CRTC Studies the Future of Programming Distribution in Canada


As technological change continues to drive innovation and create opportunities, government has a vital role to play in developing strategies and policies that support the production, distribution and promotion of Canadian programming.

The CRTC was asked to examine the future of programming distribution in Canada and the extent to which the future environment will support a vibrant domestic market that will remain competive in the new global environment.

As Canada prepares to review the Broadcasting Act and the Telecommunications Act, this report offers important context, painting an empirical research-based picture of the current market and where it appears to be going. In doing so, it outlines likely trajectories for this market in the future based on current trends, as well as important factors that could influence this picture.

This report does not set out specific timelines or predictions, nor does it attempt to prescribe policy. Rather, it comes to conclusions on the types of change needed to the legislative and regulatory frameworks given the likely market trajectories, as well as considers possible approaches to ensure a vibrant domestic market. The important mandate of Canada’s public broadcaster, which is to be renewed as announced in the Creative Canada Policy Framework, is not addressed in this report.

The CRTC is pleased to respond with this digital-only, interactive report that outlines this research in four distinct sections:



Posted May 31 2018


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