Okla. City TV Anchor for 23 Years Lance West Out in Sexting Scandal


Longtime Oklahoma City anchor Lance West has reportedly resigned after 23 years at KFOR.

The Lost Ogle has reported that West offered up a resignation after screenshots of him sexting with a woman, while on set, surfaced online.

In a statement to the Lost Ogle, West said:

I take full responsibility for a terrible lapse in judgment. I consensually exchanged inappropriate messages with one woman. This did not involve any colleague at KFOR.

Managers at News 4 have been extremely kind and supportive throughout this entire ordeal. It was my decision to resign in hopes of avoiding any additional glare on the station in which I invested a wonderful 23 years.

West’s bio has been removed from the Tribune-owned station’s site.



  1. Sexting usually requires TWO parties going back and forth, was the woman he was apparently sexting with returning said sexting? If so then WHY IS IT A STORY? WHY SHOULD HE BE TOSSED OUT? If it was two way, would she not be held to the same standard?

    Oh silly me, of course a female shall never be held to the same standards as a male, #MeToo.

  2. We dint know what the woman does. Maybe she is self employed, maybe her e,player doesn’t care. I wouldn’t.

    I assume this guy is married and that’s why it’s a “scandal”. Seems very puritanical and dated.

  3. Really make we wonder how our own local ‘tall’ tv news personality has managed to keep out of the line of fire.

  4. the woman is a professional scammer..shes being investigated by FBI. Shes blackmailed others. photoshops fake dick pics. she uses her handicap as a shield to claim victim status. at least 5 other men have paid her to be quiet. her name is Amanda Northrup..on twitter as @mothrofadragon. Shes hunting for her next victim. DONT TRUST HER. IVE WITNESSED WHAT SHE HAS BEEN DOING

  5. ???? oh the fbi? So scary! It’s a good thing the tell all the hillbillies when they’re investigating someone ????He sent his dick pics and video of him jerking off it’s all over! Moron??


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