CTV News Toronto Anchor Paul Bliss Suspended after Sex Misconduct Allegations


Allegations from a decade ago were made by former journalist Bridget Brown in a blog post Friday.

Paul Bliss, an award-winning CTV reporter and anchor, has been suspended pending an investigation into allegations made Friday by a former network employee of sexual misconduct more than a decade ago. Former journalist Bridget Brown made sexual misconduct allegations against a CTV employee in a blog post Friday.  (TORONTO STAR COMPOSITE PHOTO)  

Paul Bliss, an award-winning CTV reporter and anchor, has been suspended pending an investigation into allegations made Friday by a former network employee of sexual misconduct more than a decade ago.

CTV News Toronto announced the move on its Friday evening broadcast.

“Allegations have been made against a CTV news reporter. We take this very seriously and as a result have suspended Paul Bliss until an investigation is complete,” said Bell Media spokesperson Scott Henderson in a statement to the Star.

Henderson confirmed to the Star that the allegations were made by former journalist Bridget Brown, who left CTV in 2015. Brown shared her experience in a blog post on the Medium platform Friday, a decision she made after seeing Bliss’s tweets and broadcast coverage of the allegations against unseated PC leader Patrick Brown (no relation).

“I just thought, you know, it takes a lot of gall to participate in covering a story about behaviour that is similar to your own (alleged) past behaviour,” the former journalist said in an interview.

Brown said she received a call from the human resources department at CTV just hours after publishing her post.

Bliss, a veteran reporter and Queen’s Park Bureau Chief for the network, has not immediately responded to the Star’s request for comment on the allegations.



  1. It is sad that anyone accused is already found guilty by the media. The Pendulum has swung way too far. Destroying someone’s life and livelyhood is a very serious thing, and we need to pause and take a deep breath. Innocent until proven guilty is part of a free country’s law. This has become Middle East in reverse.

  2. Report of a #Metoo story (fictional for thus purpose).

    Employee Jenny says, “Um, Tom Q. Public sexually assaulted me.”

    H.R. Officer Linda says, “Um, wow, really, tell me about it.”

    Jenny (being a bit choked up) says, “Yes, yes it is a trauma to me now, um it happened about 15 years ago.”

    H.R. Officer Linda says, “15 years ago? that would have made you what 10 years old, you know like in Grade 5.”

    Jenny (tearing up) says, “Yes, I…I was 10, playing in the school play ground, um hop scotch and…and.”

    H.R. Officer Linda interrupts, “Yes, yes and, and what Jenny?”

    Jenny reaching for a tissue says, “Tom was a classmate of mine and came up to me and offered me one of his chocolate chip cookies, to which I accepted with a smile. He…he (Jenny crying now) said he thought my blue and white polka dot dress was cute and, and oh so too said my hair was pretty too.”

    H.R. Officer Linda also grabbing a tissue says , “Oh dear you poor thing, how could Tom age 10 too be so, so damn sexist?”

    Jenny now a blubbering mess says, “It was buried deep in my mind for these years until the #MeToo stuff came and Oh my God I remember it all now and I can’t seem to function here anymore especially now working with Tom in our office.”

    H.R. Officer commiserates with Jenny says, “I’m so sorry Jenny, I did not notice how much a sexist pig Tom is.”

    Jenny adds, “The bigger thing from that day was he asked to walk me home from school which I, I felt I had to say yes,” Balling her eyes out now she adds, “And…and he asked if he could hold my hand as we walked home from school that day and felt so intimidated that I said, yes you can.”

    H.R. Officer replies, “Oh dear you poor thing.”

    Jenny and the H.R. Officer sign off on this statement, Tom was summoned to the Office and then given his pink slip, thus losing his job.

    My fictional story sounds a bit silly and it is but this is what #Metoo has become. Distortions, B.S. , vendettas by females towards males and just damn lies from all too many band wagon jumping women who play the “MUH VICTIMHOOD” card.

    Look sexual harassment and such exists and always has, it is wrong too, but in reality real harassment is maybe 2-3-4% not what it’s being spun like by #Metoo and the media at what 25-30 even 50%.

    BTW many women with power harass other women and men too. JUST LOOK UP FORMER DHS SECRETARY JANET NEPOLITANO and her harassment and abuse of men in her employment.

    Women who play this #Metoo, victim card, not all is true, most is embellished or made up and it all sounds too loud now covering up the voices of REAL VICTIMS!

    Be careful of what you wish for women, you may very well get it.

    I suggest investors piling up lots of investment cash into cats, cat supplies and cat toy industries as all too many women, feminists, faggy male feminists and white knights knowingly and/or unwittingly destroy western world male/female relations in work places and in homes/society. 🙁

  3. It’s happened in Vancouver and I’m not talking about Chris. It’s only a matter of time before it comes out. For far too long men (of course not all) have gotten away with too much. Not only in Hollywood in local media as well.

  4. TL
    This is the most amazing time I have ever witnessed. Careers lives families destroyed in a keystroke. No trial needed no defense allowed. Some say its about time that women that are victims of abuse dont become victims of the justice system. Like most problems the solution should have been the judges acting properly and not allowing a defense lawyer attack the victims character. Judges that dont properly sentence criminals and parole boards that dont keep criminals behind bars. So because of the PC SJW crowd and a bull sh+t pendulum effect we have abandoned the premise of innocent until proven guilty. This erosion of a basic rule of law should not be taken lightly. Today its men in all walks of life. What happens when its alleged behavior leading to a divorce. Alleged behavior of one of your children. Alleged behavior of FILL IN THE BLANK. Yes its okay until YOU are on the receiving end of the allegations.

  5. Whatever happened to “The Rule of Law”?

    Yes some /many/most allegations of Sexual Assault, Groping, and others can and might be true but as we have recently seen with the “Lie” of the Hijab Cutting in Eastern Canada, the wrongly accused Duke Lacrosse Team who actually we’re required to go to court to defend themselves, and then of course there is the case of former 2010 Chair John Furlong who was accused of wrong doing by people that were not even in the same town when the alleged Offences supposedly took place. Mr. Furlong löst most everything and he was a “Broken Man “ by the end of that Trial.

    Of course Guilty Men or Women should be dealt with harshly but for a Civilized Democratic Society to Bow to an Empty Suit like PM Justin, Women’s Hateful Special Interest Facists, a handful of Hypocritical Celebrities, HRC, other SJW, and various types of Snowflakes is one of the Greatest Injustices in Modern Times. What kind of Society simply believes Women or Men when they simply make allegations or charges that could actually be nothing more than revenge? Can we ask anyone to resign or step down for Accuasations that might go back 5, 10, or 20 years on simply “e or She” said? Would you want your Wife, Son, Husband, or any other “Loved One” found Guilty in the “Court of Public Opinion” without some kind of Due Process?

    Think about that, we are talking about your loved ones here.

    Yes, Spacey, Weinstein, Bubba Clinton, and many others are admitted/proven Sexual Offenders but can we actually find those accused that actually deny responsibility Guilty on Say so?

    As bad as Weinstein is I am quite sure there are even some false/revenge Accuasations leveled against him. Having said that I believe there is more than enough proof that he is the lowest of the lowest and I hope ends up in Prison Broke.

    While we are here I would like to see a Federal Investigation into the New York D.A. That refused to charge Weinstein a handful of years ago for Rape when the NY Police has a solid case against him with lots of HARD Evidence.

    Society needs to know why Charges were not brought forward on that and the Prosecutor needs to answer for his inaction in a Court of Law.

  6. The LEFT has lost its collective minds with this ridiculous METOO movement. Now Social Media is the judge and jury.

    Well thats fine with me as barely 90 days in….the backlash against METOO has started. The left are just a bunch of Kamikaze pilots now.

  7. Hollywood elites are full of debauchery, that said powerful men of Hollywood, celebrity have as President Trump said, WOMEN LETTING THEM GRAB THEM BY THE *****

    Women notably see that getting ahead in Hollywood, Music, T.V. etc. requires them using that on tool of power they have over men. We all know what that is. For many women to comeback 5-10-20+ years later after they carved a bit of fortune in Hollywood, Music, T.V. celebrity and then accuse these men of power of now mostly unverifiable sexual harassment or abuse is all going to HAVE MAJOR BLOW BACK on females in the industry. Mar my words.

    Nobody excuses inappropriate sexual harassment and abuse be it done male/female, Female/male, male/male or female/female. But #Metoo is now a 21st Century Salem Witch Trials and even worse as there ARE NO REAL TRIALS!

    Spreading #Metoo into the greater society will only see that so called corporate glass ceiling now be DOUBLE PAINED! Men all men rich or not so rich once they have some assets, money and power WILL DO WHAT THEY HAVE TO TO PROTECT WHAT THEY HAVE! Women, not all of course but a growing number trying to slim sham men into false guilt to get STUFF from men or via forced through the state will see their world come crumbling down by such almost mindless greed and want regardless of the casualties.

    Beta males, white knights including those in politics and bureaucracy too are even worse by creating a narrative that women have real power. Sorry folks it’s an illusion. Women only have power granted to them by men, via mostly the state and its bureaucracy and injustice system. Women have no power without men. PERIOD STOP! I know it sounds bad and sexist BUT IT’S THE TRUTH!

    Women have a major problem in our ‘feminist’ gynocentric world, that is THEY LIE TO THEMSELVES AND BELIEVE THE LIES! The only power women ever held over men was a combination of their sexuality, beauty (all women can be beautiful if they tried ) and femininity (all women can be feminine if they tried).

    Men do not want women trying to be only ‘weak’ men… Men want women to be women the fairer sex, the nurtures, caretakers and social butterflies, all to hopefully build good relationships and even good marriages with and if they choose make good families. Any person, male or female denying that ARE LIARS!

    The global liberals, socialists, SJW’s and feminists are actively destroying the western world by turning males and females against each other. 40+ years of 2nd and now 3rd wave feminism has seen women be MORE MISERABLE! even with a fully on gynocentric system. The gap in life expectancy between men and women is now narrowing. Too many youths are being raised messed up on prescription drugs and hyper-gammy. It will only get worse before it may get better (??????)

    It is mostly men’s fault though, when men ion society lose control over women, society will inevitably fall apart. Feminists have lied to women saying that do not need men, gynocentric courts and politics with a sh*tload of male betas only pours gas onto it all.

    FEMINISTS HATE NORMAL/TRADITIONAL WOMEN MORE THAN THEY HATE MEN! THEY WANT WESTERN SOCIETY TO BURN! That is why socialists/communists and even islamists in the west use feminists and cucked beta males, as they too HATE WESTERN SOCIETY!

    Congrats women, feminists, betas and such YOU MAY JUST GET WHAT YOU WISH FOR! But you will HATE IT in the end. The alternatives to the greatest society ever created, the modern western developed world flawed as it is, will be either the GREY MALAISE OF COMMUNISM or the 7th CENTURY IDEOLOGY AND HARD PATRIARCHY OF ISLAM!

    But feminists and all women, the only power you have is power granted to you by men, either stupidly, by virtue signalling like our current PM or by design. For if tomorrow men in great unison said “ENOUGH! IT’S OVER! BACK TO THE KITCHEN, BAREFOOT AND PREGNANT!” There is NOTHING any women could do to stop it.

    FEMINISM IS CANCER, SOCIAL JUSTICE/LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER! Liberty is the most enamored thing any free individual could ever want. I’d rather be poor(er) but free than rich(er) but behind literal or figurative bars.

  8. Totally agree with the “rule of law”. Eg. Duke lacrosse.

    But here is what gets me. Dr Nassar, the Olympic Gymnastics Team (US) gets tried and sentenced for all kinds of sexual misconduct. Good. However, the members of US gymnastics ruling body, who were told over the years about all this, simply resign and scuttle away.

    If you know about a crime and fail to report it to police, you are complicit and face your own legal problems. How is it that these folks are not under criminal investigation?

  9. George

    Personally I believe Crucifixion for Nassar wold not go quite far enough.

    Then like you I ask, why did this not come out sooner? One or two incidents may be covered up/hidden but how could Nasser get away with Years of abuse without being called out?

    It appears that Paterno was aware of Sandusky committing Atrocities but why did we not hear anything about Nassar? Were Parents, Coaches, Admin People, other Athletes in the Dark On this?

    Hopefully 60 Min,, 20/20 or another U.S. Magazine Program will do something on this.

    In the meantime I will spend some time trying to find out more about your Questions/Charges regarding what others knew about this Atrocities carried out by Nassar.

    It is Absolutely Horrific for the Young Female Athletes but then we must also think about how the Parents must feel. Awful!

    I agree if anyone at any level or position knew anything about the Horrific Assaults and they did not act the Local D.A. Should immediately call a Grand Jury.

    Having said all of that I find it difficult to blame the University President for the Atrocities Carried Out for Nassar if she did not know what took place. That does no good at all and in fact it may even hinder the healing process at the School.

    A Silly reaction all too often and it solves absolutely nothing.

  10. Meanwhile over in Sweden, police are noting that Swedish women not go out at night alone. The authorities carefully skirt a suggested self imposed curfew on Swedish women by NOT saying it’s a curfew and only ‘suggest’ Swedish females not go out at night alone. They say to go out at minimum in pairs if they choose to go out at night. Of course as in the old Wrigley’s Double mint gum jingle, ‘DOUBLE YOUR PLEASURE, DOUBLE YOUR FUN!’ will be par for the course then for Sweden’s newly arrived gentlemen (NOT) of the 7th century R.O.P. ideology.

    The claimed to be MOST FEMINIST NATION ON EARTH, Sweden has more obviously to worry about than #Metoo and the what 95%-96% fluff n’ nonsense of male workplace harassment of female employees.

    If Sweden’s pro feminist government is what feminism is circa 2018 than NOBODY IN THEIR RIGHT MIND SHOULD WANT IT!

    But meh, given all too many Swedish women seem to want these 7th. century ideology men in their nation and the Swedish male more or less has had his testicles figuratively removed via feminism, SJW’s and socialists well WELCOME TO THE “IT’S A BRAVE NEW WORLD!” in Sweden… The next question is how long will it be before Canada goes the same way noting firstly our hypocritical, mangina, virtue signalling PM and his pathetic ANTI-CANADA/ANTI-USA/ANTI-WESTERN WORLD government.

    I’ve not been a bible thumping religious person in my life. Faith ebbed and flowed for me from carrying it to at times burying in my mind, heart and soul. I was blue pilled and center-left most of my adult life. My generally recent red pilling has caused me to think and rethink many ideals and to look at the ideals of a ‘Lucifer’ and who he is.

    They say the greatest lie ever spoken to the world was that Lucifer does not exist. Well if a real Lucifer exists or if Lucifer is only a representation of potential evil that lies inside each of us, said Lucifer would work as the fallen angel to harness the potential power of Socialism/Communism and an atheistic social/economic/political ideology, as well as to harness the ‘religious ‘ ideology ( though more a religious culture ) of the 7th century based. R.O.P. Both groups offer easy minds to mold and shape as well as easy hearts to turn black and cold in his design and his ascribed virtue signaling ideals spoken to them. 🙁

    Maybe President Trump will have to build a wall on the 49th too.

  11. There is a lot of Injustice in the Swedish and other EU Nations, especially when it comes to Sex Crimes against Women and Children of both Sexes. My Apologies if I misspoke about “Both Sexes”!

    Tragically in some cases Senior Authorities in Government and some Police Forces actually encourage their underlings to avoid Reporting and Investigating Heinous sex and other Crimes.

    Seems that there is a Law for the so-called Natives and other Laws for New Comers.

    Where the Hell are the so-called Feminists on this?



    Same thing for Religious Hate Crimes, almost totally ignored.

    Attached below is a report on what goes on in Malmo close to where my Mother is from.

    Get ready Canada this is what your Mensa Member PM Justin has in mind for you!!!


    Oh and by the way, how would you have liked it if your Wife, Sister, or Daughter decided to spend New Years Eve in Germany or other major EU Cities?


    Where is the “ME 2” – “Times UP” – Whoopi, and the rest on this?

    Conspicuous by their Silence!!!!

    Why is it Leftist Activists always have that infamous ability to have a Sickening “Double Standard” whenever it suits them?

  12. Listening to a recent No Agenda Show podcast, Adam Curry one of the hosts noted a story from Holland, where a female news journalist said that when she learns or see’s a crime in Holland, if said crime was done by a person of colour, notably from what appears to be Africa, that she purposely changes the race/colour in her report to that of a Caucasian person so that she will NOT be seen as racist… Um, dumb crack b*tch from Hell reporter, that is exactly what you are doing. She just proves to be a racist and a purveyor of FAKE NEWS!

    Most of Western Europe IS ESSENTIALLY LOST! It will fall under a leftist, crony govt. bent with Islam as its religious CULTure or as an alternative and more likely in due time it will descend into another grand European civil war like WWI and WWII were with appropriate fall out.

    The question is WILL CANADA go the same way??? With our current Cuckminister and ‘duckie socks ‘ wearing grand virtue signaler Justin Trudeau, I fear our future! 🙁


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