Fox Awarded ‘Thursday Night Football’ for the Next 5 Years


by Reuters  Jan. 31

 ****REPORTED PRICE OF 5 YR DEAL … $3.3 Billion****

Fox reaches 5-year deal with NFL for Thursday night games

FOX Sports has reached an agreement with the National Football League to broadcast the next five seasons of “Thursday Night Football” starting with the 2018 season, the two companies said on Wednesday.

Fox is taking over the rights for Thursday Night Football, which for the last two years were shared by CBS and Comcast owned NBC.

The agreement, which marks the fifth media rights deal between FOX Sports and the NFL, comes as a win for Twenty-First Century Fox that is focusing on TV news and sport after the $52.4 billion Walt Disney deal.

The five-year deal allows FOX Sports to broadcast 11 games between weeks 4 and 15 (excluding Thanksgiving night). It will be simultaneously broadcast via NFL Network and will be distributed in Spanish on FOX Deportes.

The NFL with Fox will decide on a partner to take on the digital rights to live-stream the games, Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner said on a media call Wednesday morning.



  1. TV Guy

    If you are talking about “Taking a Knee” I agree with you.

    No one wants injustice from any Government Agency but the number of False and Unproven Charges against Police in the U.S. is being used as a Political Tool and a very high percentage of NFL Football Fans and Sponsors will not allow themselves to be held Hostage.

    Yes there have been Criminal Acts including Murder by Police in certain circumstances and Offending Police like anyone should be held accountable in a Court of Law but many of the Charges against Police have been disproven and Protesters and Players still use those disproven alledged Assaults as reasons to protest.

    Dishonest and Shameful! ESPN and other Liberals do nothing but support this False Narrative and they should hang their heads in shame!

    People will vote with their Pocket Books and they will vote with their feet and Asses that they will not place in the Seats in Stadiums.

    Unfortunately I will NOT be watching the Super Bowl this year.

  2. Thursday night football is nothing but a money grab from the players union and the league. It is one of the reasons why football numbers are down as the NFL game gets watered down.

  3. The NFL Players Union is actually against Thursday Night Games.

    They theorize that Numbers of Injuries are compounded/increased by Playing Live Games On Thursday’s.

    I am not currently in a position to add an Attachment on this but will later.

  4. I am getting a bit tired of people using their “jobs” as platforms to protest. If I owned an NFL team I might be looking through the collective agreement for a clause that prohibits my employees from engaging in an activity that hurt my bottom line. If the clause wasnt there I would be looking forward to the next round of bargaining.

  5. Thank God you are not an owner 13. I will be watching the game with beer, cheese doodles and good friends wondering? Are these complainers spending time with their families? Wondering for about 2 milli-seconds. Have a wonderful Superbowl Sunday gentleman. 90 million other people can’t be wrong. Cheers.

  6. tim , I think a current owner or two might just agree with me. I to will watch the game. No beer or doodles . You can root for a first half points total of 25 if you wish.
    I dont watch much NFL . Do the tv cameras high lite the kneeling, the tunnel dwellers or the ass planters.

  7. TIM

    You can chose to “Spin” this any way you choose but facts are facts and truth is truth, you cannot change that!

    The NFL is experiencing losses in Fan Attendence, TV Viewership, Advertisers, and Prestige, for anyone not to recognize or admit that is living in an Universe!

    Enjoy YOUR Game and let’s see what the FACTS show us!

    BTW – I hope your Beer and Choose Doodles are Green!

    Just kidding TIM, have fun and enjoy your game!

  8. Haven’t watched the NFL for years. Why waste 3 and a half hours or more to watch 11 minutes of so called action and the rest is ads, replays and talking heads! Makes for good shopping Stupor Bore evening though.

  9. tim, thank you. my interest in this tilt ended as soon as the over/under of 24 for the first half was achieved. If by some miracle the green team manages to beat the cheaters in white Ill be even a teeny tiny bit happier. Ill check the news at 11 to see who won

  10. What a great game. Some of you missed a SUPER game. Facts are facts. 90 million can’t be wrong………..and bill? We haven’t missed ya….pppffft!

  11. tim

    Facts are Facts, Super Bowl Ratings were down, the NFL Seasons Attendance was down, the Playoff Att was down, TV Viewership for the Season was Down, Viewership for Playoffs was down, Advertising Revenue was Down, ESPN Ratings which rely on NFL more than anything at going down quicker than M.L. at a Bill Clinton Oval Office arty, you cannot Spin this any more, you are beginning to sound like “Fake News”!!
    Do you actually think other Punters on his Blog are not aware of the facts?

    Look tim as I have mentioned earlier, YOU are always allowed YOUR own opinion but YOU are NOT allowed YOUR Own Set of Facts!!!

    Because it was perhaps the best SB of all time the Viewership later and after the game for Post coverage would have been good.

    Again another Fact, NO Players on either Team “Took a Knee”!!

    Another Fact tim, NOT ONCE during the whole Season did any Eagle Player take a Knee.

    Tim, was it you that once said, ” And The Truth Will Set You Free”!!

    That was you, was it not tim?

    No tim, you did not miss bill but you missed a lot of other Factual Information.


  12. I do not really have much to be hostile about, it is going to be 85F here today and I am headed off to the Beach after I finish this.

    Then Golf and Beach again tomorrow.

    No Snickers thanks, I am a Sushi Guy.

    How are things in your Mums Basement?


  13. Superbowl 52 was the tenth highest watched program of all-time. 103.2 viewers. Not counting on-line streaming. THAT’S TENTH ALL-TIME! Nine behind the final episode of M.A.S.H! Pppffft! Things are great here is France. Please tell me you are not breeding more of you. We could use less stupidity.

  14. As I factually stated, the Super Bowl was one of the best ever and because of that Viewership increased later in the Game and Post Game Coverage.

    Having said that the Super Bowl Ratings were Down just as the Regular Season and Playoffs in both Game Attendance and TV Viewership.


    The closest YOU will ever get to France is Gobbling down a few “French Fries” while spending the evening transfixed to your Screen in Your Mum’s Basement in the Dark!


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