Harvard Red Deer’s Cruz Resurrects as X 100.7


Welcome to the Alternative


Harvard Broadcasting Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of Red Deer’s Newest radio station. X100.7


Today’s alternative is tomorrow’s mainstream, so why wait?


Harvard Broadcasting is pleased to introduce X100.7 to Red Deer. Today’s alternative is not like those that dotted the radio dial during the early days of the format. Breaking artists like Portugal. The Man, July Talk, Imagine Dragons and Arkells, the guitar-driven grunge era is no longer the main course; it is now the spice to a music playlist with much broader appeal.

The format has also matured well beyond its 18-34 roots, with a strong pull for the 25-54 demo. Harvard Broadcasting’s National Program Manager, and interim Program Director of X100.7, Christian Hall had this to say about the current state and future of the format. “Alternative can no longer be seen as a “niche” format, instead it’s an incredibly “focused” format targeting Millennials and Generation X specifically. Millennials now occupy 100% of Adults 18-34 and combined with Generation-X, they occupy 95% of Adults 25-54. By the end of next year, those two generations will occupy 100% of A25-54 as Boomers will have aged out of the demo. Alternative’s time to shine is now. We’ve seen this with the format’s success in Calgary and Edmonton and are excited to bring it to Red Deer, Alberta’s Youngest City.”

Welcome to the Alternative. X100.7

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  1. Lol. Good luck against Z and Drive. I love how they look at the “X” brand as if its gods gift to man. It’s a mediocre success at most in one market… so it will do good in another, right? Wrong. Look at CRUZ. Did well where it started and shit the bed elsewhere. Same thing will happen here.

  2. CRUZ certainly never did take off in Edmonton. its a complete disaster, along with Hot 107. I don’t understand why no change in management, they’ve already flipped staff on numerous occasions. Red Deer is another unfortunate market the CRTC has allowed far to many radio stations in a single market.

  3. I see Rick Lee is listed as the Morning Host on “X”. Rick did some solid work in Victoria, Edmonton and Vancouver and brings a wagonload of talent, energy and enthusiasm with him wherever he goes. Musically–who knows what will work on radio–but entertainment ALWAYS works. Rick –Red Deer is all yours !!!

  4. “CRUZ certainly never did take off in Edmonton. its a complete disaster”. Finishing top 5 Adults 25-54 in the fall is not what I would call a `disaster’. As for X, finishing second 18-49 is not what I would consider `mediocre’. Maybe that’s just me.

  5. JDosh – I prefer to see X as god’s gift to men and women…it’s what makes the format so darn digestible these days. Plus, can I borrow that crystal ball of yours? LottoMax is over $30mil!

    Ryan – Portugal. The Man – Live in the Moment

    Justin – see Not Chris M’s comments. We’re very encouraged with how it’s been performing lately.

    Larry – Rick is a gem. Very thrilled to have him on the team.

    Not Chris M – You forgot to Mention #2 with M18-49 and #3 M25-54 for X plus a pile of Top5 finishes in more Adult demos than I care to list…but who’s counting?

    Tell your friends!

  6. I think a lot of us (meaning old radio people) are prejudiced to the word “alternative”.

    Spent a week in Edmonton recently and spent a lot of time on Sonic. I didn’t know the music. Minus the occasional gold play, most was unfamiliar, but it all “fit”. It has a much more palatable sound than my own prejudice against the name “alternative” would have lead me to believe. As outfits are struggling with the genre mix for 90’s and Now to get it right….that alternative format has gained ground as is more mass appeal to my ear than expected. I was genuinely surprised how long I could keep Sonic on even though the music was unfamiliar to me.

    Alternative used to be a cluster format….a fringe leverage with your mass appeal A/C or Rock stations making most the money. Now, with a solid familiar gold library plus new music that fits the alternative genre sound….reminds me a lot of old Mainstream Rock format where gold was rooted in AC/DC and new rock bands like Foo Fighters gained ground.

  7. Hi. I am one of those baby boomers who loved CRUZ 100.7.
    I have not been able to get into X100.7.
    Why did we have to lose the best station around? We’re audiences involved in this decision?


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