Tom Brokaw Faces 50-Year Old Sex Complaint


Third Woman Accuses Brokaw of sexual harassment

Another woman has come forward to accuse veteran NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw of making an unwanted advance toward her when she was a young reporter many years ago.

Freelance writer Mary Reinholz wrote that Brokaw French kissed her inside her LA home during the 1960s after they met at a press conference and he helped her with a story.

“Brokaw made a pass at me 50 years ago in my rented hillside house . . . We talked and then, abruptly, he was embracing me and giving me a French kiss,” Reinholz wrote in a piece for the Villager.

“I pulled away, reminding him that he was married and a tryst was out of the question,” she wrote. “He said, ‘Yes, it would be unfair to Meredith,’ meaning his wife.”

Reinholz added, “I wouldn’t be writing about this if wasn’t for . . . Brokaw’s disparaging remarks about Linda Vester [who last Friday alleged Brokaw ‘grabbed’ her and ‘tried to force’ her to kiss him in the ’90s] . . . I believe her story is credible.”



  1. All young mens advances should be raised to the forefront. We should all be arrested for impure thoughts and trying to get close to attractive females. All young attractive women are victims, and millions of men need to be arrested and charged asap. Off with their heads! A woman slapped me in the face once, I was guilty of being young.

  2. Have women ever hit on men in/around the work/media environment?
    Have older women ever hit on young hunks in/around the work/media environment?
    Can’t imagine that happening.

  3. I think that all of these washed up women claiming abuse can go to hell ! The whole #metoo movement can join them…

  4. Well, Brokaw was an integral part of the narrative-peddling, fake news-spreading MSM. The reason you and I have to keep our mouths shut at work or in public or on social media if we don’t embrace every.single.plank of so-called progressive-ism is because of newsreaders like Brokaw.

    He can go rot in effing-Hell. I. Dont. Care.

    I was waiting for an elevator at work and a woman from an office across the hall approached the elevator to take it with me. The door opens and I told her to go ahead. She asked me “aren’t you coming?”

    “Nope.” “I don’t ride elevators alone with with a woman anymore”

    Anyway, back to Brokaw. Stew in your juices a-hole. How many young men got killed or maimed because you were happy to spew the pre-fabbed and scripted lines that were fed to you by the War Party, be it the Democrat or Republican versions.

  5. I am in agreement with much of what has been said here.

    I do not like Brokaw, I do not like his Progressive Elite Uber Liberal Agenda and his Slant On News but I must also agree that t0Years Ago and all of the other accusations are much too much.

    Weinstein, Spacey, and many of the rest deserve what they get as there is factual evidence or indeed admission of guilt in many instances but the unproven allegations of so many mostly women that simply put forth Accuasations are a Fanger to Our Rule Of Law and that is a Clear and Present Danger to any Democracy.

    Much like the Judge, Jury, and General Public in the second Cosby Trial I do not know anything about the facts in that case. Yes there were Charges/Accusations but just how many if any were really proven without Doubt?

    How many of the Accusers were even in the company of Cosby, and how many simply came forward with Charges hoping to later be included in a Civil Court Settlement?

    It literally gives me the Creeps thinking that a Friend or Telative of mine could be accused, charged, and convicted under similar circumstances. Really sickening.

    I am going to guess there are many Males that now avoid riding Elevators with one Woman.

    A really Pathetic and Sad State of Affairs.

  6. If Im not mistaken Im sure that if we wait another 50 years for a total of 100 years later not only will more victims come forward but the investigation into DJTs collusion with the Russians will just about be over.


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