CHEK-TV’s Gordie Tupper Packing it in


The longest serving member of the CHEK TV air crew Gordie Tupper has taken to Facebook to announce his retirement.   Gordie says it will take effect Jan. 31 2018, and the next day he expects to be soaking up the sun in his favorite Maui swimming pool!

Tupper has been lucky enough to spend his entire broadcasting career in Victoria, his home town. Beginning in the late 60’s he worked his way up at CKDA Radio to become the featured morning man, before moving across town in the late 70’s to join CHEK.   He has been a man with many varied roles under a number of management & TV ownership changes over the years, hosting for years the community interview show ‘CHEK Around’, handling special events like the annual Victoria Day Parade, doing on-and off-camera commercial voicing, and capably filling a backup role as weathercaster.

We at PSR congratulate Gordie on his long and successful career, and wish him a happy retirement.


  1. It was a delight to work with Gordie at CKDA in the early 70s. A true “action man” doing everything from car racing to our sea reports. All the best Gordie!!

  2. Memories of Gordie when I was at the old CJVI 1979-1983 and he was cross town .. — a true “great guy” in da biz !

  3. A good fellow whose cheery attitude was a pleasant change to the hard side of news and other programming. His CHEK Around show was a boost to local businesses and helpful to residents by showing what sights and events, services and shops were accessible in the area. I think Gordie ‘s long association with CHEK in the face of its imminent demise was instrumental in garnering support from area residents which culminated in a rally downtown and the survival of the station under even tougher economic conditions for nearly all media.

  4. Hmm, my dealings with him, brief as they were, revealed an arrogant, spiteful, rude individual. I’d chalk this up to me reading him wrong were it not for quite a number of other people I later have spoken with who report exactly the same qualities.

  5. I have never really seen any daytime TV in Canada since the age of perhaps 10 but I recognize the attached Pic of Mr. Tupper and the first thing I thought of was that I do remember his Voice and I remember thinking he had a Great Voice and seemed like a very nice person.

    I am not a Media Savvy Person but I believe he more than likely could have moved to Bigger Markets if he so wanted.

    He was a Lucky Person to spend his Career in the Great City of VICTORIA and I am guessing that is how he wanted it to be!

    Enjoy Your Retirement Mr. Tupper!

  6. Bud is the exception (so far) on this thread.

    Always worthwhile to get contrary opinions as pretty well everyone in life has darker sides which, when revealed, actually makes them more interesting and well-rounded. Whether in retirement tributes or, less often, obituaries…I perk up whenever reading someone “didn’t suffer fools gladly.”

    Not knowing Gord other than his tv persona, I can only wish him “Happy Trails.”

  7. The highlight of his career was the 1990 voice over work he did on the legendary “Lyle’s Place” commercial. They still show it today 27 years and counting…..

    Stop and go to Lyle’s Place..

  8. Gordie was always a great Ambassador for Victoria, above and beyond his multi-talented career. I always appreciated his professional and whole hearted delivery.
    I have memory issues, so I am not sure if our paths crossed, when I was at CFAX, and then CKDA. I wish him all the best. He was a pro.

  9. I first remember Gord when I worked for Kinney Shoes in Woolco. My dad ran the furniture, appliance & TV departments, and Gord used to sit up front by the tellers making annoucements over the PA system. He had the golden voice!!


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