Despite Year of Turmoil, Fox News Stays on Top (& MSNBC Tops CNN)


12/18/2017 by Yashar Ali, Freelance Reporter, The Huffington Post

Fox News Channel anchor Sean Hannity poses for photographs as he sits on the set of his show “Hannity” at the Fox News Channel’s studios in New York City, October 28, 2014. REUTERS/Mike Segar (UNITED STATES – Tags: MEDIA POLITICS ENTERTAINMENT)


Fox News has faced a year of upheaval. Its talent departures and schedule changes are virtually unprecedented for a cable news network, yet it is ending the year in the lead, both in overall viewers and among those ages 25 to 54, the demographic coveted most by news show advertisers, over competitors MSNBC and CNN, according to Nielsen ratings.

In the past 12 months, Fox News has seen two of its top prime-time hosts, Megyn Kelly and Bill O’Reilly, leave the network. Kelly left in January for NBC News, where she is now hosting the third hour of the “Today” show, titled “Megyn Kelly Today.” O’Reilly was ousted after a New York Times report revealed that he had settled multiple sexual harassment lawsuits, and advertisers fled his program.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson started the year in the 7 p.m. time slot, then moved to 9 p.m. after Kelly left, then to 8 p.m. when O’Reilly was ousted. Sean Hannity’s program moved from 10 p.m. to 9 p.m., and was replaced by conservative radio host Laura Ingraham at 10 p.m. The panel program “The Five” was moved to 9 p.m. when Carlson moved to 8. After Fox News host Eric Bolling was ousted by the network amid sexual misconduct allegations, “The Five” was moved back to 5 p.m. And Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum took over the 7 p.m. slot from Carlson when he initially moved to 9 p.m.

The revolving schedules are hard to keep up with, but they show the power of Fox News and its loyal viewership. And these changes, largely due to hosts being ousted amid sexual misconduct allegations, has not diminished the network’s ratings, which appear to be immune from the scourge of scandal.



  1. The FOX Formula has worked very well for them. Obviously they have been consistent with their programming content even with the change in times of Hosts and outright replacements for those that left the Network for one reason or another.

    Roger Ailes despite his problems with serial assaults of one kind or another against Women knew what worked and FOX has maintained the Ailes Programming strategy.

    It also helps that FOX is also the only Network that are not broadcasting Anti Republican propaganda 24/7. Those that tune in to FOX have no interest in watching CNN, MSNBC, or any of the other Major Networks where they see and hear everything reported slanted against the Republicans and Trump.

    So one may then possibly conclude that even though Ailes was thought of as Legendary much of the FoOX Viewership Numbers could be because of the fact Conservative types do not watch any of the other Cable or Major Networks and FOX gets Viewership by default.
    Which way is it?

    I believe MSNBC tops CNN (Clinton News Network) because Viewers get their Left of Centre Bias there and that is what they are looking for. MSNBC pull-no punches, they are “In the Tank” Progressives with a totally 100% Anti Republican Trump Agenda and they are blatant about it.

    CNN On the other hand do a very poor job attempting to pretend to be Middle of the road and they are really just Shills for the Dems, HRC, Leftist Progressives, and other assorted Higher Purpose SJW Liberals.

    Therefore Conservative leaning individuals see through their awkward presence and Leftist Liberals do not enjoy MSNBC Light, they want Hard Line Anti Conservative Ideology to come it them full throttle and that is what MSNBC “Dish Up” every day 24/7.

    I am no Media Expert but I believe as DJT has more successes and gains more traction CNN will fall even further behind MSNBC and CNN will need to make changes to stay relevant.

    Let’s see what happens during the2018 Broadcast year.

  2. If you watch (or listen) to any mainstream media on either side of the boarder you would have to believe that DJT was elected because Putin rigged the entire electoral system. Hearken back to election night. Look at the faces on CNN . Talk about shock and awe. It was hilarious. Ive got to hand it to King , at least he didnt cry.
    This side of the boarder isnt any better than CNN. CKNW in particular is so biased against DJT that they have lost all credibility .
    FOX news is as pointed out the only news outlet that doesnt start everyday with another Russian conspiracy theory.

  3. Here’s a thought.

    Comcast, to facilitate its proposed acquisition of Time Warner, decides to spinoff MSNBC into a stand-alone entity. MSNBC then merges with the US operations of CNN. The new firm rebrands and begin a one-on-one dukeout with FOX. Meanwhile, CNN International continues and cablecos begin carrying its programming to compete against BBC America.

    What’s not to like? POTUS could brag he’d knocked out CNN. And At it would put CNN out of its current misery and allow Anderson Cooper go fulltime to 60 Minutes (where he really belongs).

  4. 13

    They are ALL still fighting the last U.S. Federal Election. Someone should tell them including HRC that it is over and we can’t go back.


    Interesting! You should put that idea forward to Company Execs!

    I was hoping the Sharks would find Anderson of interest.

  5. Think I sampled too much pre-Xmas eggnog. It is AT&T seeking to purchase Time Warner. Still, the idea of facilitating a MSNBC/CNN marriage might, in a Machiavellian way, make sense for Comcast. After all, Comcast will doubtless need Trump administration approval for various corporate initiatives in coming years. What better way to show neutral hands than by setting loose MSNBC, along with some offloaded Comcast debt?

    Comcast might want to bet on Trump being a one-termer. What if, instead, he simply quits? Not because of potential indictment or impeachment, but simply due to boredom. America could have Pence as President for 10-plus years (the remainder of this term, plus two subsequent if he defeats Democratic presidential nominees). It might be a good insurance policy for Comcast to divest a grenade throwing subsidiary like MSNBC.

  6. It is only an opinion but I believe DJT will have a successful 3 years as POTUS in spite of the Russia Investigation, CNN, MSNBC, Jon McComb, his Minions, Simi Sarah, the PD at CKNDP (NW ), and the rest.

    The Russia Inv will backfire on HRC, Obama, and the Liberal Media with Flynn and Manifort being Scape Goats found guilty of not reporting Income from Overseas Work and Speeches.

    After 3 years Trump will announce his intention to retire at the end of his 4 year Term.

    Pence will then Head the Ticket and he will Win in a Landslide if he is able to get Rubio, Nikki Haley, or Condoleezza Rice. They are all true Conservatives, all 3 will attract Minority Voters, Younger Voters in addition to traditional Republicans and ?Rice and Haley would attract a large percentage of Women Voters from ALL Ages, Races, and Socio Economic Backgrounds.

    Al three would eventually become Excellent Presidents, of course Condoleezza would be a little older.

    Trump will not be bored so much, he will be fed up and he will desire to go home to NY, he will also be about 75 in 4 years. Both Trump and Melania will have had enough by then!

    Pence and any of the three mentioned should have no trouble defeating Booker and Warren.

    Liberal Media has attempted to show Obama as popular through very suspicious Polling carried out on line when in fact Obama who once had a majority in the House, Senate, and 36 to 14 Dem Governors had LOST them ALL and after the last Election the Tepublicans hole 35 the Dems 14, and Independent 1.

    Just how popular was Obama? Obama was a Elend with Prince Harry who really needs a job, U.S. Liberal Media, and CKNW, other than that it was mostly Smoke and Mirrors his last Term.

  7. The last post by BMCQ should appear on every left wing lunatics desk. It should be framed and rendered indestructible. The lunatic should be made to read it over and over until he/she is ready to endorse evil beings like Harper, Clark , Watts, and any number of sane sound thinkers.

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