Fox News Stands Behind Laura Ingraham Despite Advertiser Fallout

Laura Ingraham speaks at the Republican National Convention at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland on July 20, 2016. (David Swanson / TNS)


Fox News is standing by its embattled host Laura Ingraham, who has seen advertisers flee her show over a tweet aimed at Parkland, Fla., school shooting survivor David Hogg.

“We cannot and will not allow voices to be censored by agenda-driven intimidation efforts,” Jack Abernethy, co-president of Fox News, said in a statement to the Los Angeles Times. “We look forward to having Laura Ingraham back hosting her program next Monday when she returns from spring vacation with her children.”

Ingraham has gone on a scheduled break after a week in which she came under fire for mocking David, a senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, after he mentioned in an interview that he was not accepted by four University of California schools.

David responded by listing Fox News advertisers and urging his Twitter supporters to call for a boycott of her program “The Ingraham Angle.” Ingraham issued a tweet apologizing for remarks about David, but the student-turned-gun control activist did not accept it.

Some advertisers have left the show since Thursday to protest Ingraham’s remarks, while other sponsors have steered clear of her program so as not to be associated with the controversy.

Although more than a dozen advertisers have stated publicly that they have pulled their commercials from “The Ingraham Angle,” far more have stayed away without making any public announcements.

Johnson & Johnson, Liberty Mutual, Office Depot, Expedia, Nestle and Hulu are among the advertisers that have pulled out of the show.



  1. Of course you stand behind Laura Ingraham…

    One has gotta to love the liberal left (NOT)

    1: The same folks who feel youth at age 16 are capable of being informed voters and should get the vote, but are incapable of buying firearms legally until age 21.

    2: The same folks who all shook heads and/or laughed not 3 months ago at stupid teens getting sick from eating Tide pods on Youtube videos, but are now letting said youth TELL THEM ABOUT REAL LIFE AND EXPERIENCES!

    3: The same folks who [wrongfully] chastise cops for shooting unarmed black men, but will be fine if said cops disarm lawful American gun owners.

    4: The same folks who on one hand say they do not trust government but on the other hand want it to make gun ownership illegal.

    5: The same folks who when told on average yearly youth in the USA between ages 16-21 are killed by distracted driving (cell phones/texting) to the tune of 4,000+ and would not want to lawfully restrict said driving and phone use by the same youth but want major to draconian gun laws done because of over hyped mass shootings… All the while ALL RIFLES in the USA in 2016 killed 374 Americans.

    6: The same folks who wanted OPEN BORDERS out of their virtue signaling but fail to realize the costs to healthcare, welfare and the courts as well as lower wages from illegals taking jobs away from lower educated Americans notably Blacks and legal Hispanics.

    7: The same liberal-socialists who in Britain want police to charge and toss in jail for hate speech, people who tweet or speak OMG BAD/HATEFUL words towards notably illegal migrants and mostly of R.O.P. people, meanwhile in Rotheringham for over 15 year had thousands of teenage girls systematically recruited and and raped by these same migrants and other R.O.P. people gangs and NOT ONE DAMN COP DID A THING ABOUT IT!

    8: The same liberal-feminist, bleeding hearts who I just watched a Youtube video tonight from Melbourne Australia where young Jewish youtuber out filming during some some feminist/socialist march asked, If Australia should take in as refugees white South African farmers who are being persecuted, terrorized and murdered as also the government is about to take their family farms away without compensation? He even had a petition for such and first only 2 people out of he said 2000+ signed the petition and most sadly IDIOT, UGLY, FEMINIST women said things like NO Australia should not take them in as refugees as they were white and not refugees etc.. THESE PROTESTERS HERE ARE FREAKING SICK IN THE HEAD COMMIES!

    So FOX better back Laura up and IMO NRA members and all lawful gun owners should do all they can to boycott these idiot companies who pulled sponsorship from her show in order to appease ignorant and idiot teenagers.

  2. Compared to what CNN has done the past two years Ingraham did nothing.

    “Sources say, Insiders tell us, It has been reported, WH Staff tell us, Leaks tell us, Those close to the President have said,” and the rest that CNN use to lead into almost every story against the Republican Admin.

    Many including myself may have said it differently than she did but compared to many others on other subjects she did absolutely nothing wrong.

    It is very sad the effect Social Media has on Opinion.

  3. Charles,

    One has gotta to love the liberal left (NOT)…on pipeline debate.

    1: These are the same liberal, socialists who drive to their anti-pipeline protests in vehicles that burn fossil fuels.

    2: These are the same liberal, socialists who likely have $1000 iPhones (or similar) in hand all of them are made in China and put on ships to sell in N.A. where the ships burn the oil that these pipelines will supply.

    3: These are the same liberal, socialists who want fossil fuel burning cars supplanted by electric vehicles all the while the same cargo ships will not only ship the NOT so green electric vehicles but will ship to and from foreign markets the raw materials to make the batteries and all parts for these not so green EV’s.

    4: These are the same liberal, socialists who want EV’s but also do not want Site C Dam built. They figure electricity for the soon to be market flood of green EV’s (not) will come like PIXI dust from thin air.

    5: These are the same liberal, socialists who in California ban the building of nuclear and fossil, fuel electric plants out of being a GREEN state (cough cough through virtue signaling) but as a result will buy electricity out of state from coal burning and/or nuclear power plants… HYPOCRITE MUCH!?!?!?!

    6: These are the same liberal, socialists who are ALL greenies for the Earth but have NO care for the toxicity and seepage of such into drinking water of these poisonous materials in China where all these things are made, to build batteries for EV’s. and others gear, making the workers and people nearby sick, but will buy EV’s and charge them up in N.A. where 52% of electricity generated comes from coal burning plants. BTW only 12% of all CO2 ( NOT A POLLUTANT BTW BUT A NECESSITY TO LIFE!) in N.A. comes from all automobiles.

    7: These are the same liberal, socialists who are fine with government subsidies (cough cough big ones for Elan Musk’s corps which ALL live off subsidies and direct government funding) to fuel their green virtue signalling ways but will want to TAX out of business productive businesses/ industries and the workforce who pay via taxes these very subsidies.

    8: These are the same liberal, socialists who want to curtail or kill off what is well regulated and moral Canadian, US oil production and pipelines but will ignorantly to happily support more immoral, blood soaked Mid Eastern oil from states who many fuel terrorism and some hate the west while selling it blood soaked oil.

    9: These are the same liberal, socialists who not just 10-15 years ago took the most profitable nation per capita in S.A., Venezuela who has one of the largest oil reserves and through their socialist agenda bankrupted the nation and now starves its own people, where it now has no money to pull its own (now nationalized) oil from the ground but must buy on credit Russian shipped oil to keep its own society going. A nation that today has 20,000% inflation, Where 20 years ago a Venezuelan college professor could buy a then typical new car on one year’s salary, now will need 80+ years salary to buy same type of car. Where the people broke into and killed ALL the animals in it national zoo to ea. Where they sell their own children abroad for money and women go to neighboring Columbia to prostitute to make a pittance to buy food for the family back home in Venezuela. Dogs/cats killed to be eaten but over the last 2-3 years the average Venezuelan has last 20lbs. of weight.

    COMMERCIAL HERE!: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the latest weight loss plan, called the Venezuelan plan. all one has to do is just adopt socialistic/communistic ideas as per Venezuela and bankrupt your nation and quickly you too can lose 20 or more pounds of weight.

    Yes, our anti-pipe liners are ignorant and 100% full of virtue and B.S. They want reap the government socialistic programs and spending but want to kill the profitability of a nation’s wealth used to pay for said programs… A COMPLETE LACK OF SENSE OF SELF AWARENESS IS A MAJOR SYMPTOM OF THEIR LEFTIST, SOCIALIST IDEOLOGY!

    I could go on and on with my list of the anti-pipeline and the socialistic virtue signaling clap trap by these fools. 🙁

  4. Good job with the points Les….

    And of course the FAKE NEWS is still silent on the Caravan of ILLEGALS heading toward the US border………

    Simi VACCINE Sara and Gord NEW WORLD ORDER McDonald are too busy talking about weed.

  5. Les H.

    Take a Bow and a Breath and then don’t forget about Enviro Hipocrites like Di Caprio, Clooney, Gore, Sting, and other Entertainers who tell the Great Unwashed how to be Green and then in turn own several Homes, Fly On Private Jets, Yachts, and Have Bigger Carbon Footprints than many small Countries.

    Then of course there is well known Royal Prince Charles who has several Homes, has never worked a day in his Life, Flies Private and the rest while at the same times tells the Poor Brits to cut down on Showers and Shower time!

    If Media was doing their job they would point out the Enviro

  6. Les H,………………………. VERY WELL SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    May your common sense and clear thinking and logical thoughts permeate the thick skulls of every SJWPC idiot in every corner of the free world.

    The loony left do not want a free world.

  7. If the snowflake who monitors this site will let me, I would like to suggest that people like Les and others who use monikers, give out their names. I would like to know if one of these loonies is my next door neighbour. Talk about paranoid people who, when they see any comment to the contrary, have to attack and put labels on people. Why do you think that there are not more reasonable thoughts being espoused? This is much like what cyber bullies do. Do they like being called bullies and loonies? If not, then don’t chastise others and put erroneous labels on them.
    If you have nothing positive to say about this, please keep it to yourself. Take your anger out on an inanimate object instead.

  8. Ed your admonishment of name calling lost some of its luster when you labeled the “snowflake”i find the PSR site about as fair as any on the web.
    Cyber bullies? No just another point of view.

  9. Ed,

    Where did I bully you or any other liberal, socialist, snowflakes? I made two posts in detail here where I called out and criticized all too many liberals, leftists and other SWJ’s for their hypocrisy, their beliefs as most of these are not objective nor even factual, but are based on ‘muh feelings’. Their B.S. and other rhetoric has been called out by me and others who may agree with me.

    These snowflake lefties and SJW’s are often quick with their abusive words and ways including even violence towards those whom disagree with them and their narratives, aka: Anti-Fa, BLM and all too many other leftist, ‘Che Geuvera, Chairman Mao, Stalin or Lenin lovin SJW’s type activists.

    Ed if you disagree with my points in whole or in part. Maybe instead of curling up into a ball thumb in mouth crying like a child, challenge or debate me or other persons points you may disagree with and/or feel hurt your feelings. That is the way mature adults do things, not try to bate for some inane idea of my and others like my POV’s being abusive to you and all your leftist, SJW’s feelings.

    BTW Ed and to point out one more time here, I know what I say as not 5-6-7 years ago I was in many ways very much a liberal, lefty on many things, even a snowflake SJW on some issues as I too was one who cried for others as they cried how their feelings were hurt and their lives oppressed by the system and by ‘$hitty’ countries like Canada, the USA and all too many in the western world, yet NONE of them ever wanted to emigrate to all too many ‘looney’ virtue signaling, leftist type nations abroad. They just bitched and continue to bitch here in the western world. BTW IMO about 85% or so nations are run like the leftist $hit holes they cry for and only 15% or so of the world’s nations are run more like the great western developed world experiment, yes, even with its warts and all, yet these lefties STAY in “the oppressive western world” GO FIGURE!

  10. QUOTED:

    “I didn’t leave the Democratic party, the Democratic Party left me.”

    ― Ronald Reagan


    Thinking about this quote in recent days. I feel much akin to what the late great President Reagan said.

    Most of my adult life I would have said I was much a ‘classical liberal’ and even a tad socialistic on some issues. Classic liberally, I championed for things like freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of choice, freedom of the press, freedom of lawful commerce.. LIVE AND LET LIVE in most ways socially where one does not knowing harm others. I economically and fiscally fell on BOTH sides of the social/political spectrum. Socialist on some issues and conservative on others. It was an interesting battle of my own mind at times, 🙂 LOL!

    I though would often an unwittingly be easily duped to give of myself and even to cry for others who were quick to cry ‘ their oppression’ and to have activists spearhead their ‘oppression’ for them and I wanted to feel good over these issues. I was a darn good virtue signaler too.

    Looking back on things I’d say I fell much into many of the Honourable Paul Martin ideals, more so socially liberal but fiscally more progressive conservative but out of virtue signaling a tad bit of NDP love too.

    In recent times I now see how the liberal-left has LEFT ME BEHIND! Because I chose to no longer just blindly follow their out to lunch. ‘muh feelings’ ideals, most of such are anti-Canada, more so anti- USA and anti-west, anti-freedom ideals, they moved beyond me. I did not see it at first and for the longest time as I still to give of myself and to cry for others (most of whom I now see as imaginary victims) while myself never saw return support or even tears for any of my suffering real or perceived from these same new-liberals, socialists, 3rd wave feminists and other SJW activists. NO! they actually DOUBLED DOWN on me and many regular Canadian /western world citizens in recent years.

    The 2016 POTUS election, Brexit B.S. Leftist lovin illegal migrants, lovin R.O.P, liars and activists B.S. anti-anything USA or anti-west B.S. and toss in our current screw ball, hypocrite, virtue signalling PM really opened my eyes… The liberal-left, socialists, their intersection of leftistism and radical Islam, nutty 3rd wave feminists and all SJW’s have actually PUSHED ME TO THE RIGHT! A rather spry and young 50 something who for most of his adult life was a classic liberal with a socialist bent on some issues is now being made a centre-right, conservative. WHY? Because liberal-left has left me and I will NOT just sit and watch these ignorant and stupid fools try to tear down and destroy the greatest society to ever grace this planet, THE WESTERN DEVELOPED WORLD! Yes with its warts and all.


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