Kirk Mason retires after 50 years

Photo of Kirk taken five decades ago. Look at that hair!

By Art Aronson

January 15, 2018

After five decades in the radio business, The Q’s News Director Kirk Mason is retiring.

Mason started his career at CFTJ in Galt, Ontario in 1967 as so perfectly put in this blog post by his late wife Michelle Stewart.

He has spent the last 28 and a half years in Victoria working for 100.3 The Q.

“It has been a sweet 50 year ride doing what I absolutely love with dozens of people I greatly admire.
So, to my radio family, my sincere thanks for being a very important part of my life,” Kirk wrote in a retirement announcement on Facebook.

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  1. In this age of perpetual pink-slipping of radio personnel, it’s heartening that a dedicated professional like Kirk can leave on his own terms after a remarkable 28-year local run. His was probably the first voice I heard on The Q after my wife and I moved over to Victoria in 1990.

    Then and now, Q100.3 is a great rock station. Happy trails, Kirk.

  2. One of the nicest guys in the biz. Had the pleasure to work with Kirk back in the early 90s. Good luck in your next chapter Kirk!

  3. Wish Kirk all the very best in his retirement.

    I recall being at CJDC1350AM in Dawson Creek, BC with Kirk on the air doing news and then later at CJJC in Langley.
    What a talent.

    Along with his smooth delivery during the Newscasts, he had one great production voice.

    I’ve still got great memories of a fishing trip just outside Dawson Creek with Kirk and I ending up in the water watching our fishing gear slowly sinking to the bottom.

    All the very best Kirk, and tonite, I’m going to dig out an old reel of you doing the News back in the early 70’s as the authoritative news voice of the Peace River Country on CJDC

  4. For 28 years, Kirk was one of the many unique elements of “The Q” that kept us ahead of the pack. A real pro and great to work with. All the best my friend. Dan

  5. I was lucky enough to know Kirk for 2 years before we got him over to The Q so he could begin rattling Vancouver Island radio speakers for the next 28.
    What a talent, what a friend and what a funny guy I’ve had some of the best laughs of my life with Kirk and I’ll miss that the most.
    Kirk had one of the best voices ever, many would say they could listen to him read the phone book and they’d be right, he read it to me once and although he quit mid way through F it was outstanding!
    Take a bow and a well deserved break my friend.

  6. Get back to work, Mason!
    The last time I spoke to Kirk was probably 20 years ago, perhaps more, but I can still hear his voice like it was yesterday. I’m now inspired to go find a copy of that Christmas blooper reel we did back in the mid 80’s.
    Although the voice was dynamic, Kirk’s warm personality was his true calling calling card. Just an ‘ol hippie, with a tremendous sense of humour, and a huge oversized heart.
    Sorry so many years have by without a phonecall, Kirk. Let’s fix that soon. All the best in your retirement.

  7. Well, since Rob’s commented, I must have found the correct Kirk. It was my pleasure, to be your six-hour warmup, at ‘JC. You, always sounded up and, engaged. I enjoyed listening to you, as much as I did, working with you. Happy life, to you, Kirk!


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