Many BC & Alberta Radio Markets were Not Surveyed, says Numeris


Numeris added this explanatory info to its Spring 2018 radio diary results:

The markets of Saint John CTRL, Kingston CTRL, Windsor CTRL, Regina CTRL, Saskatoon CTRL, Lethbridge CTRL, Red Deer CTRL, Kelowna CTRL, Kamloops CTRL and Prince George CTRL were not measured during the Spring 2018 Radio Diary Survey.


The reasoning behind this decision is explained in the following memo from Numeris to its members earlier this year:

The Diary service is of significant importance to Members and a priority for Numeris. Similar to many research organizations, achieving targeted sample levels has become more of a challenge. It is becoming increasingly difficult to reach participants due to decreasing contact and cooperation. At the same time, populations are changing and shrinking, and household sizes are decreasing, further impacting sample usage and strain.  These challenges can result in low sample returns in some markets, which can have an impact on the precision, or reliability, of audience estimates.

As an immediate response to reduce the strain on the available sample and preserve sample for the Fall 2018 Survey, Numeris will not be measuring the following Radio Central Markets (CTRL) during the Spring 2018 Radio Diary survey which runs from February 26th to April 22nd, 2018.

  1. Saint John CTRL (NB)                           6. Kingston CTRL (ON)
  2. Windsor CTRL (ON)                           7. Regina CTRL (SK)
  3. Saskatoon CTRL (SK)                            8. Lethbridge CTRL (AB)
  4. Red Deer CTRL (AB)                           9. Kelowna CTRL (BC)
  5. Kamloops CTRL (BC)                           10. Prince George CTRL (BC).


This immediate solution will reduce pressure on the available market sample and help ensure a strong, business as usual, enumeration process for the Fall 2018 Radio Diary survey.

Numeris is taking an aggressive and proactive approach to not only address the issue in these ten spring markets but to also provide the industry with a viable long term solution that will produce on-going sustainable sample representation in all our diary markets.

Numeris is both confident and encouraged about the opportunity to develop new and innovative solutions for the industry in order to maintain the accuracy, precision and integrity of Canada’s broadcast measurement system.


  1. Well, isn’t that nice. Numeris can carry all the stations east of the Red River, and only gives us Victoria and Winnipeg. The West Gets SCREWED again.

  2. (I’ll preface that I am referring to surveying in general and not specifically Numeris) Western Canada has lower returns for most polling and surveying. Quebec and the Maritimes the most. Saint John has a declining population which explains their inclusion amongst this bunch. No one is screwing the west… times are changing and getting people to participate in surveys and polls via landline telephone is getting harder. Seriously, does anyone actually answer their phone anymore? I did hear from another pollster recently who said that mobile inclusion can cost up to three times as much than landline; apparently they don’t answer their phones either. As one radio executive told me today, at least they (Numeris) are confronting the issue head on.

  3. Hey Matt, thanks for your input. My question, do not the radio stations pay for this service? Who does. Excuse my ignorance, but who put the now Numeris in charge of providing this rating service. Is crtc approval involved. Also can other companies enter into the Canadian radio market, if not, why not? Who’s in charge?

  4. Taylor, I think you need to wake up. The boogie man isn’t coming to get you, and it’s not all about YOU. The west isn’t getting screwed over at all! If you think you can do better then Numeris, and not “screw over the west” then by all means have at it! Let us know how you make out!

  5. Sorry Matt, although I thank your for you explanation, I really find this bizarre! If I were a broadcaster in cities like Kelowna, Kamloops, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Prince George, Regina and Saskatoon, I would be totally pissed off. Numeris has got to be kidding. Shame on them.
    I agree with Betty about other companies coming into each of these markets to cover what Numeris has failed to provide. I love competition,the Free Market, and this is where it should be happening.

  6. To answer Betty’s question, radio does pay for this service.
    Leo – Times are changing. People are not picking up the phones to participate. Let’s also remember that Radio does what they can to encourage people to answer the phone and participate. Many of these markets were told there would be no survey a few months ago. And if I were a radio owner, I would be thankful to not be paying for an under sampled ratings book.

    Somewhat related, I sat in on the Jacob’s Media Tech Survey yesterday and they report a sharp decline in people parting with their information for access to things like a station’s radio stream.

  7. Who cares……FAKE NEWS and Radio are dead. When are they going to fire Simi VACCINE Sara and Gord NEW WORLD ORDER MacDonald.

  8. Hey Richard…the day you stop listening to Simi & Gord is the day they get turfed…then YOU can take responsibility…thanks in advance.

  9. There must be a better way to find out the real ratings. The Numeris diary has been about the same for ever, its a time consuming inaccurate method. I am sure the technology exists to find real ratings, but maybe radio wont pay for it and maybe they don’t really want to know!

  10. Jeffrey – One industry leader stated at Canadian Music Week and repeated it for an upcoming episode of my podcast. (Something along the lines of) ‘If we started a measurement system today, what would it comprise?”

    Probably not $5.00, and a paper diary.

  11. Seems that the ratings system is just as inaccurate as the pollsters political predictions.
    see HRC Adrian Dix etc.

  12. Since radio stations are required to pay for this service and, as Matt stated, people no longer care to participate in phone / diary surveys – it is imperative for Numeris to invest in making the system more attractive or, at the very least, less time consuming to the average listener.

    Let’s be real here – would YOU participate? When it comes to priorities, I am sure filling out a diary for what radio station they prefer isn’t even on the list. The system for the smaller markets has been broken for some time and for those stations that rely on this information for additional sales dollars, we need to be sure that the information is fairly accurate.

    I’m not sure what would be best when it comes to gathering this kind of data in today’s world. An app? Website? Someone based within the actual markets?


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