Newcap celebrates ‘Canada’s Music Director’ Wayne Webster

Wayne Webster


Newcap Radio celebrated “Canada’s Music Director” a couple of nights ago. A finer gentleman you will not meet but you knew that already. Congratulations Wayne Webster, you are one fine piece of work! Thanks to: Lorie Russell Ian Lurie Jim Jj Johnston Eric Samuels Bob Harris Marty Forbes Blair Bartrem Karen Steele Rob Farina Chris EbbottRoss Davies Don Stevens Martin Tremblay Kim Rossi Pat Holiday

To View Video, Click HERE





  1. Boom 97.3 is probably the best programmed station in the country. The mix of research and gut isn’t duplicated elsewhere, and they’re getting the ratings they deserve.

  2. Loved that video! All of those guys in that video know what they’re talking about. That’s a great tribute to a guy that we all agree is really “one of the good guys”. The thing I remember best about Wayne is that he always had time for everyone. A great asset. I’m pleased to have met and worked with you Wayne.


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