Dave Sheldon Leaves Pulse 107.7 for Evenings on Sportsnet 650


                                                                                                                                                                                    As pointed out today by both Radio West and Gord Lansdell, Program Director and morning host Dave Sheldon appears to have left his position at Pulse CISF-FM 107.7 Surrey.  His Facebook posts says, “Thanks for the ride”.  Sheldon had been with Pulse since February and PD since June.


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  1. Just read this on Dave’s facebook page. It certainly doesn’t sound like he was pushed out of the Surrey station. Seems like he has something happening, and soon.

    107.7 Pulse FM
    Arts & Entertainment
    Send Message
    107.7 Pulse FM
    4 hrs ·
    Thanks for the ride PULSE FM! You are awesome and the best that Surrey and South of the Fraser has to offer!


  2. I wonder if Tom Lucas, who moved his Radio Real Estate show over to Pulse FM when CISL went all-sports will get another chance to do AM drive, at least temporarily?

  3. Neil Morrison will probably take over mornings (again). Sportsnet is a risky move, but more of a fit. Something’s gotta give in the Sports Radio wars. Horrific numbers for both, with fully staffed stations. Wonder who blinks first?

  4. 650 &1040 are at risk in a town with 2 “major league” teams, CFL and hardly-noticed MLL.
    Why either of these stations/networks don’t patch into their stations across Cda is beyond me.
    I enjoy Rome & Dan Patrick as they cover all sports…650/1040 provide a solid dose of hockey, not much else…becomes boring after hearing the latest ‘expert’ suggesting “the Canucks are in a funk because….”.

  5. I also listen to Patrick (on AM 1410). It’s nice to hear someone talk intelligently about sports other than hockey. And even hockey isn’t covered all that well by some of the clowns that are on air now.

  6. I enjoy listening to Dan Patrick on 1410. It ticks me off when I tune in to listen to Dan Patrick and there is some English soccer match been broadcast instead.


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