Corus Radio hires first ever head of podcasting, Chris “Dunner” Duncombe



Corus Radio has hired its first ever head of podcasting. Chris “Dunner” Duncombe has been appointed to the newly-created role of Director, Streaming and Podcasting.

Chris “Dunner” Duncombe

“Dunner” is the former Director of Digital for Corus Radio, and a former senior Program Director; signalling Corus’ commitment to investment in the growing space, “Dunner” will head a new team focussed on harvesting existing radio and news content; creating new, original podcasts; and monetizing products through digital ad insertion.

A quote attributable to Troy ReebSenior Vice President, News, Radio and Station Operations for Corus Entertainment:

“We couldn’t be more excited to signal our commitment to what is a rapidly growing area for both audience and advertisers. As the former Director of Digital for Corus Radio, and a former senior Program Director, Dunner brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the role. He will be assembling a team to leverage both Corus’ own brands and talent, as well as external providers, to build Corus into Canada’s source for high-quality, on-demand audio.”

The appointment is effective as of March 27.



  1. Not to be sarcastic but how can Corus get away with treating their shareholders, $6 stock, with such “Dunning News?” While their Radio properties, many of which were at one time, audience, profit and market leaders, lose respect, pride and listeners. .

    The Shaw clan seem to idle their days away while their Cable and Radio properties rot away with disconnects and tune outs. For goodness sake, sell if you can and give the shareholders a chance to recover at least a portion of their investment.

    Go Jets Go! Go Leafs Go! Senators, please just go!

  2. Wow. What kind of dirt do you have to have to get made the “Head of Podcasting”???

    Its like being made the “Head of Morning Show Best Of’s”.

    Ok did you guys finish joining those air segments and and uploading them like you’ve been doing for the past 5 years? You did? Good jobs! – Lord marshal of multi-regional non-monetized weblationship branding issuanses (yes new words have been made-up because “synergy”) #facepalm

  3. It won’t be long before they Simulpod Global TV’s podcasts. Oh Yea.

    Just imagine being able to listen to Simi Sara’s hectoring all day long. Jon McComb’s feigned indignation. Bruce Allen’s defence of free trade and globalization whilst benefiting from CanCon. Linda Steele’s raspy giggle talking about how much she loves wine.

    They could do better by running voice-only re-runs of Tom Vu and Ginsu knife infomercials.

  4. George in Richmond. I cant count the times I have punched the radio tuner while telling myself “I cant stand another second of her (simi) voice.” Ive often wondered is it the whining? Is it the endless drone? You have finally answered the question. Hectoring!!!!! perfect description.

  5. George in Richmond…good call except on Allen.
    He’s a safe made entrepreneur who has helped numerous Cdn entertainers become wildly successful, and contributed more to our economy than anyone gives him credit for.
    Bruce may not endear himself to all, but he has the stones to call out injustices, often perpetuated by the ‘one percenters’…

  6. So…..they are “firing” all the humans at CORUS so that “dunning” can monetize repeated, canned, politicized, new world order, fake news, radical leftist – podcasts.

    CORUS will be declaring bankruptcy soon……..

  7. It makes NO SENSE to hire someone to oversee podcasts when no one is listening to CKNW live, on the radio! I switched to news1130 when coast to coast was canned and fill in with tsn1040 or 650 for sports.
    I listen to Drex if up, Roundhouse radio is garbage reception and the music is just horrible.

    Jill Bennett on weekend mornings is the best, she deserves a more prominent time slot during the week, it would be a shame to lose talent like her to full-time tv reporting.

  8. Matt Cundill please do tell. And who other than celebrities (through support of traditional media) or backing like NPR (Alec Baldwin) make money? Would love to hear your thoughts as to how Corus monetizes this?

  9. There are many ways to make money at it. Ads primarily. There are some shows that are already being repurposed in podcast form with strong followings, and some new content that will be created. Like anything in media, it just takes times to build an audience. Podcasting is set to be a billion dollar industry in the next 5-10 years (maybe faster?) and no one will see any of it unless they are doing it.


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