UPDATED: Winnipeg Broadcaster FIRED Over his Transgender Comments


Dave Wheeler condemned for ‘hate in his voice’ on-air

by Aidan Geary · CBC News · 


  Dave Wheeler has been fired as host of 92 CITI FM’s Wheeler in the Morning, in light of controversy over comments he made about transgender people. (@Wheelerj28/Twitter)

Rogers Media says it has fired 92.1 CITI FM radio host Dave Wheeler following controversial comments about transgender people that he made on his Winnipeg program Wheeler in the Morning this week.

Rogers Media spokesperson Andrea Goldstein confirmed the firing in an emailed statement Wednesday morning.

“There have been multiple disciplinary incidents, and in spite of numerous conversations, he has continued to offend our audiences,” Goldstein wrote.

“As a result, we have ended our relationship with him and he is no longer with the company, effective immediately.”

The decision was made yesterday.

Wheeler made the comments during a conversation on the program about Scarlett Johansson withdrawing from the upcoming film Rub and Tug. The American actor was facing backlash after she was cast to play a trans man.

In the conversation, Wheeler made a remark comparing transgender people to actors who “pretend to be different things.” He reiterated the sentiment in a Facebook Messenger conversation with a woman who reached out to him regarding the commentary. The woman shared images of their conversation online.

The images show these words from Wheeler: “If someone is born human. And they pretend to be a dog. It is not right to agree with them for the sake of their feelings.”



  1. Here is yet another example of our times…everybody has to love & respect everyone else because that’s The Plan to make civilization get along…kumbayah my friends!
    Hey Rogers, are you the PC police for your millions of clients? If I was a Rogers client, I’d be cancelling over this.
    We either have free speech, or we don’t, despite some of the hurtful issues raised…

  2. This isn’t a violation of his free speech rights in any sense. The government has no involvement.

    Nanny state socialists want to intrude on the free market rights of private employers to make business and employment decisions.

    Disagree with what Rogers did and make your own decisions accordingly.

  3. Why here are so many contributors hear so against being politically correct. Are you lost in the 1970s! If this fired host made comments that were damaging to a small or large group of people, he must pay the price. Do you really think using the n word is acceptable in 2018! I think its difficult to teach old dogs new tricks.

  4. Yea…. You can’t say what he said on air, the way he said it and then have a terse head up your ass FB conversation with a listener like he did and expect a big public company to back you. In the last 6months he’s been telling listeners on Reddit to f*ck their faces so much it’s become his online catch phrase. Philly left and the Wheels literally came off.

  5. Seems Dave might be a little delusional. One of those “radio stars” who think they are bullet proof. Oops, forgot the radio station wasn’t his. Could soon be appearing at a Walmart near you.

  6. Zebb, as a matter of fact, Rogers exists only because the federal government allows them to by virtue of their broadcast license. Future license applications to the government’s regulatory agency, the CRTC, would be jeopardized if Rogers failed to take action on this issue. Further, do we really need a mis-informed shock jock who obviously lacks the skills to articulate a position without profanity. The great ones know, rude or offensive language may pass in the bar, but it simply does not translate on the radio.

  7. ‘Just sayin’, bravo, I couldnt have it said it clearer and more precise than you did. Rogers had to take this action. When a simple employee thinks they are greater than the company that hires them, they are lost and shouldnt be found.

  8. @Robert Wilson

    I hear the N-word all the time, when my offspring plugs the iphone into the car’s sound system and plays the rap du-jour. If I can suffer through “Kill Whitey” then why can’t others put up with insults directed towards them?

    If the 70’s represents a time when people were free to speak, then take me back.

  9. George in Richmond nails it..for several decades, rap music has included ‘killin’ whites, blacks, cops, rapin’ women’ and so on. Some of it was pretty intense, and it got, and gets air time.
    What about shock jocks like Howard Stern?
    All of us have been insulted/offended by something/someone…it’s part of life.
    Are we so frail that we need to be protected against everything these days?


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