TV’s Travelling Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain Dead at 61, Suicide


Parts Unknown host died while on location in France, CNN reports

Celebrity food chef Anthony Bourdain, shown in November 2016 in New York, has died in France, CNN said Friday. (Andy Kropa/Invision/AP)

Anthony Bourdain, the celebrity chef who took foodies around the world as part of his travelogue programs, has died at age 61, CNN said Friday.

The cause of death was suicide, the network said in a statement. He was found dead in a hotel room in Strasbourg, France, where he had been working on an upcoming episode of his program, the network said.

Bourdain’s popular show Parts Unknown airs on the network. The New York chef previously hosted shows and documentaries on The Food Network and Travel Channel.

“His love of great adventure, new friends, fine food and drink and the remarkable stories of the world made him a unique storyteller,” CNN said in a statement on Friday. “His talents never ceased to amaze us and we will miss him very much. Our thoughts and prayers are with his daughter and family at this incredibly difficult time.”

Parts Unknown took Bourdain around the globe. At each stop, he would delve into the regional culture and sample the cuisine, typically led by local experts. Last fall, he was spotted in Newfoundland and Labrador and the nearby French island of St. Pierre.

American chef and TV personality describes dining with Barack Obama in Vietnam and explains why he wouldn’t eat with U.S. President Donald Trump 7:50

“I have the best job in the world,” Bourdain told CBC in 2017.

He said in the interview that his job came at a personal cost to family life, as he had separated from his second wife and missed his daughter, who is 11, while on the road.

“I travel 250 days a year. How normal could I ever hope to be?”

He had recently been dating actress Asia Argento, one of the prominent accusers of film producer Harvey Weinstein.



  1. Apparently according to Alex Jones who was just contacted by insiders that Bourdain was taken out because he was about to come out with Elon Musk about the future plan. According to the source Bourdain filmed an 11 minute segment with Musk about the future plan in Marrakesh a couple months ago. The powers to be did not want another celebrity coming out in favour of the new plan (saving humanity) and exposing the existing elite…aka Kanye West.

    Alex said this was a direct message to him, Joe Rogan and Elon Musk to shut up or else you will end up like, Bourdain, Seth Rich, Joan Rivers, etc. Some will think this is conspiracy but the more you investigate you will soon learn how the world has been run ever since Kennedy was taken out. This is a very deep dark hole that must see the light of day to end the suffering.

  2. What a shame. I was shocked and sad to hear the news.

    Such an interesting man.

    I really enjoyed watching Anthony’s programs over the past few years.

    He’ll definitely be missed by his millions of fans.

  3. Mr. Bourdain’s untimely passing should serve as a message to family and friends of those suffering addiction and /or mental illness. That we should never give up on them with love and support, regardless of their path forward. Suicide is a solitary act, usually the result of person feeling there is ‘no way out’. Success and celebrity mean nothing to those unfortunately afflicted. I hope we can all learn from his passing. Then, and only then will his life, and death, have been of consequence.

  4. “I hope we can all learn from his passing”

    What I learned is that I couldn’t care less. Never met the guy, he never defended the rights I care about, he had no impact on my stock portfolio.

    Anthony Bourdain, the man, not the contrived television personality, could have been a veritable saint in his private life, in which case many who knew him personally would have reason for a sense of loss. If he was a monster, then those that he may have tormented would have every right to celebrate his passing.

    To those of us not affected as such, what the Heck difference does it make? Sure, you folks are going to say I am a heartless S.O.B. However, unless you are donating all your time and money to starving African kids, then I am just going to call hypocrisy on this.
    Family>Neighbours>Community>Country>Everyone Else. Decreasing in magnitudes of 10.

  5. George in Richmond. Your not a heartless SOB. But because you are looking at a web site that caters to many radio and television people you might want to not read PSR as they do report most celebrities passings. Whatever you do please never look at the back of a newspaper. You will be very upset as they devote a lot of news print to something called OBITUARIES. You might have a total melt down and find your name in that section of the paper.

  6. @13 I think you are missing my point. Everyone dies, including celebrities, and indeed, this site caters to radio and tv personalities, which is one of the reasons I am on here. However, I make the distinction between the character we see on tv or hear on the radio and the person who portrays that character.

    Unless we have met them personally, we do not really know them. Let’s use Bill Cosby as an example. A veritable icon of a successful African-American who exemplifies the mores and values that a family man should have. Yup. That was his tv show, and people were Shocked! Shocked! I tell you that in real life, he was anything but his show.

    The television and the radio have an almost magical quality of tricking us into believing we are actually “there”. Or the reporter is actually “there” and thus, us, by extension, we are too. How many people believed they were actually listening to a baseball play-by-play on location when actually the local guy was reading a tickertape and making it sound like he was there and the listeners where having the experience of being there. I maintain that we are having the experience of “knowing” the radio and tv personalities whereas in fact, we only know the on air/on screen production and that is it. In this regard, to me, Mr Bourdain’s passing is, personally, the equivalent of his show being cancelled and I may miss the show.

    With regards to the obits, I will make sure that I get the newspapers to print, upon my passing, “George in Richmond” so you can shed a truthful tear upon my passing (or celebrate, whatever your choice) because, you know, you really know me as I have made a number of posts on PSR and we are practically buddies.

  7. George in richmond. Indeed I missed your point. Im still missing the point. Bourdain was not a close personal friend of mine. Nor was Cosby. Bourdain was entertaining and I never looked for his show but if I stumbled (channel surfed) and saw him I would watch. He was interesting and upon his passing I felt sad that he took his own life. Same as I felt when Robbin Williams killed himself.nanoo nanoo shuzbot. One of my earliest lps was a Cosby comedy album. I liked it. I Spy with Robert Culp and Cosby I enjoyed. I watched Dr Huxtable and enjoyed the sit com. When Cosby dies from whatever cause I will not feel anything. He is an ass–le and deserves all of the grief he suffers due to his disgusting behavior. So apples and oranges. Hard to decide whom is worthy of an obit on PSR. If perchance you pass and PSR runs your life story , Ill give it a read.


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