Don Imus to End his run March 29th

  • courtesy       January 22, 2018
  • DON IMUS has announced that he will do his last “IMUS IN THE MORNING” show for CUMULUS News-Talk WABC-A/NEW YORK and WESTWOOD ONE on MARCH 29th.

    IMUS, 77, has been on NEW YORK radio since joining WNBC-A/NEW YORK from WGAR-A/CLEVELAND in DECEMBER 1971, with the exception of 1977-79, when he was fired by WNBC and worked at WHK-A/CLEVELAND.  He remained at 660 AM when WNBC was sold and Sports WFAN-A moved form 1050 to 660 AM in 1988,  IMUS went into morning show syndication in 1993 at WFAN, and, after being fired by WFAN following the RUTGERS women’s basketball controversy in 2007, was hired by WABC, where he started in DECEMBER 2007.

    The decision was not entirely his.  CUMULUS, which is operating in bankruptcy protection, served notice they intended to stop paying IMUS his multi-million dollar salary well before the end of his current contract which ends in December of this year.   It was at that point that the March 29th date was negotiated.  IMUS told his audience today he was more than ready to hang up his mic.   For the past several years he has been doing the show only four days a week from his ranch in Texas, while the rest of his ‘IMUS IN THE MORNING’ crew broadcast from New York, to the 84 stations to which it is syndicated.


  1. Small point… but WFAN never moved to 770 (that is and was WABC’s frequency). WFAN moved from 1050 to WNBC’s frequency 660 where it remains to today.

  2. IMUS WAS NEVER A RACIST AND I CAN PROVE IT. I taught the girls in the Rutgers basketball team. HE GOT SHAFTED. DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG

  3. RABBI DR. Rosenberg

    Thank you for speaking out on this.

    I find it shameful that far too many Politically Motivated People stoop to using the Race or Sex Cards in their efforts to achieve Political Gain.

    Please continue to do the Great Work you do for People of all Religions and Ethnic backgrounds.


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