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Gary Crow
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March 22, 2018

I want to thank ALL of you who have sent amazing posts, emails, texts et. al. about my departure from KZOK. Their choice not mine and I have not been able to say anything because of my serverance from CBS Radio. Now I can and will answer any questions you may have. I will be making a major announcement about Crow’s Psychedelic 60’s Show, which so many of you loved. Soon, you will have a 24/7 outlet to listen to your favorite Psychedelic Era of Rock around the clock hosted my me. I will finally have the platform to air many of my hundreds’ of interviews with Rcoks Legends. This will be pure fun, Worldwide, and if it goes as planned, will debut in May.

Thanks, Crowski





  1. Only misguided management would let a guy like Crow go…oh wait.. I went through that a few times myself…nevermind.. Go Get ’em Crowski !

  2. Starting Saturday May 12th. 9 am – Noon Seattle radio Legend Gary Crow joins Channel 2. Psychedelic 60s returns!!! Join Gary every Saturday morning. If you miss it we will rerun it on Sunday nights from 9 pm to Midnight! NWCZRadio is proud to join forces with the Legendary Crow and unleash his Rock and Roll knowledge once again. Join Gary for interviews with such legendary artists such as Sir Paul McCartney, Jim Morrison, Eric Burdon, Mic Jagger and the list goes on. ONLY on Channel 2.

  3. Leave it to management bean-counters to eff up a good thing. I moved out of state just after Stacy vanished…the more things change, the more they change. Keep your head up!

  4. You did more than just entertain us, Gary. In some cases you helped some of us through some “difficult” times with the music and your on-air personality. More soon. In the interim, thnk you, Gary. Best, John.

  5. Gary: what a mistake they have made. Most of us have been listening to you since the KISW days and loved your great sense of humor. Hope you return to the radio waves again. Anyway. Seattle needs a new station. KZOK getting pretty stale. Need something new. Get us excited about listening to radio again Crowski!!

  6. hey Gary its Tony we talked/emailed back a few yrs ago,could you please email me,wanted you to hear brand new Rock …hope to hear from ya Crowski….cheers to all TT.

  7. Why don’t your request lines work? Can you play some psychedelic Frank Zappa for my late superhero great father Greg? Duffy Bishop preapproved (maybe).

  8. Hey Crow Bait!

    Long lost friend reaching out. Lil sis to Bill, class of ’65.

    Get in touch when and if you are able to read this msg.

    RHS alum, class ’70

  9. I never had to purchase albums, cassettes or CDs because I had Crow on the radio. We miss you brother. Good luck on your new ventures old friend.

  10. I think want can we all say is Gary was and still is the best. I can’t hardly stand to listen to to Kz..,whatever. The post that says they are stale, is totally correct. Robot Radio… it sucks especially the morning show. Wow how bad is that…. can’t wait to tune in again. Gray you rock.

  11. They buy a station made great by DJs like Crow and Steve Slaton, then let them go. Not hard to see why KZOK isn’t great any longer. Good luck to you Crowski and thanks for the memories. I’ll be tuning in.

  12. hello, Gary I have somewhat of a trivia for you. I hope you can help. I am looking for an album and on the cover is a picture of a screw, and the inside cover has a picture of screws in a row in columns. could be from 1975 about 1984, have you seen an album cover like this. please help this is driving me and my brother crazy. thanks have a good day

  13. I moved here in 82 ,you’ve been the one I ‘ve listened to.Sad to hear your gone ,but I’ll look you up on your new deal. Good luck on your new venture !!!!

  14. I’ve been in love with terrestrial radio all my life. It’s the medium. If you stick an antenna up into the air you don’t know what you’re going to hear and nobody knows what you’ re listening to. You can’t be tracked. That’s the beauty of it. I guess I’m old school. If a computer is involved I’m not so interested. Sad…


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