Global News lays off 70 staff across country, 21 in Vancouver




Corus-owned Global News has cut nearly 70 jobs across Canada, including 21 in Vancouver, according to the union.

Unifor says camera operators, reporters, anchors, control room staff, make-up artists and other production crew received layoff notices in newsrooms across Canada, with Vancouver taking the biggest hit with 21 job cuts.

“Fewer journalists will be out gathering news from every region from Vancouver to Halifax,” said Unifor president Jerry Dias, in a statement. “If the Maritime newscasts now come from Toronto — how can you still call that local news?”

Unifor says the local evening newscasts in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick will be anchored and broadcast from Toronto starting Monday.

Unifor is asking the CRTC to review local news and make strong local coverage a binding condition of license, before it’s too late, as part of the union’s ongoing #savelocalnews campaign.



  1. Are viewers leaving MSM news with a narrative, and seeking out factual news from the independent media, leading to decreased ad revenues for MSM and then layoffs ?

  2. from CBC

    “The layoffs in the Maritimes include two camera operators in Halifax, one in Saint John, N.B., and one in Fredericton, according to David MacPherson, president of the local.

    “We had four, and now we have none,” he said. “It’s not good. Morale in the newsroom is not good. The [camera operators] gather a lot of content for us. It’s going to be more work for fewer people.”
    Maritime shows to be hosted out of Toronto

    Global News in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick will now be hosted by an anchor in a Toronto studio starting Monday, according to Unifor.”

  3. As a former cameraman, I was interested in who Global was cutting. To my dismay, I found 10 camera operators cut so far, you know, the professionals that get those great looking shots for you to watch on Television. I guess that if they do not have the crews to get the video, you will see a lot more poor cell phone video. Heck, more times than not, a station will give away a gift ( t shirts, pens, caps, your name on the screen etc) for viewer submitted so who needs quality. Without the quality in all areas of Television, maybe that is one of the reasons why people turn of the TV’s nowadays.

    Best wishes to those cameramen who are being let go, I know how important your job was, just wish the suits did.

  4. I guys they plan to get a lot of their video footage from twitter and youtube. most millennials feel more comfortable with that anyway.

  5. The suits in Canadian media & telcom aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer…Shaw predicted 650 buyouts only to see over 3000 applying…doesn’t give you the ‘warm & fuzzies’ about how well that firm is run.
    They now want you to process more of your biz with them online, rather than speaking with someone who can resolve the issue.
    Wake up suits or you’ll find not only staff wanting out, but your bread & butter (i.e., customers) leaving as well.
    It ain’t rocket science: give good service, customers stay..give bad service, customers say adios!

  6. If anyone knows who has been cut in Vancouver, please let me know. Cut,cut, cut, is there no profit to be made in the country by entertaining and informing people?

  7. I wonder at what point shaw finally gets what it deserves. They abuse their employees and they rip off their customers. If Canada was truly a free market I doubt shaw would last very long.

  8. NW and Global cannot keep chasing the same stories every day, very few of which have legs, and experience to people to not get bored. Lazy reporters and hosts go for low-hanging fruit such as ‘tell us your driving pet peeves’. Programmers worth their salt will tell you, quantity of callers does not equal quality (or ratings).

  9. What happened to the millions that were being saved by shutting down Shaw Vancouver TV? Thought that they were going to reinvest that money into local Global Newscasts?


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