Canada-born Voiceover Giant, ‘Deep End’ Host Nick Michaels Dies Suddenly

May 29, 2018        courtesy


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    NICK MICHAELS, whose distinctive voice was heard in imaging and production on many radio stations, commercials, and television, died SATURDAY (5/26) at his MIAMI home.

    Beginning his career in advertising in his native CANADA, MICHAELS became one of that nation’s top voiceover artists before moving to NEW YORK in 1977 and becoming the voice for many radio and television stations and shows as well as one of the more prolific commercial voices and narrators. He provided voicework for NBC’s “FRIDAY NIGHT VIDEOS” and his and TERRY GANGSTAD’s AMERICAN VOICE CORP. produced a music radio show, “THE DEEP END WITH NICK MICHAELS,” for syndication and then online, with short-form versions “STORIES FROM THE DEEP END” and “STORIES THAT MADE THE MUSIC” also offered.


  1. I was a regular listener to his show on KISM on Sunday nights, and really appreciated his musical knowledge. I did not know he was originally from Canada. He will be missed.

  2. Nick’s passing took us all by surprise. I met Nick in Toronto in the lat 70’s. He was a great radio and voice talent but also a very wise in how music and media should be used to enhance our lives.
    The Deep End was a collection of Nick’s passion for the music he loved. ‘Every picture has a sotry’ for Nick…every song had a story and he was the master story teller. Nick enriched the music we love. He made it truly special.
    There’s not many radio people that I’ve encountered that understood that great radio will always be ‘theater of the mind’.
    Nick would want ‘Deep End’ to continue. Terry Gangstad Nick’s long time producer and collaborator will to looking for some passionate talent who can continue the legacy of this amazing show. Someone like my good friend Alan Cross.
    Someone who cares about the music that took us to another place and time. And music like that is about those moments in our life that are worth remembering.
    RIP Nick… was a real pleasure to be your friend.


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