‘CHQT’ to be re-branded as ‘Global News Radio 880 Edmonton’



  1. We’re IMPROVING our news coverage by cutting staff.

    I’m improving my listening experience and being exposed to relevant topics by listening to the Internet stations.

    No disconnect here, the corporate suits are patting themselves on the back. I’m sure the year end bonuses will be huge this year!

  2. well, they could have relabeled 630 CHED, like they have CKNW, mind you they could have rebranded AM 730

  3. When I’ve tuned in 880 on trips to Edmonton, my main complaint is the pacing. You hear the stingers (headlines, traffic, etc.), and the anchor doesn’t react for a good 3-4 seconds, almost as if they didn’t hear it coming! The Rogers all-news stations are a lot tighter in that respect. Perhaps this rebranding can fix that issue.

  4. What are they going to do in Winnipeg where the radio brand eclipses the television brand when it comes to news?


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