‘Little House on the Prairie’ condemned by PC police




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June 27, 2018

The Association for Library Service to Children just renamed its Laura Ingalls Wilder Award to the Children’s Literature Legacy Award because, apparently, the books promote racism and sexism. Melissa Francis, who hosts a business show on Fox News, played a character on the Little House on the Prairie TV show in the 1970s and said that the leftist librarians did not read the books.  History should be preserved so that we can understand our past mistakes and the strengths of our founding.




  1. Liberalism is a mental disorder. SJW’s, Feminists and all cultural Marxists destroy everything they touch just like a cancer coursing through a body does.

    Society will soon need massive chemotherapy to root out this evil SJW, cultural-Marxist, leftist cancer.

  2. Sean. Ahem.. cough cough. Huckleberry Finn is verboten in many places. But don’t worry. I downloaded Birth of a Nation from Archive and watched it because.. I shouldn’t.

    Funny that eh? I find myself watching movies and reading books that I never thought I would because I was/am intrigued by why they are verboten. It seems they tell too much truth.

    One day, Fahrenheit 451 will be banned because the SJWs actually believe that burning books is a good thing and anything written against that is heresy. We won’t have time for that though. The Left have officially declared open season on any Trump supporters (who are essentially have the US population). This is how Civil Wars start. Just ask any Yugoslavian.

  3. Idiocy, much of which is being taught in earlier schooling, has wormed it’s way far too far into what used to be sensible society…fight back to this cluelessness!

  4. Of Course Little House, and ALL other similar type shows are Evil and a threat to any SJW that sees a Capitalist under every Rock!

    I am quite sure that old time family TV Show ” Leave it to Beaver” will soon face the same kind of/similar fate!

    Who could be surprised ? !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. That’s funny Mark, and BCMQ I got a good laugh, thanks
    Always loved Jerry Mathers and Tony Dow – Gosh we had it great with those old shows growing up. The Donna Reid Show, Father Knows Best, then shows like Dragnet, Bonanza, Have gun will travel, The Rebel, Johnny Yuma, so many classics, never to forget the best and I truly mean the all time best with shows like Johnny Carson, Jackie Gleason, Red Skelton, then there was the music, going back to the 20’s, 30’s 40’s and songs which dominated most of my generation, the fifties. The introduction of Rock, for me had to be Rock around the Clock, with Bill Hailey and the Coments, which was an introduction to the late great Elvis Presley… exciting time to this now 10 year old in 1957, listening to songs like the Diamonds, from Canada and Little Darlin’ Paul Anka, Bobby Darin, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Little Richard, Buddy Holly, and so many more, bringing us into the great 60’s, when radio stations seemed to become more cross-over playing of songs, meaning the music was being played not just on rock and roll stations, but easy listening, country, etc. It was all good….
    so many fine memories,

    to be continued…

  6. Michael,

    Those t.v shows and music are fond for many of us in first runs or in reruns because they celebrated and reflected even with a bit of stereotypical caricatures the values of the Western Developed World. Diversity did not, has not and will not make us stronger. A set of generally accepted common values that weaved/weave through our great western societies are what made /makes us stronger.

    I’m not saying that the grand experiment of western developed society, notably post WWII was without issues, grievances or problems, nobody can defend our shared western values as a perfect panacea or a utopia. Only socialists, communist sell utopia, their utopia whichever and wherever it gets power becomes a bloody and ruin is distopia.

    Music, movies, radio and t.v. of our western developed world were so much more grand and socially invigorating because they reflected better desires of a more just and free society even with its warts and all. Tools were in place in western society to more justly and peaceably deal with outstanding issues and true grievances. But in the guise of liberalism, the Marixist ideologues created havoc of faux grievance, forced victim hood and played society against itself in identity politics. Movies, t.v., music and radio was thus contorted to shape the new faux society narrative of liberalism and social justice all wrapped up with a big ugly bow and all today in post modernism where NOTHING is fact but all is feel. This is why these mediums today lack the polish, joy, creativity, the love of as well as respect in life and the human condition of the greatest society man has ever created, the western developed world.

    Movies, t.v, music and radio reflected a general normalcy of life, the positivity of the nuclear family and the ideals post WWII best represented in the USA but also shared in many ways with its western peers of liberty, general justice, respect earned, economic development and its and economic freedoms. Western society NEVER promised anything it could not achieve, it did not promise equality of outcome, nor fairness, life is not, has not been and never will be fair, SO FOLKS, JUST GET OVER IT! But is promises the ideals of liberty, free will, free choice, and never ending desire of equality of opportunity forwarded to all in society. The only equality it has promised was EQUALITY OF ALL UNDER THE LAW! That one equality is worth grasping for even if we failed and fail at delivering it at times.

    Movies, t.v., music and radio of our golden past (say 1950’s to mid 1980’s or so ) that we like to hold onto was better as it shined a light on to why THE WEST IS THE BEST!

    What tomorrow may bring remains to be seen but it does not look to shine as brightly for more or all of us as the golden era of the western developed world did post WWII. I could go on in my words, my dissection of and thoughts of our current world, its past, present and future, but I have gone on too long already.

  7. All of this politically correct stupidity is brought to you by the same bunch of idiots that want to erase history. Schools named after former Canadian politicians.

  8. It is very unfortunate that many of those old 60’s, 70’s and even earlier TV Shows are all of a sudden Vilified because of a New PC, Elite Liberal, Guilt Ridden, Whoa Is Me, Apologist, PM Justin, MICHELLE Obama, overzealous Daffodil Media and Culture Police Force.

    Show like many mentioned here provided great lessons in Family Values, actually highlighted and encouraged the Value of Families, and at the same time encouraged Morals, Respect for the Rule of Law and above all Respect of Family, Friends, and simply Do. Unto Others.

    How can any of that be Bad for Society? Especially when we see how PC Culture Cops, SJW, and the rest are Literrally Ripping the Heart out Great Family Values of what we once had.

    Time for a Non Cable Main Stream Canadian Channel to Provide Shows like many of those discussed and others for the next Generation of Young Canadians.

    How could providing that kind of programming do anything but good?

    Somehow I just do not see how the Devil has/had a Hand in the Production of Shows like Little House, Beaver, Mr. Ed, Bonanza or so many of the rest including even Cheyenne, all of which I watch if I get a chance while away traveling when I have a spare half hour or two some early evenings.

    Before we know it the PC Cops will demanding and inspecting Public Washrooms to ensure that ALL Males Sit to Pee, just like the rest of People Kind!


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