TSN 1040’s Bro Jake Announces His Sign-Off


Patrick Johnstonby PATRICK JOHNSTON, The Province        Published:June 25, 2018

Bro Jake Edwards joined TSN 1040 in September 2013. Gerry Kahrmann / PNG

Bro Jake Edwards’s time on TSN 1040’s morning show is up.

After The Province first revealed he had a big announcement coming, it was confirmed Monday morning that Edwards would be “throwing away his alarm clock.”

It’s been rumoured for a few months now that he would be leaving when his contract expires at the end of June.

Monday morning, Edwards confirmed on air his last day co-hosting the morning show will be on Friday, June 29. He’s not completely leaving the airwaves though: he will continue to host a four-hour show on Saturdays.

Edwards joined 1040 in September 2013, teaming up with Dave Pratt to host the morning show and replacing a very popular setup hosted by Scott Rintoul and featuring the likes of Paul Chapman and Jason Botchford — yes, from this newspaper — and Paul Debron and Joe Leary. For Pratt, it was something of a triumphant return to a station that he’d left a couple years before in a contract dispute. (He was working with Bro Jake at Rock 101 before the 1040 return.)

It was not a popular move in some circles, but despite that, Pratt and Edwards still pulled strong numbers, even after the launch of Sportsnet 650, which just recently re-jigged their morning show. Listener data suggests the 1040 morning show has been beating 650’s heavily in the key male demographics that sports radio sells its advertising for.

Big advertising dollars was something that Edwards brought along with him.

Before moving to 1040, Edwards had spent 17 years as a high-profile personality on Rock 101. He was Canadian Radio Personality of The Year in 2001.

Expect 1040 to use a rotation of guest hosts alongside Pratt through the summer, with a permanent host named for the fall.



  1. An amazing run by one of the last big names in Vancouver radio. So long to The Champ and perhaps those Bernhausen Diesel commercials.

  2. Oh no, without Bro, I’m out of sports radio listening …
    TSN turned 1410 into BNN/Bloomberg (as if we need another simulcast in this market), taking Rome & Patrick out of ‘prime time’…
    Listened to 650 once…I like hockey, just not 24/7.
    Thx Bro, we’ll keep an eye out for you around The Springs…

  3. The station probably couldn’t afford to renew his contract. Probably not a good sign for the rest of the sports jocks as TSN1040 looked like they had a very bloated staff level when considering the abysmal ratings.

    BNN isn’t a bad idea as they shouldn’t have much of a problem improving on their sports numbers possibly at both stations without the large staff investment required in sports radio, although they need to shed the sports they still sprinkle into the programming.

  4. Will miss the Bro I Wish Him well in both career and health departments
    Pratt has an unfortunate habit of talking over His Colleagues and making ridiculous off the cuff comments that are at times very rude and inappropriate
    I do not see a long future for Him 1040 with His present manner I will not be listening

  5. Well, I have to be honest. I won’t miss him at all. Too much social justice crapola coming out of his mouth and Pratt’s too. And “the Champ”? Never found it funny.

  6. First, best wishes to Bro Jake. I use to listen to 1040 fairly regularly, not so much today as it has become rather rinse and repeat in talking points and each programmes talking heads. It was worse when it was Canucks house radio. But quite simply it has become rather stale. Sportsnet 650 being new Canucks house radio is even worse IMO.

    More so for me I have found a waning or losing passion for pro sports in general. The cross contamination of the business and money, growing liberalism and its side effects including a lot of anti-Trump, anti-USA, anti- Western world, anti-traditional men, values in the sports and sports media, especially from the mouths of sports media talking heads and athletes etc. talk as if THEY KNOW BETTER than us ‘plebs’ in sports, in business, in life and values (or lack there of with many of these talking heads) and combined with a loss of just the love for the game regardless of sport has taken me more to a ho hum, ok a game it on type watcher.

    Costs of going to most major sports as a fan is too high as to the return on the monies spent. T.V. has its value as a good way with HD and the camera work but t.v. is also hum drum and TOO MANY COMMERCIAL BREAKS KILLS MUCH OF THE WATCHING PASSION FOR ME!
    Including getting back t the talkingheads and these sports panels just go on with too much fluff and nonsense and way too much liberalism and a level of smugness from the way many of the sports media talking heads talk on game nights for one, on sports t.v. and in sports talk radio.

    I have found myself that I try not to get too absorbed in incessant sports watching now, I more carefully pick and choose my watching in sports. I do not have to feel to watch every hockey game, every football game and every other games/sports. I also no longer feel a habitual need to listen to sports talk or even news talk as just a drone-like, passive listener. There are many information based alternatives to such today. As a result I found I developed and follow more personal activities, hobbies and media watching alternatives and this flexibility has let me more better use my free time.

  7. Sports radio does have its positives like a loyal male audience but that is the downfall of the format as well.

    Just look at either sports station, if they matched their male numbers with females the ratings would be respectable in the 3-4 range but without female listeners it’s future is not bright unless there is only one station.

  8. I’m with ya on this one Les H.

    I am getting sick and tired of being told that being a man is not acceptable in ‘the current year”. The only guy on 1040 who even remotely seems to be a vintage dude is the Mog. Bro Jake’s Champ talk and the like did nothing to take the taint off his otherwise social justice warriorism.

    A prime example of male-self-loathing is going to BC Lions games. The obligatory “curb domestic violence” mantra. Why football? These men have the best control of their emotions of anyone. Why do I not get these ads when watching golf. Or auto racing. If you want to target the supposed doers and enablers of domestic violence, then target the World Police Games. These ‘first responders’ that we are asked to stand for in the football game preamble, represent a greater statistical probability of domestic violence https://www.browardcriminallawyer.com/blog/2016/07/what-profession-has-the-highest-rate-of-domestic-violence.shtml However, we are supposed to worship people in uniforms because they go into harms way, although a tree faller in BC has a greater chance of getting killed on the job than anyone else. Flaggers don’t have it much better.

    Can’t we just enjoy a flippin’ game anymore without getting preached and hectored?

  9. The Day 1040 hired Bro Jake was the day Sports Talk Radio died in Vancouver.
    Come on, an already-over-the-hill oldies rock jock hired to interview the best and brightest sports commentators and personalities on the continent?
    How’d that work out?
    (Not that anybody noticed 14 year olds were writing his interview questions).

  10. Larry Jordan Although it didn’t work the intent might have been to expand the audience beyond the regular sports dweebs. Unfortunately, it didn’t work and 1040 is stuck with their 1.8 share.


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