CKPM FM (The Point) is off the air…


Reports have been coming into psr regarding Matthew McBrides Port Moody radio station being off the air

According to the stations facebook page, the station has been down for a few days.

Power surge has damaged some equipment. We are off the air.

Our trained professionals are working as fast as they can to get the tunes back in your ears


  1. Off air due to a “power surge” hahaha what a bunch of BS that matthew and his only friend put out lies and more lies…” trained professionals ” working on it.. they can’t be that professional if they can’t fix the equipment by now …. maybe not paying your bills, just like not paying your on air staff, is the reason for your joke of a station is off air….. this dude mcbride has no clue how to operate a radio station.

  2. He suckered me in to work at this station, no pay. He even screwed his staff in Tofino. His lackey is just as bad. Have another shot big guy.


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