Roundhouse Radio Picks up Coast to Coast AM with George Noory beginning Christmas Day



Roundhouse Radio CEO Don Shafer told Puget Sound Radio,  George Noory’s Coast to Coast will be Officially Launched this coming Monday January 15th, 2018 at 10 PM on Roundhouse Radio 98.3. The Show will be ‘Live’ For those outside the stations signal, tune into Roundhouse Radio’s website for their Live Stream



From the Coast to Coast AM website….


C2C is excited to announce our new affiliates in several Canadian cities: CIRH (Roundhouse Radio) in Vancouver (starting 12/25), CFRB in Toronto (starting 1/1/18), and CFKR in Kelowna (starting 1/15/18). We are looking to replace several other markets in Canada, where there has been a switch-up. Stay tuned for further announcements



  1. Will be good for RHR. Not good for listeners beyond Boundary Road. Let’s hope there’s another client station for C2C in the lower mainland.

  2. Given that Roundhouse’s on-air signal is unobtainable in most of the Lower Mainland, this should add about 200 overnight listeners to the station.

  3. Memo to C2C: always perform due diligence! Unless Roundhouse promised Coast that a signal boost is nigh, looks like George Noory & Co took the first offer rather than waiting for a superior bid.

    With haste often comes regret.

  4. By having the rights, RHR simply blocks anyone else in the market from airing the show.
    Don’t forget C2C is also available from Victoria and Seattle and, starting Jan 15th, from Kelowna too.

  5. After seeing postings by a chap named Aaron elsewhere on the Web, think that I and other PSR commenters jumped the gun in dumping all over NW. I hadn’t realized Bell Media runs Canadian syndication for Coast.

    Silly me. I’d thought one or more of Coast’s numerous back-office staff handled these tie-ups on a one-to-one basis with stations. Quite possibly NW didn’t have a chance to extend or renew the contract. Bell simply wanted in to Vancouver. Hence the conspiracy theories that something is afoot to improve the lot of Roundhouse stakeholders. Conversely, NW wanted out and forced Bell to devise this Plan B.

    Whatever, it speaks volumes that no rep from either NW or Corus thought to post a complete explanation with Vancouver broadcast sites and other city media to offset criticism. Guess they just don’t give a shite!

  6. Historically, according to radio sales people, C2C has not been an easy sell despite garnering an audience. Same is true for most syndicated shows. However, the bright spot for this show has been, that this loyal audience goes to bed with its dial set at 980, thus transitioning this audience into AM Drive. As with the hockey rights, Corus simply may no longer have seen the value.

  7. I’m trying to understand Rocker Rich ‘s theory because he seems to have some relevant insight.
    So Rocker Rich’s theory is that Bell Media controls C2C rights in Canada and they are denying Chorus/CKNW these rights to broadcast C2C, why? Because they own Roundhouse Radio and they want it for themselves? Is that the theory?
    Is there any evidence to support this?

  8. Yes, C2C was actually pulled from NW. I am not aware of an Official Statement being issued as to why from Bell.

    I also agree that someone from NW should have made a statement on as to why. Perhaps they did and I also missed that.

    I do not know how C2C does in the rest of North america but I am going to guess that it is widely listened to. I drive out to the office early and I have Noory on and it appears he has many Listeners and Callers from almost anywhere one could think of.

    Do not know anything about RHR or where it is on the dial other than the fact they exist. There is a good possibility I will make the effort to dial it in if I find nothing else of interest on the radio at 4:30 AM.

    As a Free Enterprise Conservative I now have KTTH Seattle tuned on while at my Desk, informative, entertaining, and easy on my ears.

    I am quite sure most listeners here in YVR would be horrified if they heard “The Voice of Rush” coming out of their Radio at 9:00 AM.

    They might even blame it on the RUSSIANS!!

    Disappointing to hear that Roundhouse has such a Poor/Weak Signal.

    Just sayin suggests that Corus may not have seen the value in Hockey.

    He could be correct but I certainly would not give anyone at Corus especially the NW Program Director credit for anything that could be defined as making wise decisions and solid Programming.

  9. RHR is just a waste of frequency. Bell should look at rolling RHR into 1410 unless the footprint of RH can be extended beyond the DTES and Strathcona.

  10. Yo Bobby McMillan:

    Often, I just shoot from the hip, without advancing an all-encompassing theory. My latest comment was a (qualified) mea culpa for repeatedly dumping on CKNW. Based on NW’s official statement, I naturally assumed station or Corus network suits made the decision. I only discovered yesterday that Bell Media controls Coast syndication across Canada.

    So I merely theorized that maybe NW was being denied a C2C contract renewal by Bell. Then again, NW could have blindsided Bell by triggering an opt out clause to launch this Made In Canada graveyard hours show.

    Personally, I’d bet on NW having gotten the boot. Why else would there be such an adhoc response, including rushed and vague radio ads about the successor show.

    Whatever, neither NW nor Bell is covered in glory in explaining things. But Bell is back in Toronto. So is Corus, but angry listeners rightly focus their ire on the local station, CKNW, directly involved. It just shows how clueless NW promotion staff are in letting these events reflect very badly on 980. If there’s another side to the story, NW execs…then get it out there fast!

  11. A couple of very valid points made up the page.
    1. The exes at NW dont give a shite about the audience
    2. The fact that C2C had us tuned into 980 till 5am was a natural transition to Jon McCombs show. Like him or not many people would suffer through the poor production the endless Trump/ Christie/ Harper bashing the juvenile content. Then came Simi and some probably still hung in because after all it was NW. Now at 5am the dial aint going to be on 980 so no JM and certainly no Simi.

  12. I love some of these comments and grateful for the buzz.
    We are naturally grateful for the opportunity to pick up Coast To Coast and make it available to the City of Vancouver, or our market of about one million people.
    Coast To Coast is a great show and this is a wonderful opportunity to bring good programming to our little station on air and online.

  13. Reality check.

    Here’s what we know. ‘NW did not hold the rights for C2C in Canada. For some reason, as yet unclear, the rights holder, Bell, has, locally at least, transferred these to micro FM outlet Roundhouse Radio. This outlet serves a very small footprint and many of the former listeners to C2C will be unable to pick it up over traditional AM, or indeed FM, radio. ‘NW may not have had much notice on the transfer to Roundhouse. The old-time radio segments are preceded with a clear statement that these shows are placeholders until a “new and exciting overnight talk show” debuts in the new year. Actually, it’s not all old-time radio. There have been repeats of the Charles Adler program as well.

  14. The repeats of Adler are nothing more than listening to him and his old Liberal buddies from Ottawa who routinely bash the US Rep gov’t and their personal bias against the Canadian Conservatives, while praising the Canadian Liberal PM. Adler used to be a ‘small c’ Conservative a few years back; was brought in on a syndicated contract for an evening show by CKNW; lasted a few months and got bounced off the air! He’s now flipped; come back with a Liberal flair and the station supports his rhetoric. His interviews are with some American reporters who are affiliates and mainly LW Trump bashers from the US with affiliates to Global TV/ News, who now control CKNW News through Corus Entertainment, a huge corporate conglomerate. Not all news is now being reported independently & accurately. A lot of factual issues are skewed or not reported at all, especially if it is positive to RW politics in the US. CKNW gets their’ information’ from CNN, ABC, NBC, and even regularly (daily) mock the US President from skits on ‘Late night TV shows, which has become somewhat disrespectful and immature; enough already! BTW: All some of us want is accurate & independent reporting of news; something that George Noory’s show also provided; not an idealistic form of LW journalism!! There’s a reason some of ratings are falling with these stations; wake up management!

  15. Ben

    Well said!

    I really hope that Corus/Global Management are watching the PSR, I also really hope CKNDP (NW) Advertisers are paying attention.

    As I mentioned a week or two ago it almost appears that Charles Adler has gone through “Political Reassignment Surgery”!

    You do make a good point about C2C when you state the News Segment at the beginning is very good, it is informative, insightful, educational, and has NO Political Agenda attached.

    I hope RHR has success with their C2C Launch.
    I just heard C2C for a few minutes on my way to work early morning and some times on my way home in the evening.

    I will now make the effort to find RHR on my Radio Dial.


    Great Post!

  16. People should give those vintage old time radio replays a try as they are interesting and jive with with the late time slot setting . NW should consider keeping them. C2C really threw it to the wind when they got rid of John B Wells. That guy was really great to hear, deep and articulate voice. His insightful and engaging questions didn’t convey anything elementary but rather more intellectual, and probably upped my IQ. Why cant these stations just hire Wells to run a show?

  17. Well great, we’ve gone back to a recorded replay of C2C on Roundhouse Radio at midnight? You do know you can hear it LIVE on many American radio stations and over the internet, right? What a wasted opportunity. Also Roundhouse loses it’s signal somewhere between Kits an UBC. Not the best candidate for this very popular show.

  18. to me this is totally illogical thinking on the part of Shafer. Why would he start C2C at Midnight? Didn’t NW reap the PPMS rewards of an audience from 10 to 12midnight… and for gawd sakes, what is with the repeat. What a total wasted efffort for C2C to be on Roundhouse. Give your head a shake Don! and just to add, looking over the Roundhouse Radio Schedule, there is NOTHING Slated between 10PM and 12MIDNIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

  19. It just gets better and better. I see Mr Schaffer thanked us for the “buzz ” weve created with this post. If you want to truly thank your the people of the lower mainland you NEED to do two things.
    Broadcast the show from 10pm till 2am so that the local audience can participate in what is basically talk radio AND figure out a way to enhance the radio signal beyond its current fisher price radius
    If you dont manage to achieve these two feats you might as well just tell the listeners to go f themselves

  20. Vancouver BC. The third populous metro in Canada with over 30 radio stations, (ie private, public, community and independant). Has aired C2C on two different AM radio stations with talk formats. The Canadian right holders of C2C, at present, do not broadcast a talk format … My point and biggest problem with Roundhouse radio is the NON LIVE FEED…the show commences at 2200 hours for live feed and the signal, respectively. It reminds me when Corus aired c2c in Alberta, it was not live feed. Listeners take note: 1070 CFAX brodcast c2c starting at 10:pm pst.

  21. Thank you RHR. Ive had my radio tuned to 98.3 for a week now. Im sure that C2C has become a staple on your station. One of these days I might be driving along driving along Pacific near your station and Ill get to hear the show.

  22. Trying to remain positive here but I’ve been trying to listen to Coast to Coast AM after it mysteriously vaporized from CKNW (goodbye fuzzy AM signal). I work late and like the C2C format. Finally found it on a small Vancouver FM station called Roundhouse Radio (with a weak signal) but it’s pre-recorded. I don’t understand why a they don’t play it live? Most regular listeners of C2C know that there’s always a lot of callers from the lower mainland. The current 10pm-12am shows on RHR just play an odd mix of live/playlist music and it isn’t worth the wait, sorry. C2C is a show that’s meant to be live and until they fix this problem I’m listening to C2C online and RHR is missing a potential listener. Roundhouse needs to go all-in or eject the show. At the moment it feels like it dropped in from outer space and crashed into their “grassroots” schedule. Not a great fit.

  23. CTC disappeared from 770 AM in Calgary in the same unannounced, peculiar manner the other posts relate to. Lived in Vancouver in the 80s and was a big fan of CKNW…It was a great talk show radio all day long. Sorry to hear it turned fatally to the left. We get Charles Adler’s CKNW show on our Corus station here in Calgary. Never listen to the boring old flip flopper though…..for the few minutes I did once it was clear the old hypocrite had morphed left for the sake of getting a job. Poor old fool….

  24. So disappointed in CKNW for dropping this popular show, bring it back! I will be calling any sponsor that I can find, Scotts pharmacy in delta for one, penfold roofing, and asking them to cancel ads with this station. I cannot get this roundhouse station to come in, nor the Seattle or Victoria station.

  25. Thank you RHR! I finally found you on the FM band. There is a little static but the signal isn’t bad over in West Vancouver.

    I’ve been getting into bed and listening to C2C for several years, before I drifted off to sleep with the hour timer on. Not only are the topics interesting but George Noory’s voice is very soothing to listen to!

    His C2C program was the only reason I listened to CKNW, other than the news before listening to George. Needless to say I was upset when C2C was removed from CKNW. My radio dial is now set to RHR. Happy New Year, everyone!

  26. Really miss Coast to Coast, as it mostly echoes my POV. I used to listen to 810 Am from San Francisco, and a not impressed with CKNW or Drex’s Shift


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