Coast to Coast’s George Noory Nominated for Radio Hall of Fame


Coinciding with George’s (68th) birthday comes the exciting announcement that he’s been nominated for induction into the National Radio Hall of Fame in the Spoken Word On-Air Personality category.

George has been nominated in recognition of his many years of on-air success and the loyal listenership he’s developed.

You can help George win this honor by voting between June 4th and June 18th– you can vote by text- Dial 96000 and text message 700, and vote by One vote per email address AND cell phone.

… News Release from Coast to Coast producers


  1. Very deserving of this honor. He puts a lot into each and every show. He listens to every caller and treats them with respect. Even the ones that are so bizarre that they defy description

  2. George is now promoting Bill O’Reilly and others on a satellite tv channel ad on C2C. He has stated previously, he doesn’t vote or share his views so as to remain unbiased with guests yet in this promo, he is excited for people to watch.

    George Knapp is by far more experienced with great guests including many on the Vancouver opioid crisis.

    Dave Schrader of Midnight in the Desert, (Art Bell’s show) is also a more interesting and diverse host.

    George Noory’s constant self promotion is old, just like his obsessive Frank Sinatra wannabe desires.

  3. Actually, the guy I enjoyed the most (besides Art) was a young fella whose name I believe was Ian Punnett. He was a theology student but was very open-minded and quite funny at times.


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