tower.

    Just wait until US attorney’s make the connection to a Canadian billionaire. I’m sure they will show large photos of the Nova Springs to the jury.

  7. Still waiting for those links.

    Searched the Globe & Mail site and they also buried the AP wire story under their World section just like the Vancouver Sun.

    The same “newspapers” are now trying to sell us that the shooter in Toronto was just “mentally ill”. The cops withheld the name until the government could choreograph a narrative with the family. I wonder if the killer did any travelling recently?

  8. I think organizations have figured out that they can control the media by controlling social media. Especially with broadcast media, most rely on social media for news stories and if you can control it and develop a narrative the newsreaders will fall into place. Coupled with the new breed of news staff who do not question online stories much and you have the perfect formula.

    Not sure what happened in Toronto but their knee-jerk reaction totally blaming mental illness has done a disservice to people with mental illness who have now been put into the same basket as mass shooters when they would never consider such a thing.


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