Jeff Brown of Q 107 Calgary heading to west coast for Jack FM Mornings…

Jeff Brown

Changes, or should we say additions coming to Jack mornings in Vancouver. current morning man Paul Brown will now be a co-host, joining the new Jeff Brown Show. Jeff has hosted the morning show on Calgary Q107 since 2011.  And for those who remember the Charis Report on the Jeff O’Neil show on Fox, well Charis Hogg will be joining Jeff and Paul as a co-host. Oh yes, gone is Michael Kuss. Story HERE

Jeff Browns last day at q107 Calgary is next Friday July 6th.





  1. Glad to see that they are changing things up for their morning show. I like Michael Kuss, but he was not cut out to be the morning guy on Jack FM. Glad to see that he will be joining the News 1130 team here in Vancouver with Russ Lacate doing what he does best, the Weather !!!
    As far as Jack FM goes, they better put a very good morning show together as Rock 101 (CFMI) with Willie in the morning seems to be the favourite right now. !!!

  2. UnSub…
    as for the comment about Jeff ruining jack Toronto it was the constant change of direction every few months that did it

  3. From Wikipedia…..
    Brown and Klassen would be holding down both the morning and afternoon drive slots by May 2009, one month after “Jack FM” registered a dismal 2.0 share in the BBM ratings results for the Toronto market.

  4. The reason for that is they let go of the afternoon hosts. And evening hosts. So it was Jeff Brown and Karly Klassen am/pm drive and Sam Stevens middays and evenings.
    They were operating jack Toronto as if it were a rock station. Trying to compete with 102.1 and q107 and rock 94.9 and HTZ FM

  5. Jeff Brown, the same guy that blew apart CITI in Winnipeg after he destroyed Jack FM. He has a great track record of ruining radio stations morale.

  6. Not much good to say about radio in Van these days, both FM & AM…guys like Brown float in and out of cities, usually leaving a message behind…

  7. They could call the show “Breakfast with the Browns”. (That’s actually a long running CITR show)

    So we have two Alberta journeymen hosting a Vancouver morning show. Glad to hear Charis is back. She was bright.

  8. Jeff Brown is one of the reasons I stopped listening to Q107 TO
    I don’t think he ever knew what ‘good’ radio is/was

  9. Lived in Toronto from 98 to 09 and it was Derringer that was the disaster, a spoiled brat and along wih monotone Kim Mitchell and there Playboy panty & bra girl, it was not worth listeing to. Enjoyed Karly and Sam and Elvira when those other clots were on holiday.

  10. They keep the idiot Paul Brown and get rid of the sane one Mike Kuss? I can only hope this new morning show wont be filled with stupid prank phone calls (are we 8??) And calls to and from his mommy

  11. I listened to Jeff Brown here in Calgary since he arrived in 2011. He was a great morning host that helped push Q107 up the ratings list. He is a natural.

  12. Jeff and Sara ruined Q107 Calgary. When a show revolves around juvenile or alcoholic humor it can only last so long. One week was too long. Maybe Jack Van will offer Sara a job and Q107 calgary morning show will be worth listening to again.


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