CFNY FM: ain’t your average radio clone…



Published on 3 Aug 2015

David Marsden in studio with Karim Mosna
What happened in the late 1970s, that made Toronto’s CFNY FM (today branded as: 102.1 The Edge), Canada’s most influential alternative rock station?
Karim Mosna, a 21 year old self-professed radio junkie posed the question to the personalities behind the station: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, David Marsden (CFNY’s station manager), radio and music guru, Alan Cross and several others from The Spirit of Radio era at CFNY FM. The 22 minute documentary, CFNY FM: ain’t your average radio clone is the first to provide a glimpse into the creation and ideology of the legendary radio station.




  1. Excellent production values. And, at 22 minutes…this may well have aired in Ontario with commercials. Good to see David Marsden is still hale and hearty. I vaguely remember him soujourning west to try the same idea at a Fraser Valley AM station. (Even back with the 1970 CKVN experiment, the rating odds are against any edgy-music format on AM.)

    Producer and director Karim Mosna deserves praise for creating this documentary. Almost sounds like a separate doc could be made on Ivar Hamilton. Onetime CFNY personality switches careers and ends up near the very top of Universal Music Canada…what a feat!


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