She imagined a romantic tryst with a rock star in a fancy hotel; what she got instead, says an Ottawa woman, was pain, shame and recurring nightmares.

The relationship between the 24-year-old, petite blond and Jacob Hoggard, the frontman for Canadian rock band Hedley, began in the fall of 2016 with a surprise Tinder swipe in the nation’s capital. She says it developed into daily Snapchat flirtations before ending two weeks later in a Toronto hotel room, where, she says, the singer raped her and sent her away crying uncontrollably.

Hoggard denies the allegation and says the pair had consensual sex in his hotel room.

The woman says she decided to share her story with CBC after drawing courage from the dozens of mainly anonymous women who have spoken out on social media about alleged negative experiences with the B.C. band.

The attention those allegations have drawn prompted Hedley’s management to drop the group, which has also been blacklisted by several radio stations, including CBC. Last Monday, the band withdrew from consideration for this year’s Juno awards.

CBC is not identifying the Ottawa woman to protect her privacy and because revealing her identity could make her a target on social media.


The woman, seen in shadow while being interviewed by CBC, says she anticipated having sex with Hoggard in Toronto but expected it to be consensual. (CBC)

The woman claims what Hoggard did to her was more than sexual misconduct. She says it was sexual assault. But she did not file a police complaint.

“I didn’t want people to know who I was and associate myself with being the girl that was raped by the singer of Hedley,” she says. “I didn’t want to be that person. And I also thought that because I went there [to see him] nothing would come of it because it was my own fault.”