Fox News to Launch ‘Fox Nation’ Streaming Service

Noam Galai/Getty Images

The paid, stand-alone offering, targeted at “superfans,” will debut in late 2018.

Fox News Channel is getting into the over-the-top game. On Tuesday, the network announced plans for a paid, stand-alone streaming service called Fox Nation that is set to launch in the fourth quarter of 2018.

The streaming service will not require a cable television log-in to access, and the content will not overlap with the network’s linear programming. The cost of the service will be announced “at a later date,” according to a company release.

“Interaction with all of FNC’s popular opinion hosts and personalities will also be a mainstay of the new platform,” the company said.

John Finley, svp of development and production for the network, said the service will be targeted at Fox News “superfans.” (Fox Nation was previously the name of an online community launched by the network in 2009.)



  1. Oh great…another avenue for the trigger happy un-educated die-hard Christians to watch the videos of mentally challenged people who can’t think for themselves while preaching how important guns are…..all the while still living in the year 1776. Ahhh, the great unwashed of America has a new toy. Yikes!

  2. tim

    How could anyone with IQ (C) above Room Temperature generalize about All Viewers or Listeners of any one Media Outlet?

    Most Media Outlets have a wide variety of Listeners/Viewers that come from all walks of life, ethnic origins, educational levels, socio-economic status and so many more.

    Please read the attached carefully, you might learn something.

    By the Way, Just what is the Room Temperature in your Mom’s Basement?

    “Triple Yikes”!

  3. BMC+small iQ

    Wow, the best you can do is Wikipedia? It must be true then. May I suggest a grammar class as well.

    It’s a beautiful day here in Paris. Basements are rare.


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