‘You lied. You defamed me’: Patrick Brown blasts CTV News after sexual misconduct accuser changes timeline

In a statement on Facebook, former leader of Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives Patrick Brown blasted CTV News for reporting what he says was a ‘phoney, made-up narrative’ after the broadcaster changed the timeline of the alleged events. (Aaron Vincent Elkaim/Canadian Press)

One of Brown’s accusers now says she wasn’t underage at time of alleged sexual misconduct

By Amara McLaughlin,

 CBC News

Feb 14, 2018

Patrick Brown is blasting CTV News saying, “You lied. You defamed me,” in a Facebook post on Wednesday after the broadcaster reported one of the women who accused him of sexual misconduct wasn’t under the legal drinking age at the time or in high school at the time of the alleged incident.

Brown stepped down as leader of Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives on Jan. 25, a day after he was accused of sexual misconduct by two women with the allegations dating back to when he was a federal MP. CTV News first reported the accusations in a report that did not name the two women who alleged the incidents occurred in his home in Barrie, Ont.

Since then, Brown has vowed to disprove the allegations.

CTV News published a story late Tuesday that changed the timeline of the alleged events. One of his accusers now says she was of legal drinking age and not in high school when Brown allegedly asked her to perform oral sex.

“CTV News fabricated a malicious and false report about me from two anonymous accusers,” Brown wrote. “The significance of this changed story is monumental.”

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  1. I know nothing about Brown at all.

    Brown could be totally innocent and Brown could also be a Monster with Cloven Hooves.

    Franken, Weinstein, Lauer, and several others are obviously guilty as we have admissions, Apologies, Photo documenatation, or other forms of concrete evidence but as Countries thst believe in “The Rule of Law” we need to somehow get beyond the acceptance of simply believing Accusers and their Alleged Allegations.

    ‘Due Process” where is it?

    I for one want proven Sex Offenders dealt with Harshly in a Court of Law if Found Guilty, but I would never want to see anyone I cared about or someone that I did not even know Fired, Dismissed, or Found Guilty in the Court of Public Opinion simply on Allegations and Flimsey Datelines, used against them on supposed Crimes 5, 10, 20, or say 30 years ago.

    As a society we will soon realize that when Morons Like pM Justin and other Social Engineering Social Justice Warriors Say “We Uh, need to, uh, believe, uh, Women, uh, just, uh, because, we are uh, Canadians, uh, and it is, uh, 2018”, we being Governed by Politicians that are “Empty Suits’ and they really care about nothing other than how they look in “News Clippings’ and how those Voters under say r0 Care about their phoney values.

    PM Justin is simply a “Bad Actor”, a Person with NO Moral Compass, playing a Part and he cares nothing about “Real Canadians and he cares nothing about “Justice” they it was meant to be.

    Yes punish Proven Offenders but please let’s allow them some form of “Due Process”.

    My apologies this was done in the dark.

  2. I hope Brown sues not only CTV News but the two likely lying accusers. I hope he takes em all bigly.

    The days of men folding like cheap tents under allegations and often from a long time ago, and unverifiable allegations has to be over. MAKE THE *ITCHES PAY FOR THEIR EMBELLISHMENTS AND LIES!!!

    #Metoo only causes the few percent of REAL victims , both male and females. (*itches with power can be worse than men with power and nobody should ever forget that) of such harassment, voices GO UNHEARD in the cacophony of voices of lies and distortions, as well as the echo chamber of pathetic virtue signalers such as our mangina Trudeau and others like him.

  3. Personally, I think judge and jury by social media allegations is highly unacceptable. If you have a problem with someone, go to the RCMP first. You may hurt some good peoples careers and life by an accusation here on social media. The Scott Baio situation is a good example, some washed up actress who misses the limelight doesnt go to the police, she tries to crucify him on social media.


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