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BBC’s Top 10 Radio/TV Talent Pay Includes No Women


The results aren’t pretty viewing for the BBC’s female stars

Gary Lineker, Graham Norton, Claudia Winkleman and Chris Evans

The BBC’s annual salary report has dropped – and once again, women have been missed out when it comes to the top-paid talent.

Despite the corporation coming under fire last year for its gender pay gap, the top 10 highest-paid stars are still all white men.

Gary Linker takes the top spot, earning over £1.75million for his presenting and punditry on various sporting programmes, while Chris Evans took home a cool £1.66million despite quitting Top Gear.

Claudia Winkleman is the highest-paid woman at the BBC, earning between £370,000-£379,999 in the year to April 2018, but even she only sits at number 13.

While the figures still show a strong male bias, the BBC has said it’s closed its gender pay gap from 9.3% to 7.6% and wants to achieve parity for men and women doing the same job by 2020.

For the BBC salaries list in full, PLEASE CLICK  HERE!


  1. Doesn’t on screen talent get paid by their ability to draw an audience?
    Obviously, the UK audience prefers … gasp … white males.
    I just wish the CBC would take the hint.
    I’m tired of turning on my TV and watching butt ugly feminists pretend that they got the job because they are talented. Someone should tell them that they have faces best suited for radio.

  2. meritocracy: noun
    uk ​ /ˌmer.ɪˈtɒk.rə.si/ us ​ /ˌmer.əˈtɑː.krə.si/

    a social system, society, or organization in which people have power because of their abilities, not because of their money or social position:

    “The company is a meritocracy. Good work is rewarded with promotions.”

    The only way to operate any successful organization/business is by meritocracy. If the best employees in the above case were 100% female at the BBC then so be it. But facts are if you operate an organization by any other means short of the best people you feel can do the job and/or have presented an ability to do their jobs well, then your organization or business will under perform and very likely fail.

    Affirmative action is pure a social construct, poor for business and rewards people who may not have the best skills, abilities, work effort and work ethics, as such it’s 100% BULLSHIT!

  3. @Oh brother “I just wish the CBC would take the hint”

    If This Hour Has 22 Minutes was actually funny, I could cut the CBC some slack.

    We get this new “hard hitting” show host in the late afternoon on CBC, Vasey Kapelos or something like that. “real savvy when it comes to politics” etc etc. So yesterday she has some policy wonk from some US-based globalist think tank and he goes on to say how Russia invaded Crimea and annexed it. She just nods her head and lets this crap continue out of policy-wonk’s mouth.

    Allowing wonk-based misinformation to stand uncorrected or unchallenged is not how you get an informed public and you need an informed public to have a democracy. TBH, I would bet that Evan Solomon would have done a much better job with is wonk.

  4. George,

    This Hour Has 22 Minutes was funny in the 1990’s, but by the mid 2000’s it was just mostly tripe and nonsense.

    I use to watch CBC t.v. for Royal Canadian Air Farce and This Hour Has 22 Minutes back then, but like all too much satirical comedy on t.v. today, IT’S ALL MENTAL MUSH NOW! To watch this shite makes me feel like I lose IQ points. Same goes with SNL, back in the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s it was funny, today it’s just stupid. The Late night talk show hosts are all full of themselves and blowhards, none are funny, Carson must be spinning in his grave.

    As to CBC News, Goebbels would be proud.

    RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA…. sounds like the Brady Bunch episode where Jan said MARCIA, MARCIA, MARCIA…. Russia had NO role or impact in 2016 POTUS election. As to Crimea, it was a part of Russia for over 1000 years, only the Ukrainian born Premiere Khrushchev, gave it to the then SOVIET REPUBLIC of UKRAINE in 1955. Once the USSR DIED (thankfully) and since the population of Crimea is like 95% ethnic Russian it strategically and politically made sense for it to return to its ancestral home of Russia add the fact the people VOTED to do so.

    It do not like even conservative and allies of President Trump railing on that. GET OVER IT! Crimea is not going to go back to the Ukraine. As to the civil strife/war in east Ukraine, well it’s an internal issue and fact is east of the Donbas it’s like over 90% ethnic Russians. Does PM Putin interfere with it? Yes, likely as all more powerful nations have and may do in other nations affairs. It was Obama who orchestrated the 2013 coup in the Ukraine to bring about all this crap there.

    But to expect CBC and any MSM’s be accurate, journalistic in such today is as akin to expecting to see Unicorn in reality.

  5. Les H. The irony is that my father is Ukrainian and of course, it has always been expected of me to take “the cause” to heart. He grew up in Kiev and when all this stuff started to happen he said that every Ukrainian that does not have an axe to grind knows that Crimea was never ‘really’ a Ukrainian place. He also knew (as I have seen personally) that there is a strong contingent of Ukrainian-Canadian lobbyists (aka $hit disturbers). My father never shoved the Ukrainian stuff down my throat (“you are a Canadian, not a hyphenated something or other) and I thank him for it. One cannot serve two masters.

    Anyway, when I see these lobbyists on the telly I wonder just what the hell they are doing? Why are they fighting for Ukrainian interests when Canada is supposed to be their home? Seriously, if they are so concerned, then feel free to either move back or to register as foreign lobbyists because that what they really are at this stage of the game.

    BTW. Have you seen the countryside littered with plastic straws? Tripping over them on the way to work? Creating an unsightly mess on the well-manicured boulevards?

    Me neither. Amazing how people can get rallied around such an inconsequential cause.

  6. George,

    I agree with your dad, both of my parents came from Hungary, left during the revolution. Myself and my siblings were never any type of hyphenated Canadians. We were born in Canada and only Canadians. My parents never called themselves Hungarian-Canadians. If others asked where they came from because of say their accents, they’d say from Hungary and leave it at that. Did they experience prejudice and such for coming from Hungary? YEP! even kind and polite Canada had/has assholes.

    My Dad always grew tired of Hungarians who came to Canada that always carried on the fight for Hungary. Why did they leave Hungary then if fighting for it was so important to them?

    Of course, my parents and myself and siblings understood the Communist insurrection of Hungary and the East Bloc. It was understood why the West fought to contain first and to over time bankrupt the USSR and its ideals, but living in Canada and raising a family was the only concern they had directly for themselves and us kids.

    IMO the west has been under attack by socialistic, Globalist idealists since the end of the Cold War. Hyphenated- WHATEVER is sickening to me. If you come to Canada, USA or any western nation YOU ARE ONLY YOUR NEW CITIZENSHIP PERIOD!!! Stick your hyphenated crap up one’s own arse IMO! DIVERSITY IS NOT OUR STRENGTH! Common threads, common values, western respect for western ideals, democratic values, capitalistic values and WESTERN RULE OF LAW IS OUR STRENGTH!

    It’s NOT a crime to be white or to celebrate all white society has brought to the world. AKA: it created the western developed world. Any non-whites who come and or are influenced by western values in their home nations are 100% fine if they accept these ideals. Japan for one became great post WWII because it adapted to general Western values, and they are non-white. they also preserved and preserve their culture in doing so. China was SLOWLY moving towards such, but looks to be stalling now, NOT GOOD!


    Any persons legally coming here must accept and adapt to our values and not us to their backwards values. If they do so THEN BY ALL MEANS YOU ARE WELCOME! If not then bugger off.

    I use to be a big BLUE PILLED LIBERAL, a bleeding heart loony I now see I was, but my red pilling has me see my blinders off now and I will not just accept my upbringing in the greatest society ever, the western developed world as me as a Canadian now being hollowed out firstly from within by socialist/ commies, SJW’s, 3rd wave feminists and all other bleeding hearts along with people of other cultures looking to want my country to change for them. Add those from outside, the splinters of bass akwards, hateful, leeches coming into my society to milk and abuse it. I’m mature enough now with a life of my own experiences good, bad and in between TO NOT GIVE MUCH A DAMN FOR THEM ALL AND THEIR FE FE FEELINGS TODAY!

  7. Les H,

    Going from Blue Pill to Red Pill is amazingly liberating. It’s like listening to the the CKNW harpies today (SS & JV) practically wetting themselves with glee (I think Gordo McD actually did wet himself) over Rosenstein’s indictment (in absentia) of 12 Russians over alleged election meddling. Once you are Red Pilled, you see exactly what all this REALLY is. I had a real good guffaw over all this. Let’s see, barely a few days before Trump sees Putin and after all this time, NOW, the indictment is made? Yea sure. Pile of crap designed to stir up the masses and give the Simis and Jody’s of the world something to cheer about. It’s actually a sign of desperation.

    Trump is over the target because he is drawing flak. Perfect.

  8. Yes George, the bogus Russian indictments in absentia are just political folly for the pablum fed class of anti-Trumpers. Are these 12 men actually real people? Even if so there is no evidence that they worked for Putin and Ma Russia, nor for Trump. Though evidence does show the Clintons and DNC did buy from/work with Russia hackers, NUTS I SAY!

    In fact the political hack though he is, Rosenstein, even said none of this ‘meddling’ affected the election nor implicated Trump and his campaign but it’s all out today to try to make Trump /Putin meeting derail. The Global elitist cabal wants USA and Russia at loggerheads, they fear Trump making some diplomatic progress with Putin. After all both are alphas, both are proud nationalists and anti-globalist order. Putin is his own man and nobody thinks he’s just a Mr. Nice Guy, but as strong as he is, internally as leader in Russia he is not as strong externally. Russia is strong with its nuclear weapons and a solid military/intelligence industrial complex, but it has major demographic issues and also like Canada is mostly a resource economy and not and true technological and consumer industrial economy. After all how many MADE IN RUSSIA products have /do you/we buy? Russia for all its 150 million people still has an economy not much larger than Canada’s with our 37 million people. Oddly though a man like Putin is what Russia needs in power, just as the USA needs a President Trump and we need to get our mangina, soy-boy PM Trudeau OUT OF POWER! Scheer needs to look down and see that he does have set of balls and needs to act like a REAL MAN!!! Not as Trudeau light. as for Jagmeet Singh… REALLY FOLKS??? A pure Commie and another virtue signaler who will PLAY HIS ETHNIC CARD! THE NDP will HOPEFULLY be reduced to political rubble Oct . 2019. BTW again I was liberal/ lefty and did vote NDP at times in my IDIOT PAST!

    Russia is no real threat to Europe nor abroad, but it fears Europe and US power on it. I hope Trump does not fall prey the RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, BIG BAD RUSSIA CRAP! Of course being an alpha male, Trump will not bend knee to Putin and neither will Putin to Trump, but I want to see good dialog and qualitative US/Russia diplomatic relations as I feel both nations have more in common and in general interests than not. But understand, the Globalist, socialist elites want to have USA/Russia at each other’s diplomatic throats. PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE THE EFF UP!

    As to interference, Putin and others have noted the sick, evil man Soros interfering in all sorts of politics and nations’ affairs. When Putin addresses this with the US Govt. the State Dept. says Soros does not work for them and is his own man. But on the other foot this never ending RUSSIA SHITE is spun as if Putin was/is behind close doors rubbing his hands sadistically together and manipulating US politics and voters. IT EFFING NUTS!

  9. George – Les H

    Almost total agreement from me.

    Interesting that only 6 months ago I thought that SJW and Selfie King Justin was a Shoe In to be re-Elected in 2019. Then all of a sudden he somehow began to “Shoot Himself in the Foot” and every where else by using the Worst Ideas from the former B.C. NDP Leader “Adrian Dix Book of Campaign Strategy”. It is absolutely amazing how PM Justin has almost already managed to “Steal Defeat from the Jaws of Victory”!

    All of that even while while Federal Conservative Leader Scheer appears to be hiding in the Witness Protection Program.

    I am quite sure that if PM Justin and the other SJW Singh are both soundly defeated in the 2019 Federal Election it will be the end for the Federal NDP. The NDP will then be required to fold their tent and fully merge with their Senior Partner the Federal Liberals. It only makes sense.

    Some Conservatives may fear that but in fact the ?Cons versus the Libs is easier understood and Hard Working, /Tax Paying Canadians of any Income Leverl, Ethnicity, Religion, or Skin Colour will soon recognize that it is the Conservative Party that is the Party that cares about ALL Canadians, not just Special Interests.

    Within 2 years there will only be one Province with an NDP Government and that will be B.C., soon after that the Weaver Horgan, Meggs, Gunton, NDP will also be defeated.

    I wonder, now that Ford is Premier of Ontario and some of the other Provinces will almost all be Conservative Governments is it now time for the B.C. Liberals to refresh, reboot, and start anew and consider a name change and merge with the B.C. Conservative Party?

    Personally I think the time is now.

    I believe the merge with the Conservatives in B.C. and name change would be a re-birth that the B.C. Liberal Party and the Hard Working Tax Paying People of the Province of B.C. would embrace.

  10. BMCQ.

    The NDP no longer represents the working man and working family, it is a party of activism today of anything is ANTI-CANADIAN , ANTI- USA and ANTI-WESTERN. It is 100% IDENTITY POLITICS and any person living in Canada today that believes in making a life for themselves and family, by pro-western values and such should no longer expect support from the NDP, provincially and federally.

    The Federal Liberals are now also another wing of identity politics and socialistic values including post-modernism and anti-national values. They are not a party of classical liberalism nor of balance but a socialistic party of a different stripe. Even commonsense businessmen and women should see that the Liberal Party of Canada DOES NOT represent Canadian business and investment values.

    I agree about Scheer, I keep looking for his face on milk cartons but as sad as he is, he is our only alternative if we want to save OUR CANADA AND TRUE CANADIAN, CLASSICAL LIBERAL, SMALL’ C’ CONSERVATIVE VALUES!


    That said the US mid terms will do a lot to drive our future and not just President Trumps. Mark my words, THERE WILL BE NO BLUE WAVE FOR THE DEMOCRATS THIS NOVEMBER! The Democrats are now full on anti-American, socialistic party. They are deranged and everyday more and more Americans see it. Congress will go more Republican and more pro Trump as such his sails will get a big boost of wind and this will shape Trudeau’s future in Canada too. His shilling for globalists, anti-USA ideals and pro virtue signaling ways will suffer a blow he may not recover from.

  11. Hard To believe but PM Justin was very secure only a year or so ago and he is now in such a bad position he could very well be defeated.

    His arrogance, his over confidence, his lack of integrity, his lack of leadership, common sense, intelligence, and his stupidity has all contributed to his soon to be downfall.

    PM Justin is very obviously now only a “Legend in His Own Basement” !

    As to the hoped for “Blue Wave” ? You are correct, that BW will soon turn out to be a Trickle at best.

    In spite of some mistakes by DJT most Hard Working, Tax Paying, Law Abiding Americans have had enough of the Obama and Michelle Dems and they fully understand that any country must have control of Migration, Defined Borders and the ability to Defend and Secure those Borders. Without the control of Migration and those Borders the Citizens have NO Country.

    All one would need to do is simply look across the Atlantic to the EU and you can see how out of control Migration and no secure control of Borders can destroy virtually all EU Nations and the cultures of those once great nations.

    And people wonder why the People of the UK voted for “Brexit” !


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