Ben Wagner Replacing Jerry Howarth on Blue Jays Radio Team

TORONTO–As announced on Baseball Central earlier today, former Buffalo Bisons announcer Ben Wagner has been called up from triple-A to become the new radio voice of the Toronto Blue Jays on the Sportsnet Radio Network.

Award-winning broadcaster Dan Shulman also steps into the radio broadcast booth for a collection of regular season games, while Sportsnet veteran Mike Wilner continues to be a part of the broadcast team and host Blue Jays Talk throughout the 2018 campaign.

After 11 seasons as the voice of the Blue Jays’ triple-A affiliate, Wagner makes his Major League debut calling the Blue Jays’ season opener on Thursday, March 29.

“It is a dream come true, and a lot of years in the making,” said Wagner. “To follow in the footsteps of legends like Tom Cheek and Jerry Howarth, and to work alongside Mike Wilner and Dan Shulman, I am honoured to have the opportunity to provide the soundtrack of summer to Canadian baseball fans.”

“Ben Wagner has a unique and descriptive way of calling a ball game,” said Dave Cadeau, national format director of sports, Rogers Radio. “He’s an extremely talented broadcaster and I’m looking forward to hearing him across the Sportsnet Radio Network for the next generation. Dan Shulman is simply one of the greatest play-by-play voices in the world, and to have him returning to where his career first started is a thrill for all of us.”



  1. Another example of sportsnet blowing it and then having to fix it a year later(HNIC). Couldn’t find a homegrown talent? Maybe Jays managements disregard for Canadians has spread to AM650. At least Shulman will be back to make some games bearable.

  2. Enough of where a broadcaster was born.

    Cdn broadcasters have been involved with regional/national NHL games in the U.S. for years, as have Brits been involved in MLS games across Cda/U.S.

    Shulman works both sides of the border.

    Quit showing that ‘old’ Cdn insecurity of the 1980’s…it’s 2018…Cdns don’t take 2nd place to ANYONE!

  3. You’re wrong, @bagoverheadguy. When it comes to pro baseball, the yanks prefer the yanks to call and play their game. Canadians don’t count ! We are only expected to buy season tickets, sit in the frozen stands in April, and buy $ 10 dollar glasses of beer, even if the team plays like shit.

    By the way, Blue Jays, get a person who does your twitter writeups to mention the actual score of the games. Why do they hide the fucking score on twitter ? Is it because the Jays lose too much? LOL

    Meanwhile, I hope that Langley native Brett Lawrie gets another shot at the show. He was treated horribly by the Chisox and deserves another chance. But, he’s Canadian, so the yanks nickle and dime the dude.


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