Coast to Coast GONE from CKNW (Update) New Comments Added


As indicated a few weeks ago here on PSR, CKNW no longer is carrying the popular overnight talk show Coast to Coast AM with George Noory.   As of Sunday night Dec. 17th the show was replaced with classic OTR radio programs from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.

A recorded announcement indicates that the old radio shows are just temporary, that new permanent overnight talk programming for NW will launch in the New Year.

So far no word from the rights holder Bell Media as to a new Vancouver outlet for the Coast to Coast program.


UPDATE….. Roundhouse Radio CEO Don Shafer told Puget Sound Radio,  George Noory’s Coast to Coast will be Officially Launched this coming Monday January 15th, 2018 at 10 PM on Roundhouse Radio 98.3. The Show will be ‘Live’ For those outside the stations signal, tune into Roundhouse Radio’s website for their Live Stream



  1. Doesn’t matter, if you want to listen just tune into IHeart Radio and find a station until Bell announces what Vancouver station will carry it. Or use CFAX 1070 website to stream it.

  2. nw is number 3 in the ratings now……..look for a downhill slide now…really was the best show on the air there and that’s not saying much!!!

  3. And just as news breaks about the $22 million-plus in federal funds secretly diverted to UFO investigations by then Senators Reid, Innouye and Stephens (the latter two now deceased). Last night, weekend host George Knapp Nevada (home of Area 51)devoted the first half of C2C to this huge story. I’d argue it’s the best investment the Bush 43/Obama admins ever made. Hope President Trump okays a re-up for the program.

    The revelations come almost 20 years after the Phoenix Lights, possibly the biggest ever mass sitings of UFOs by citizens. Turns out actor Kurt Russell may have been the first pilot to report the lights triggering the investigation and ultimate coverup. Russell flew his own plane in and quickly out of Phoenix on family business before the local brouhaha erupted. Only years later did Kurt hear of the controversy, look up his old flight logs and realize his report call was the one cited in subsequent reports.

    I live near Victoria. As noted before, unless another Vancouver station signs up, C2C is still on CFAX 1070 and KIRO 97.3. I still am puzzled how CFAX gets away with running Noory-voiced or approved ads for alternate health products. Obviously CFAX pays a lower rate to C2C than NW, which ran its own ads. But would’ve thought CFAX would have a substitution ready for C2C health ads. Don’t Canadian regs forbid ads of products making unsubstantiated curative claims?

  4. Wow! you may just be onto something, Martin. The last I heard, Coast to Coast was the number one program throughout the entire day on CKNW. Its no wonder Bell pulled the contract. CtoC could create some numbers, maybe even get them out of the basement on 1410. As a long time listener of NW, if these young ones only knew what radio was all about, instead they get to grow up with the corporates which have ripped the heart our of our local radio. Congratulations!

  5. The loss of NW hurts because they archived all programming for at least a week. A C2C fan could always get a good night’s sleep and listen online to the archive later. Maybe George Noory will see an uptick in southern British Columians subscribing “for pennies a day” for unlimited access to years worth of shows.

  6. Coast to Coast was an entertaining over night show. It did have credible guest with credible and thought provoking topics too., Yes it had the out there stuff too but hey it was entertaining as such.

    The soon to be new show will either be some low buck host rehashing the days stories or said low buck host pushing more liberal-leftist, SJW clap trap and anti-Trump, anti- USA shite.

  7. I drive to work early every day and for many years I have always enjoyed listening to the replay of C 2 C and found the program interesting, bizarre, thought provoking, and everything in between.

    Some of the callers are way out there and so are some of the guests, yet I have never heard Noory be anything less than very respectful and understanding to any of them,

    I gather the show is very successful and Noory knows what works for the Listener and he makes sure the formula is consistent.

    I will still make a point of tuning into the show if it reappears with another Station in the YVR Market.

    Sadly I must agree with some other contributors on PSR when they speculate the newly logoed CKNDP (NW) will regurgitate other programming that most in this market really do not want to hear.

    NW might just better off with Dead Air Space after the Victim of “Political Reassignment Surgery” Charles Adler signs off at 10 PM, Not many are listening by then anyway.

    Perhaps The Programming Director Genius at NW could spend each evening between 10 PM and 5 AM Reading passages live from the latest Hillary Rhoda Clinton Book “What Happened”. That might keep him busy for the better part of eight months or so until he can come up with replacement programming for Noory and Coast to Coast.

  8. As much as I (usually) enjoyed C2C, I have to admit that I was getting rather tired of George Noory. I actually enjoyed the alternate hosts more so than him. (George Knapp was great.) I got so sick of that “numbers lady”, one of George Noory’s favorite guests. Such a phony-baloney shtick!

    I say bring back the Owl Prowl with Jack Cullen. Must be plenty of tapes in the vault!

  9. too bad I’ve been listening to C2C for over 20 years now. Always interesting and they have some great repeat guests. I hope another Vancouver station will pick up the show.

  10. BMCQ,

    Of better yet between 10-5:00am just reading the Wikileaks found reading the 33,000+ deleted emails of HRC’s and showing how she should be locked up and maybe even hanged for treason and more so, the ingrate anti-American hypocrite, hack and evil woman she is.

  11. I am truly upset no wait… I am pissed, that such a good interesting thought provoking crazy show could be just pulled, no longer am I listening to NW this really sucks I agree with all you keep the protest coming in and Let NW know how we feel, I don’t know what to do with my life now. Lol

  12. zero reason to listen to CKNW, anymore now that coast to coast is gone and have removed from favs and added CFAX.
    And take down the coast to coast on air between 10pm and 5am,
    What cheap,crap programing you now offer over night..
    Good luck CKNW, your gonna need it!

  13. Well I guess that’s the last time I listen to cknw. I work graveyard shift and a large number of us listened to this program every nite. I have no more reason to tune into this station anymore. If you want to hear an ad, just tune into cknw any time of day and you will hear an ad. Sorry Simi and drex, but I won’t have my radio tuned to this station anymore. And my thanks to the different sponsors that backed coast to coast AM. I guess maybe cknw should have pursued sponsors with a better fit that a roofing and jewelry business ! That’s why you’re failing and have to have so many ads on the air. Cknw is nothing but a ad platform now. Richard J.

  14. I’ve been looking for an excuse to stop listening to NW. Thank you
    For cancelling Coast to Coast it was the last bastion for your Eastern run,
    profit driven only radio station

    It’s no wonder you are losing all age demographics with the likes of Drex & Steele and your
    Constant repeat of the same news stories from John McComb to Simi Sarah to Drex & Steele
    all day.
    I’d listen for 20 minutes in the morning and knew what your programing would be for the rest of the day.

    Thank God my children got the message and saved hours of boredom by listening on line
    To progressive stations for the past 15-20 years

    Rest In Peace CKNW

    40 year Listener & happy to move on!

  15. Les H. – and the rest of you that care about NW but are now alienated with decisions made by the current Programming Genius.

    I truly hope that NW Management Senior to the PD are listening and reading on this Site.
    I also really sincerely hope that the Advertisers are beginning to clue in to the mistakes made at NW.

    I also hope that other Stations in this Market are paying attention to the fact that NW is “Circling the Drain” and there is opportunity out there in Radio Land.

    Look, the Ratings are all here on this Site and you or anyone can see that there are several Stations struggling and many of them could benefit from a Programming Change.

    Why would not one or two of them with a Budget explore the idea of Poaching some Talent from NW and take them head on!

    I am quite sure it is obvious that I am not in the Broadcasting Industry but if a Station was to offer contracts to Michael Smyth let him Broadcast from Victoria where he wants to be, bring on Jill Bennett, and some good News Packages World, National, and B.C./YVR you could have a Ratings Winner.

    Surely there must be another two or three competent Broadcasters available to compliment anyone like Smyth or Bennett at a Station that is currently struggling and could benefit with the Programming change and compete with NW.

    Let’s face it NW has some great advertisers with Deep Pockets and I am quite sure a good Sales Dept along with good On Air Talent could attract some of those Advertisers to jump ship and leave NW.

    IMHO there is great opportunity out there if a Station was ready and willing to take the plunge.

  16. It’s kind of comical to see how far CKNW has slid, given they’ve resorted to spamming the referral adds now that things like podcasts use. Hey guys you can buy a pillow for 50% off with promocode BOTTOMDOG, or some pyjamas with DREX10.

    To think this was a station I grew up admiring for the on-air talent.

  17. So disappointed .. coast to coast got me through many nights of insomnia! A wide variety of topics and was enteraining. Nw is too repetitive throughout the day .. each host going over the same becomes annoying…very Narrow scope of topics they talk about and too much politics… there are many different audiences out there they are not tapping into by so much repetitive politics and topics… big mistake!!

  18. I’ve been listening to CKNW since 1960. I’ve enjoyed many different hosts and radio personalities at this station over the decades. But as we’re all painfully aware, CKNW has been slipping in quality the last few years. It blows me away that “infomercials” have become a staple of weekend programming at what was once the Top Dog of Vancouver radio. So sad. I’m afraid it’s perhaps time to tune my radio dial elsewhere.

  19. Firstly? I shall say that ever since NW joined up with Global (and a few other new ‘sponsors’, seriously, I don’t need another pillow…definitely don’t need the paid programming early Sunday mornings, and I know it is also curious that the ‘coupon’ for many is Drex and Simi…How much money are pillows paying for so much time!) My recently departed friend–Neil O’Brien (Was the Traffic guy up until they fired him due to illnes, sent him to go work at 1130 (??? Traffic–another affiliate) and then THEY fire him..and he passed–suddenly– the next day. At least they gave him one shout out at 5:55 am to get it out of the way.)
    CTC…Well, I’ll be honest..I adored when they would do the OTR shows (which Neil hosted from time to time), and when they moved on to C2C, I loved it—My hubby who had just cme back with me from our nuptials in Glasgow, and we were both hooked! He works a late shift, so even now, he looked forward to coming home, and listening to C2C–if only to laugh at the numbers lady, AND definitely Mr.Noory. You had better believe you will hear more people having to make a conspiracy out of it, as it certainly speaks volumes when NW decides to phase it away, maybe we will get even more forced PC…(Oh boy!) In the form of a new show.
    Well, looks like Puget Sound still has the spirit of knowing what listeners want.

    Meh…maybe I’ll listen to NW whilst getting ready to go to work…but, otherwise? Don’t know what happened, but the last two years has really made us think.

  20. C2C used to be interesting. Recently, just way to many shows on aliens from outer space etc. Etc. The advertising was so excessive, one soon tired of the monotony of it. The Sunday morning hosts/shows….Dr. Scammer (Pinkus) and his show repeated every Sunday….yawn…again so tiresome. Same re: advertising legal service if dismissed from your job…another yawn…. Sorry CKNW., have been a listener for 40 years, have now switched to CBC….690am

  21. Nw should just declare bankruptcy (financial and creative) and get it over with. Miss the good old days of Rafe and even bannerman. At least there were some hard questions asked. It has all become just sappy with all the chortling over trumps latest tweet while Justin turdreau gives away the country and our grandkids futures and mayor twiddledink keeps promising free houses to all of Canada. C2C was at least some balance to the lefties. Time to move back to New West and get down to the level of your audience and out of the fancy tower.

  22. Penfolds. Ragnar Jewelery. Marks Pharmacy. Dennys. Rentapro. C Lovers. Bartech Fire.Dr Zokol.

    These advertisers might be interested to know just how disappointed you are with the direction that NW980 is going. Why not give them a call ?

  23. If you want to buy a pillow or a set of pj’s and listen to repeats of the same thing all day long then this is the station for you… sad what has happened!!

  24. Are you kidding me! CKNW is no longer broadcasting Coast to Coast ! I looked forward to tuning in at 10 o’clock to hear some interesting programs. Not the same old boring hosts with the same subjects day in and day out with one tract minds! With the exceptions of Mike Smith, Jill Bennett and Mike Campbell.
    I have been tuning out CKNW most of the day and now I have reason to tune out permanently.
    Big mistake CKNW!

  25. Great posts fellow former ‘NW listeners..I still enjoy Campbell on Sat, and Reality Check.
    Agree Mike Smyth/Jill Bennett add fresh approach…miss c2c…see Roundhouse has taken c2c…hopefully their 8 listeners will enjoy Noory.

  26. Terribly disappointed and upset. George Noory_ Coast To Coast was the best show period on your station. Saved me from many nights of insomnia. Another good program gone and replaced by old radio shows and rehashed political non-sense. Now CKNW is full of nothing but garbage that can’t even compare to a International Radio Station like Coast to Coast that has proven itself for many years.


  27. Do as I did and e-mail CKNW telling them they’ve lost you as a listener for this stupid move of dropping North America’s no. 1 late night talk show! Who the hell wants to listen to old time radio for God’s sake when when we’re on the brink of ET disclosure and contact.

  28. Over the years, NW has tampered with the late shows and fallen in ratings. When C2C came in the picture, there was a noticeable rise in the ratings. A number of people would talk about a number of interesting issues surfacing and worthy of discussion. There may be some topics of questionable interest at times, but there’s been some good health issues and general political discussions of great interest plus Noory is very popular in Canada; very knowledgeable. Dropping it will definitely cause me to leave your station. Only shows of interest are Jon McComb & Simi Sara, occasionally. It was good while it lasted. Good luck; I’ll b moving on!!

  29. I’ve read every single post in this thread and surprisingly no one has talked about the big question at all. That is, WHY did CKNW do this?
    I guess the royalties for C2C are probably higher than classic radio shows, but C2C was by far their most popular and therefor biggest money making content. It makes no sense. Anyone have a theory?

  30. I went to tune in the other night for my nightly c2c fix and they were playing old radio shows from the Jack Cullen days.. I found that strange . Did search to c whats up and found out this sad news.. Is NW that stupid to not realize the expanding growth of listeners and how many already listen to NW strictly for this fantastic c2c show….Im amazed how many of my friends tune in… I kinda keep my open minded curiousity to myself but apparently im not alone…. All the wrong crumbs of the upper crust sinking this station…. Download the c2c app and screw u NW…..

  31. CKNW has been going downhill for a while now. Coast to Coast was the only good program, other than the Roy Green Show, that they broadcast.

  32. So so disappointed….listened to Coast to Coast every night…got me through my Sleep Apnia nights…health @ politics was my favourites….Also all Sunday a.m’s nothing on? Love Simi, Mike Smyth, Jill etc. But am afraid will be looking for new station after 40 years…sad…sad


  33. As someone who bailed on NW when they brought in wanna-hosts with zero life experience, and mixed in kiddie producers and stumbling news readers, I have it on good authority, that CTC, while garnering a loyal audience, has historically been hard to sell to local clients, not unlike other US syndicated shows. The same held true for Dr. Laura—couldn’t sell her locally. With CTC, the prevailing thought was that his audience would transition into the more lucrative morning show. Not exactly unlike giving up the ultra-expensive hockey rights, the only conclusion is that Corus no longer saw the value in CTC.

  34. Agree with the general sentiment above, that NW is a has been, c2c was one of the few original broadcasts that was (is) of interest. I have listened to it for over 30 years…..long, long before George Noory, and it has always been well worth a listen. Has taken 30 years, (hello Area 51!?) but even mainstream media now looks poised to acknowledge that UFOs exist. C2C was there, in spades, then. The crap that has replaced it on NW is the same crap that Corus plays on its Calgary late night show. Rather listen to CBC than that crap! I hope CFAX is still broadcasting it. And can’t imagine someone else in Vancouver won’t pick it up, and leave NW in the dust. All that is left now is Jon McComb. The rest is drivel!

    Ed Note: Bill, you must have missed the thread, CtC starts Christmas Day on Roundhouse Radio. If you can’t get the station, they Livestream on their website

  35. Too bad you people are so stupid a good program and some big shots decide to close Coast to Coast, too bad I can’t get my USA station clear , no need to listen to you
    Good luck, lost a fan of your station
    Well no longer be listening

  36. NW started to go downhill when Frosty retired and they replaced him with that pompous buffoon Philip Till. McComb could be better but the oft heard giggling throughout the show is so irritating. Ditto the Simi Sara Show. Just too much giggling makes it too annoying. Steele and Drex is just so much garbage. Don’t the producers at NW ever listen to what is being doled out to its listeners? The days of Bannerman, Mair and Good were excellent but after their departures ‘NW continued to go downhill. I agree that Mike Smyth and Jill Bennett are gems still on this station. The newsreaders read too fast and I miss the clarity of people like Tom Mack. With the cancellation of C2C, consider another listener gone.

  37. Agree tjat C2C will be missed. Bad decision to pull it. CKNW is a very poor cousin to CFRB 1010 talk radio in Toronto. It’s a station that provides a great mix daily of thought provoking topics and attracts a large and loyal audience. Sadly, we don’t seem to have a talk radio station out here that even comes close.

  38. I listened every night. What a sad day this is. C2C was the best show on the radio. Period. I’ve been listening since Art Bell days. Sadly I can’t get 1070 to tune in. Ugh. Going to have to go on the web. Who’s the dumbass that thought cancelling this was a good idea!?

  39. Glad Coast-Coast gone. It was getting repetitive and way to right and far out. Was turning it off more than listening .
    Enough talk all day. Bring back the old radio shows, interviews of interesting people from all areas of society. No more UFO’s , ghosts, spirits occult etc. d

  40. I have been listening to CKNW for 40 years. Since they cancelled the Coast to Coast program, I am looking for another station to listen to. C2C gave the audience thought provoking, non mainstream subjects. It broadened the listeners world.

    I say bring back C2C . We need to have our horizons broadened! Who wants to listen to the pathetic old stories from 30 years ago that NW is running now? Whoever oversees the programing at NW now, is living in the last century. You would think that the powers that be at the station would want more listeners not less!!! Wake up people!!

  41. You would think that after reading the comments on this blog that someone, anyone, over on the 21st floor would offer an explanation. ESPECIALLY if C2C was taken away and all attempts to rescue it failed. Silence from the NW crowd tends to make me think that they decided to cut it loose to save dollars. Hell maybe even Drex will offer up an explanation. He likes to sound like a rebel.

  42. As a long time listener of NW 980….taking the best show CTC off the air is a big bad idea….I will no longer listen to this station anymore!

  43. Reality check.

    Here’s what we know. ‘NW did not hold the rights for C2C in Canada. For some reason, as yet unclear, the rights holder, Bell, has, locally at least, transferred these to micro FM outlet Roundhouse Radio. This outlet serves a very small footprint and many of the former listeners to C2C will be unable to pick it up over traditional AM, or indeed FM, radio. ‘NW may not have had much notice on the transfer to Roundhouse. The old-time radio segments are preceded with a clear statement that these shows are placeholders until a “new and exciting overnight talk show” debuts in the new year. Actually, it’s not all old-time radio. There have been repeats of the Charles Adler program as well.

  44. Took c 2 c off qr 77 in Calgary. I’m very disappointed and angry. Sòooo good bye to qr 77 permanently. They just can’t leave well enough alone. According to the comments I’m not the only angry listener.

  45. Just moved from L.A. after 28 yrs of writing TV and hoping to get back to the old Calgary which barely exists anymore. I’ve listened to C2C since Art Bell started and of course he was the best at it. I didn’t like Noory, just an ok DJ (but a good voice as far as DJ’s go now. Noory always makes mistakes and sucks up to everyone. But he’s there and I sure am gonna miss the show, wacky as it is, it’s far more interesting than most radio in Cal-garry. Of course there’s college radio for some creativity. I’m sure C2C will find a place in this market sooner than later.

  46. This is a terrible Christmas present not just for me but for many other hard core Coast to Coast listeners of all ages. My mother in her eights actually called me this evening to ask if the show was still playing on my Calgary station? Coast to Coast was replaced in her city with another show recently. Even my mother can’t believe Coast to Coast will not be broadcast anymore! Why dump a show that brings so much entertainment into our lives with wide variety of subject matter from are fairies real to current events and everything in between. There will be many empty nights knowing we won’t be able to tune in to Coast to Coast. For me just knowing I could tune in at 1:am any night of the week gave me something to look forward to. I hope the show will be picked up another Canadian Network and we can all go back to feeling radio normal.

  47. Too Bad. I think NW doesn’t want people to know how well Trump is doing. They are a Globalist Fake News, Destroy Trump Propaganda station. I listen to that McComb guy just to monitor how dumb this man is and why Canadians have such negative information about Trump. Canadians seem to wan t him dead partially because of NW. Scroll down to Fake News like at

  48. NW, like American Fake News, will slowly go down the drain. CNN is at the moment. All anti Trump stations will suffer financially if they put out Fake News. People want integrity in a station. Fake News is sleezy. NW is just another Fake Nes station, unfortunately because I am a long time listener to C2C. I started listening to it as Construction engineer with Ministry of Transportation looking after Hwy 1 widening west of Port Mann Bridge and Oak St Bridge retrofit work – all at night time. That was with Art Bell, now living with his second Philipio wife in the Philipines where he was station as a medic in the navy. His first wife Ramona died in his motor home after asthma attack while Art slept.

  49. Welcome aboard Osmo. Two clarifications: Art Bell only broadcast C2Cs from Manila for a short period in 2006. Art returned to his compound in Pahrump, Nevada where—I believe—he, wife Airyn and their family still reside.

    Meanwhile, Jon McComb isn’t your typical anti-American Canuck talk-show host. He’s American born (Arizona) and moved to Canada as an adult in the 1970s. Just like fellow ex-Yanks such as Margaret Wente and recently-retired Jeffrey Simpson (Globe and Mail) plus Diane Francis (National Post), McComb knows a lot more than most Canadians about the collective psyche of Americans.

  50. “…Canadians have such negative information about Trump. Canadians seem to want him dead partially because of NW.”

    Osmo, is this what the voices inside your head are telling you? Wow, this rates right up there on the C2C wacky scale. Quick, give Mr Noory a call…

  51. It’s not just Vancouver . Here in Winnipeg , CJOB has also removed coast2coast from its programming and replaced it with old radio shows from from the 40’s , 50’s . it sucks!

  52. How dumb it is. Another gullible handling of CKNW and/or its media handler. Now they get have; as they now deserve, a good ratings nosedive. Especially, thr likes of this Alex character as well. Since individuals like him (Yes you Alex.guy), do not comprise thE majority of listenership to a program like this. Since I can presume you don’t listen to late evening programming anyway. So why the hek do you Even Care what has happened to it?

    It seems like Bell Media has entitlement to call the shots if or not to CKNW/Global to broadcast it. So I say damn to officials of Bell Media as well together with CKNW/Global for all.your cojiving reasons to bureaucratically make such a move. We’ll suffice to say, you deserve to have your ratings to fall after this bullhunky decision.

  53. As a Police officer I looked forward to Coast to Coast while patrolling on night shifts. The 40’s talk series now practically puts me to sleep : (

  54. Bruce and other Law Enforcement Officers of all Brands.

    I am off topic here but seeing that it is Xmas I feel the need to thank you and your Colleagues for all of the work you do to keep the rest of us in Society Safe and maintain the Rule of Law!

    I wish you all a Merry Xmas and a very Safe New Year of 2018!

    I can only wish that the Judiciary finally begin to assist the Police and keep Society Safe by Handing Down more realistic Sentences. It is long past time for the Judiciary to do their job and create a Deterrent!

    A Lump of Coal in the Xmas Stocking of MANY in the Judiciary!

  55. Bad decision! Your replacement programming for Coast to Coast is horrible and who on earth would this appeal too?! When I can’t fall asleep, I look forward to listening to ‘Coast to Coast’, and so do others I know. You lost some listeners. Bring ‘Coast to Coast’ back.

  56. So the genius at the top thinks 40s and 50s theatre radio is better than the most enlightening show ever created by man LOL!!!!!! I’ll tell you what genius U listen to it then u can play with your lower lip for a while

  57. Well its not quite New Years Eve but its close enough to make predictions. 2018 might go one of two ways for the once mighty top dog. They can continue to try to appeal to a demographic that probably has never heard of am radio. They might not even ever turn a radio on. This path should lead them to lower market share, and lower ad revenue, and the inevitable cost cutting by way of lay offs or firings.
    Perhaps they have read the many (very many) comments posted on this most excellent blog. People really do like to listen to balanced intelligent talk radio. Hosts and production crews that can be funny without acting like giggling pre schoolers. They might suddenly realize that most of their ad revenues come from companies that cater to an older crowd. They might realize that embracing this older demographic could put them back on top of the heap. They might realize that having a guaranteed winner running all night long like Coast to Coast is a great way to ease on into the morning drive. They might realize that while having left wing lunatic program director would appeal to the aforementioned younger demographic it has alienated many (very many) of the listeners that buy Jewelry, new roofs, funerals, retirement homes, investment advisers, pain medication and pain treatments Sierra Sil, Marks Pharma. ,Fire protection systems, .
    Yes 2018 should be pivotal and the irreverent Canadian replacement for C2C isnt going to cut it.

  58. 13

    I hope someone at CKNDP read your Post and took note.

    Better yet I hope Management at another YVR Station has read what has been discussed on PSR and they make the effort to adjust Programming accordingly and provide Talk that NW is not and or attract NW Advertisers.

    I think it would be easy to accomplish, all it takes is the effort to make it happen.

  59. After 40 years as a nw listener it’s time to say goodbye to NW. Cancellation of c2c was the final straw. C2C was the best and last remaining bit of entertainment on NW. NW has become chat radio not the news station I have listened to for 40 years.
    It is sad to see an institution like NW on such a down hill slide as a result of so many bad decisions.
    Good bye NW my loyalty to you is over and I am moving on

  60. Am really upset with CKNW—won’t listen anymore–taking coast 2 coast off the air—that crap U are putting on at night–who listens 2 old old shows???? I was ur listener–since U had Rafe Maire on–daily–then bill good–& so on——but if U want 2 lose ur listeners–keep putting on stuff that has little structure—-no thinking behind any o f it–is that what the new generation is like??????? U won’t be –IN –the ratings if U carry on like this–period. M G.

  61. Agreed..will not be listening to NW anymore. Started going downhill when they changed Drex’s time from 6 to 2. Charles Adler should get off his high horse. He’s as biased as a liberal can get. I think all us intelligent people are getting a tad tired of all this Trump bashing (weather you like hm or not) Adler’s one side libtard views are trite and tired. Now now coast to coast?!?! Why am I here!! Goodbye CKNW!!!

  62. Listened to this show for years all over Canada, but have most recently noticed repeat guest, no thought, boring, etc… and then turning it off early. Good to decision to cancel

  63. I will miss C2C but ever since George Noory sold out to the Medical Wackos and NOW claims that C2C is a nice “FAMILY” show and is not cutting edge paranormal any more ( “no scary stuff”) all we get is stuff that his grandchildren can listen to. Money rules and if you want to stop the truth, just buy it. A listener since the 70’s. Art Bell must be sickened by what George has done. It would be nice to hear him comment

  64. Vancouver radio sucks, all sports stations, except NW talk and that’s getting stale they talk the same tropics all day long can’t stand it… Now you take the best show worth listening to away, C2C if anything get rid of the that sex show, can’t stand her rambling to herself…. BRING BACK GEORGE NORI!!

  65. Get a Google Home Mini and stream KIRO 97.3, or do the same on your phone or tablet with Tunein. CKNW is not receivable in Chilliwack so I was already streaming it. Now I just stream KIRO instead. You can find C2C on YouTube as well. Not much good to you if you were listening in your car though.

  66. Bring Back “Coast to Coast”…not listening to your radio station anymore after 10pm. The rest of the day your station just keeps repeating itself. Getting very boring!!!!! Bring Back Coast to Coast..!!!

  67. Margaret, C2C is NOT Live on RHR. Why does it not start at 10pm. Looking at the the stations program schedule during that time period, the first hour is a repeat of Cory Price from earlier in the day, then from 10pm to Midnight, Roundhouse Music? WTH is that? As it was said on another thread, is not RHR missing out on the valued ratings between 10 and midnight which NW proved to do well with. Rumour has it C2C had the highest ratings from the entire day of CKNW.

  68. Hi Carol, we picked up C2C as soon as we could and started airing it at midnight over the holidays. We have had our challenges adjusting existing schedules as well as equipment but now that we understand how the program works and worked the bugs out, will be airing the full show from 10pm Monday through Friday. Weekends will have a midnight start to allow for popular existing programming. Hope this helps.

  69. Thanks Carole, yes you are correct, many of our programs are live not C2C. However, just letting you know that Coast to Coast is now aired on Roundhouse Radio 98.3 FM for those to continue enjoying the program.
    Don Shafer, our CEO is at the helm on RHR programming and is your best resource here. Cheers and Happy New Year. Enjoy C2C.

  70. Don/Margret. If I lived inside of your signals ability to broadcast thanks would be in order for listening to the C2C audience and airing it live. If I werent driving all night long in an area where your signal is not available I would still be up set that you will not air it live on weekends. If I lived within the measly area that receives your signal I would be faced with the dilemma. Do I just sit back and listen to C2C or should I still be upset that the audience has been limited to Vancouver. Should I blame NW/ Bell or RHR. Hmmm?
    Well I dont live in Vancouver so in no particular order I do blame those three entities.

  71. I have been listening to coast to coast for years… Great show .. I tuned in every night at work and sometimes at home if no one online for gaming and nothing on t.v …. The fact that they ditch the best program they had on the station I feel like it is a slap in the face… I will no longer listen at work or at home… Thank you to you other poster who gave me another station I can follow George and the coast to coast audience if you can repost a station and a time slot for the Toronto area that would be great thank you guys…please don’t let these creeps get away with dropping a great show…. Maybe coast was onto something and the illuminati is behind this :p

  72. Oh great! NW trots out more dusty old radio shows – fine for awhile but that grows old fast. Just bring back Coast to Coast so I can hear blundering ol’ George Snoory interrupt at precisely the right moment fraying yet again another conversational thread so that no-one can follow. That sure as hell is a lot funner than listening to those droning, cardboard monotone voices from old tube radio. Give us all a break, NW!

  73. Bad move cknw…c2c was the best show you had.
    Found C2C on 98.3 fm so I’m quite happy to move on.
    My ears hurt from all the snarly voices on NW. You
    had a handful of shows worth listening to anyway.
    NW has been losing it for a long time now. Repeat repeat
    did I say repeat. Replacing C2C with 1940
    God I really need that crazy pillow and pj’s now. YAWN radio

  74. I’ve been following Coast to Coast AM all over the dial for years. Even back to when it was called The Art Bell Show and it had no local representation. You had to listen to it on a fuzzy Seattle station. From what I’ve seen most local stations will realize pretty quickly that C2C has a HUGE underground audience and will switch to the live format pretty quickly. I remember when the show moved from CFUN to CKNW and NW refused to play it live because they didn’t want to bump their lowly rated sports show. Within an few weeks after dealing with a whole lot of listener complaining they switched to live. I don’t think programers ever take the show very seriously until they clue into the actually bulk numbers that follow the program (btw nobody has ever asked me what I listen too and I listen to radio all day). Sadly in this case Roundhouse Radio doesn’t have the regional reach with their low FM signal, and they have yet to clue into the live aspect to the show. I hope they figure it out over at RHR. Until then I’ve dusted off the old select-a-tenna from the Art Bell days and listening to it out of Victoria on CFAX 1070.

  75. Art Bell said it best years ago. When he was asked to come back and rescue the show in February 2001 after the show had tanked, one of his conditions was to cut the time running commercials in half, which they did.
    Anyone listening to Coast lately would have been aware not only of the massive amount of commercial time, but the brazen tactic of sneaking ad placement into the conversations, which caught the affiliates off-guard and forced them to run commercials for free.
    I suspect this is the primary reason they all decided to dump Coast to Coast AM.

  76. Our first clue that ‘NW is in trouble was when the two ‘hosts’ had to flog pillows, don’t the pay them enough?? Wonder what their cut of the sale is? Happy to hear Drex is off daytime, I won’t have to listen to him at night! The uppity host with the phony laugh can’t keep a co-host, good – maybe she will be the next to leave. One can only hope.

  77. It’s just unfortunate t’s on Roundhouse, because a large number of the listeners I’m betting aren’t in the broadcast range, and aren’t computer/app users. So that cuts off a lot of people permanently.

  78. Dropping Coast to Coast is disappointing to say the least. But replacing it with your out dated canned shows is an idiotic idea. The sound is horrible as well as the shows . They suck. CHED radio is going to go down if they can’t respect what listeners want. A stupid move. I will not support any products that CHED promotes and will not be tuning in anytime soon.

  79. Any intel on Simi Sara? Mike has been subbing for her quite often lately so I imagine the ratings for that slot have gone way up. Still, one hopes she is not suffering any personal or family difficulties.

  80. HI Bud, I also noticed her absence. I cant imagine the uptick in radio listeners that were pleasantly surprised by Smyth showing up unexpectedly. When Smyth subs for her it makes NW a day long event. I still can bear JM even though hes been brain washed by the liberal PD. Steele is also easier to listen to in a solo format.

  81. Yup good bye NW! Will not be tuning in anymore after years n years of being a listener to coast to coast late night entertaining program. Sad move! I was upset yes pissed.

  82. So upset C to C was cancelled! It was never a repeat on the holidays, and for people who spend them alone they could call in and talk to someone. It was nice to hear so many folk from B.C. call in to the show. Instead the great minds decided “The Shift with Drex” would be a good choice. Seriously?! Just a repeat of the same crap we hear all day long! His accent is so heavy I miss the next bit of the conversation trying to figure out what he just said!!! Stopped listening to it. Boring, boring boring! What a dumb move NW, like the listeners before me, goodbye NW, hello Cfax!

  83. If anyone wants a chuckle go to the beginning of this thread (way back in mid Dec). Some of the comments/predictions are very close to accurate.

  84. Get yourself an Alexa or Google Home both access worldwide stations and have good sound. Alexa Echo probably has the best sound but Google isnt bad.

  85. CKNW was once a great radio station. Not sure if it’s management or producers with lack of initiative & imagination have created this current situation. Noticeably, Simi has even gone downhill. I guess she doesn’t want to rock the boat anyone; such weak topics! Amazing, people who can spend all day talking about a ‘pet rock’ from one moderator to another; over and over again. Obviously lack of talent which has tried to stimulate late night interest with ‘The Shift’! Another BIG mistake!!! Whoever has been making these decisions is wrecking the radio station. Wonder how much influence has come from Global? Or people with lack of radio business.

  86. As a long time c2c listener on cknw I can honestly say this has to be the absolute worst decision the execs at cknw could have made.nothing on the current nw program compares now and i see by all the similar comments that i am not the only one tuning out from cknw..smarten up cknw and bring back c2c.

  87. As a long time c2c listener on cknw I can honestly say this has to be the absolute worst decision the execs at cknw could have made.nothing on the current nw program compares now and i see by all the similar comments that i am not the only one tuning out from cknw now..smarten up cknw and bring back c2c.

  88. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong. Bell holds the rights as to who gets to carry C2C broadcasts in Canada. Bell decided to take that right away from corus/shaw. NW lost the right they did not give them away. NW likely knew that C2C was a winner and if allowed would still be carrying the show.
    Lots has happened since last year and C2C leaving NW. C2C was given to RHR . RHR had a signal so weak that to broadcast a show called Coast to Coast on a station that had a signal that didnt even reach the city limits was sort of ironic.
    RHR died a merciful death and now C2C resides at 1410. I still listen to a couple of Seattle stations that manage to broadcast all the way from Seattle to Vancouver.
    BTW NW has likely saved a truck load of cash allowing Drex to host a “National” late night show. With the addition of Bob Addison the show has improved a lot. Still not even remotely close to C2C but for an outfit as cheap as shaw/corus its as good as were going to get

  89. No stories draw more attention here on this website than stories about Corus Entertainment. I have issues with Corus Entertainment too, but isnt the bottom line about making money on a Canada wide basis. They have a number of old timers working the airwaves in Vancouver. Some are very good, some should be put out to pasture. Can somebody tell me why Jon McComb is running the morning drive show?

  90. I dont listen to NW much but was driving tonight and unfortunately tuned in drex where he was talking to some guy in Surrey who had strata problems with another resident and was incoherent at times, stumbling and mumbling. Rather than cut his losses and move on drex doubled down and kept the guy on for 30 mins. Truly bad radio worse than C2C when they get fanatic about chemtrails.

    As for the rest of the NW crew I feel sorry for the old guys like McComb and Adler who really sound like its a matter of KYJ with their American lefty boss. Too bad its gotten to that point in their long career.

  91. Yes Mark I also heard that bit of radio trash. Drex was definitely going for the kill trying to sound like Perry Mason grilling a witness. Drex sounded like a bully, a very uninformed bully.


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