A Fly In Sinclair’s Ointment by Jason Remington


by Jason Remington

July 17, 2018


Imagine a news staff at KOMO 4 tv that leaned Conservative, rather than Liberal. It is obvious to readers of the Facebook accounts of local media personalities, that 99.99% of the media is biased and “all in” toward the Left/Liberal/Democrat agenda. If Sinclair management wants to fashion their stations after FOX News, and hire talking heads that support Trump and the Conservative agenda, that is their prerogative. Anyone currently working at KOMO tv can do as others do when they lose their jobs. Keeping your resume up to date and having a great video CV is something all tv reporters and anchors should stay on top of. If FOX cleans house at KCPQ 13 when that company takes over at the close of the Sinclair-Tribune deal, there would be no tears from this blogger. I read the commentary and Facebook news postings of the KOMO & KCPQ personalities. They are all in the same camp. They hate Trump, still tear up when the name Obama is mentioned and have not gotten over the trauma caused by the 2016 election results. They are angry, bitter and spew their venom all across the pages of Facebook. One Q13 reporter has a segment on the Q13 newscast called “The Divide.” The divide is where most of these Libs will congregate, planning their next protest and widening the divide due to their intolerance of the opposition. When questioned about her bias and intolerance, that tv talking head snapped back, referring to my blog called “Stacked Deck’, as “obscure”, and then blocked yours truly from her FB account. Libs preach inclusion and tolerance, but that is just to hear themselves talk. They don’t practice what they preach and will shout over you when you try to speak. They may even hit you with a brick. When they can’t win the argument, they often resort to violence. Maybe the staff at a couple Seattle tv stations will find themselves hitting the bricks in search of new jobs, once Sinclair acquires the Tribune stations and FOX takes over Q13.


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  1. Right on Jason. We have the same problem here in Vancouver with CTV, Global, CBC and radio station CKNW. Its unbelievable and very sad for democracy. These are corporate entities, the big boys all owned by Globalists

  2. You have to long for the days when broadcast journalists prided themselves in being non-partisan and criticizing both sides of the spectrum. I think a lot of this has resulted due to the indoctrination of kids in public schools, the fact that wages in media are mostly abysmal and journalistic training nowadays is based on monitoring social media which is pretty well filtered and sanitized before it even gets to the screen.

    What it will take is for someone to break out and set a model for others and start a path back to respectability. I am not holding my breath though.

  3. Ernie – Mark

    I agree.

    Mark makes a most important point when he speaks about Indoctrination of Children in the Public School System. Indoctrination is having a very detrimental affect on School Children right from K up to Grade 12 and eve more so at University Level.

    Please take the time to You Tube Canadian Clinical Psychologist JORDAN Peterson on various subjects, especially his insight on “Male Toxicity” as taught by Educatorscat all ?Levels.

    Anyone that has Children or Grandchildren should pay attention to what Peterson has to say.


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