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Canada’s Host of ‘Jeopardy’ Alex Trebek Undergoes Brain Surgery


On Friday, 77-year-old Alex Trebek announced that he was taking time off from hosting the trivia show Jeopardy! after undergoing brain surgery. Trebek posted a video message to the show’s YouTube channel, explaining he needed the procedure to remove blood clots from his brain, the result of a fall two months ago.

“Some of you might have heard by now that during the holiday break, I had a slight medical problem,” Trebek said in the video, before explaining the issue. “Surgery was performed. After two days in the hospital, I came home to start recovery. The prognosis is excellent and I expect to be back in the studio taping more Jeopardy! programs very, very soon. And I want to thank all of you for your concern.”

Deadline reported (the Sudbury Ontario-born) Trebek had the surgery on December 16. Fans of Jeopardy! can not only take solace in knowing the longtime host has recovered nicely (he is expected back in the studio later this month), but that his medical issue did not interfere with the show’s broadcast schedule. Since Jeopardy! is filmed months in advance, all shows will air as planned, except for the College Championship. It was scheduled to be filmed during this time period, but will instead take place late in March, and air in April.

Trebek had previously suffered a minor heart attack in 2012. “I had been doing some work around the house, working with a heavy ladder,” he told People magazineshortly after the incident. “I just thought it was muscle strain.”



  1. I’m no brain surgeon, but this sounds serious. One hopes for the best.

    Regardless, has Jeopardy! got a succession plan in place? Is there even a go-to substitute host if Alex takes longer to recover? Or would they simply shut down production and go to re-runs once these cached programs air?

  2. I wonder why senior citizens are still working at 77. I mean, do we have to wait until they have a serious illness like this one. Some senior politicians develop dementia, some collapse at their desk. I realize many seniors read this site, but the egos of your celebrities are what you are watching, nothing more.

  3. It would look like a game show host even Alex can be replaced. I thought that Richard Dawson from the feud would be irreplaceable but Harvey has done well. Same for Price is Right with Drew.
    Dont worry about Alex hes been on the news and is on the mend.
    As far as seniors working beyond what someone deems as to long. Who cares?

  4. Rob…there is a reason why Jeopardy has been a highly-rated show for decades across generations…Alex Trebek.
    Forget the “egos of your celebrities” nonsense…this program crosses several generations beyond seniors.


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