Media Blackout as British Government Scrubs Reports on Tommy Robinson Arrest and he’s now in hospital


Media Blackout as British Government Scrubs Reports on Tommy Robinson Arrest




  1. I’ve been watching the resulting protests stemming from this on YouTube (including where I first found out about the protests, via an InfoWars video). What the British officials did (including the corrupt judge who sentenced Robinson) is illegal and in violation of British law – they have no right or power to arrest him for reporting on the sentencing of members of an Islamic rape gang simply because of the involvement of Islamics (who the Left considers a “protected” group) or to illegally threaten anyone with arrest for reporting on Robinson’s illegal arrest.

    This is going to supremely backfire on both the criminals in public office in the UK who ordered this, as well as on the liberal media who willingly went along with said criminals in covering up this clear-cut violation of free speech and persecution of anyone who supports freedom of speech. If anything happens to Robinson while he’s being illegally held in prison, his blood will be on the hands of those who put him there and it will not end well for them.

  2. @Zebb

    The point you make is actually irrelevant. He was engaged in a lawful activity, lawful activities to not trigger (in a just society) the activation of a suspended sentence.

  3. @ Zebb:

    Congrats, Mr. “True Conservative” (not!), on showing your true liberal colors by voicing your opposition to Tommy Robinson, free speech and the truth and your implicit support of the illegal actions of the criminals who dare call themselves public officials and have the audacity to illegally persecute Robinson for reporting the truth.

  4. To Hell with the British Government today, the joke of their police force, bureaucracy and yes, I knew it was a woman likely ROP loving judge who set the travesty of sending Tommy Robinson to jail and now in the hospital. I hope so bad that this judge gets all the ROP crap she needs. To Hell with Theresa May. To Hell with the whole lot of the liberal, SJW, feminist, Commie, clan and their Luciferian intersectionality with Islam.

    To add more thoughts below…

    And one day, likely sooner than later the USA will have to come and save Europe from itself again… Europe’s third civil war in 100 odd years is encroaching closer and close each day that passes by us. Europe is in a collective game of self-guilt, virtual self-flogging and a cult like love to socialism and its 21st. century intersection with Islam today. Europe is proverbially a long train that has derailed from the locomotives and is working its derailment back the end of this train.

    I accordance with what is going on today throughout much of the world including Canada, but especially so in Europe, let me rephrase this. The greatest lie ever told was that the Devil (Lucifer) does not exist.

    If I were Lucifer I’d create a religion or more so it’s a social/political cultural ideology in the name of religion that is antithetical to mainstream western developed world religion and social/political culture. I’d also create a social, political movement named Marxism (Communism) to drive another wedge into western developed society. I’d fuel the intersection of these two disparate to western values and in the big picture not even allies to each other but using each other to fuel as Lucifer’s end game of chaos inside the greatest human society ever made, the western developed world, where from its inevitable ashes Lucifer would reign supreme. But do not forget, Lucifer is a fallen angel for a reason and as such he fails to see his Achilles heel and in the end of his reign a price will be paid upon him and those who fall inline with him as his pawns and dupes.

    Lucifer could be an actual real fallen angel and evil entity, or maybe he is just evil personified that lies in the hearts of all of us in mankind, but some of us live more to the evil of such vileness and human wickedness, while others live to the light of even if maybe only a mindset personification of Jesus to fight for mankind. Regardless whether it’s all real or just in our own hearts and minds the actions good and bad are the same, the end result is the same.

    Rest assured Lucifer exists and is running rampant through the world today.

  5. Please quote where I supported his arrest?

    If I was wrong, why was the headline changed? Funny how the reactions to my comment were about the politics and not the facts.

    Saying something was factually inaccurate, which it was, doesn’t say anything about my politics. I don’t know anything about this case other than the fact that the since corrected headline was inaccurate. Does that really merit the negative responses? Talk about knee jerk.

  6. The action by the UK Government against Robinson may be actionable, his Legal Team should look at a Breach of the Constitution.

    I consider myself a fairly Conservative individual but still might not agree with everything Robinson believes in.

    Having said that unless Robinson is actually using “Hate Speech” he should be allowed his Constitutional Rights to Free Speech.

    Where do we draw the line? I am against Nazi Marches and what most would consider Hate Speech but they are allowed under Free Speech Laws in the U.S. and perhaps rightly so.

    Only my opinion but I find it quite satisfying that back in the day it was the Minorities that need protection when Nazis Marched and spewed their hate but now it is the Nazi Haters that need the protection, somehow that seems to be a better situation. We do have progress.

    Robinson and others like him are correct when they fight against out of control Migration, it should have nothing to do with Racism and if it is not Racism the Government of any Country is being irresponsible not to allow and in fact encourage an open dialogue on Immigration and Migration.

    My Parents were both Immigrants to Canada but they came in Legally and through an open legal process. Everyone else should do the same.

    Something we in Canada should be concerned about.

    As the U.S. tightens it’s Border and begins to Deport Criminal Felons and others that have no right to be in the U.S. we should understand that those to be Deported will not wait around for the Deportation Notice.

    Those to be Deported especially Criminal Felons do not want to go back to El Salvador, Venezuela, Mexico, France, China, or anywhere else, those Countries for the most part are in fact Bad Places.

    They will instead opt to come North to Canada where we have a Facebook and Selfie King as PM who welcomes them with open arms. We then also have Mayors like Mayor Mumbles in Vancouver that will provide them with Housing, Services, Welfare, and the rest.

    We in Canada especially the Cities are soft on Crime, almost encourage open Drug Markets, and it is most easy for the Convicted Felon to enter Canada, what else could they hope for?

    in November 2016 I stated that somewhere between 200 thousand and 1 Million Migrants many of them Criminal Felons will settle in Canada by 2020 and I stand by that forecast.

    What will that do to our Public Housing, Crime Rates, Welfare, Healthcare, Education System, Justice System, and the rest? Think about it.

    Those are not Racist just simple facts.

    In the meantime our Government at ALL Three Levels does ve3ry little for the Old Age Pensioner that worked their entire life to build Canada. Many of hose were Immigrants themselves but they arrived Legally and served our Society Well!!

    I am quite sure some of what Robinson says might be distasteful but Free Speech should never be discouraged and the UK Government are asking for trougle with their recent action.

  7. BTW

    Without Control of Migration/Immigration and without Defined Borders and without the Ability o Defend those Borders you have NO Country.

    Just simply ask the People (NOT the Uber Liberal Elite PC Leaders) of the of the EU if you do not accept what I have just pointed out, they will tell you the truth.

    Open Borders and the Blind Eye turned to ISIS by EU Leaders like Juncker, Merkel, Hollande, Renzi, Cameron, POTUS Obama which drove about 8 Million People into the EU has created problems the EU will never recover from.

    If ISIS would have been destroyed the first day they marched from Syria into Iraq Millions of Syrians and Iraq Citizens would have been safe and remained in their Homes secure and at relative peace. A Human Tragedy!

    The EU should have stayed with the very simple European Common Market Trade Zones while at the same time leaving Borders and Migration up to individual Countries.

    A Catastrophic Disaster that cannot be reversed.

  8. BC to clarify, and this is not to take one side or the other, I believe the initial suspended sentence related to violating a publication ban at a trial upon which he was reporting.

  9. I emailed CKNewWorldOrder the link two days ago….nothing nada……of course not. NEVER a story on the Right unless there is (fake) violence.

    And they wonder why their ratings are so low…….


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