Don Imus to Appear on ‘CBS Sunday Morning’


Look for DON IMUS on CBS television’s “SUNDAY MORNING” this week, as the retiring WESTWOOD ONE and CUMULUS News-Talk WABC-A/NEW YORK morning host sits down for an interview with CBS NEWS’ ANTHONY MASON.  The show will air SUNDAY (3/25) at 9a (ET).

In the interview, IMUS discusses his battles with HOWARD STERN, who he calls among the best radio hosts ever and adds, “He (STERN) had a big problem with me.  I didn’t with him”; the RUTGERS women’s basketball controversy that lost him his CBS RADIO and MSNBC gigs (“It did change my feeling about making fun of some people who didn’t deserve to be made fun of and didn’t have a mechanism to defend themselves”); and his career and retirement (“I always had it in my head I was talkin’ to one person.  I felt that when I walked in there and sat down and turned the mic on that I was — that I was talking to you…. I’m gonna miss that.”


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