Vancouver PPM Radio Ratings .. Aug. 28 – Nov. 26 2017


Radio Meter 2017-2018
Survey period: August 28, 2017 – November 26, 2017
Demographic: A12+
Geography: Vancouver CTRL

Station                      AMA (000)     Daily Cume (000)     Share (%)     Trend(%)
CBU+     (Radio One)       19.5                         241.6                     16.4                   +2.3

CHQMFM (QM/FM)      12.8                         413.6                     10.8                    +1.3

CKNW     (News/Talk)     12.5                         183.3                     10.5                   +0.3

CFMIFM  (Rock 101)         9.1                          235.1                       7.6                     n/c

CFBTFM  (Virgin Radio)   8.6                         320.5                       7.2                    -0.2

CJJRFM  (JR Country)      7.1                          156.5                      6.0                    +0.3

CKWX    (News 1130)       6.3                          204.2                      5.3                    +0.8

CKZZFM   (Z 95.3)              5.9                          254.6                      5.0                     -0.1

CHLGFM (LG 104.3)         5.7                          186.1                       4.8                   +0.5

CFOXFM  (New Rock)      5.3                         167.7                        4.5                    -0.5

CKPKFM (The Peak)         4.8                         139.9                       4.1                   +0.7

CJAXFM  (Jack FM)          4.6                          191.7                       3.9                   -0.8

CBUFM  (Radio Two)        3.8                            86.4                       3.2                  +0.1

CKKSFM  (Kiss FM)          3.5                          179.8                      3.0                   -1.2

KWPZFM  (Praise FM)    2.1                            52.2                       1.8                    n/c

CKST        (TSN 1040)        2.0                           67.9                       1.7                   -0.3

CISL   (Sportsnet 650)      1.5                            46.8                       1.2                  -1.3

CHMJ  (All Traffic 730)   1.4                            91.1                        1.2                  -0.1

CFTE        (TSN 1410)        0.4                           14.4                        0.3                  n/c

CIRHFM (Roundhouse)  0.0                            0.0                         0.0                   n/c

Spill Stations: CKKSFM (Vancouver/Chilliwack), KWPZFM (Vancouver/Abbotsford)
August 28, 2017 – November 26, 2017
Average Daily Universe: 2,299,000

Average Minute Audience (000): Expressed in thousands, this is the average number of persons exposed to a radio station during an average minute. Calculated by adding all the individual minute audiences together and dividing by the number of minutes in the daypart.

Average Daily Cume (000): Expressed in thousands, this is the average number of unique listeners who were exposed to the station for at least one minute during an average day. Calculated by adding the number of unique listeners each day and dividing it by the number of days in the analysis.

Share: Within a central market area, the estimated total hours tuned to that station expressed as a percentage of total hours tuned to Total Encoded Radio.

Average Daily Universe: The average daily universe for the analyzed period. The universe is expressed as daily averages because it changes slightly daily as the intab changes.


  1. KISS-FM still cant turn it around, must be disappointment at this station. JACK is weak in the ratings too, must be a lot of head scratching at the Rogers building on Ash Street. QM-FM is doing very well, as expected.

  2. Sports Talk Radio stations – 1040 and 650 – are TOAST (in this market anyway).
    The prime sports “demo”; males 20 to 35 – follow their teams, scores, fantasy leagues, etc etc…
    Listening to “old time-y” Sports Talk RADIO, is like spending a Sunday afternoon in their aunt’s musty apartment.

  3. Sports Talk Radio will be remembered as a “media trend”, who’s up/down “curve” flowed mainly from 2005 – 2015.
    You can’t keep trying to attract a core demo; males 20 to 35 who live on their smart phones and
    … simply don’t know what … radio … IS.

  4. How long before 104.9FM changes format? The station clearly isn’t resonating with listeners. FUN FM had higher ratings than Sonic/Kiss.

  5. I guess the end is probably near for most sports radio in Vancouver, now that the Canucks have gone and the Lions and Whitecaps season is over TSN1040 is left running Giant games and if Sportsnet650 had any decent people onboard they could probably put them down for the final count. Although 650 needs to clean up some shows like the morning crew who are abysmal starting with the guy who is always grunting and singing on the air, hopefully for the station no one is on a long-term contract.

  6. Over at CKNDP they are lucky to be hanging in at third place. The shtick is disappearing ie giving each shows ending a catch phrase. Therapy Tuesday. Still trying to entertain with yuck yuck producers . Today I heard a new low. Scromiting a name given to a marijuana abuser that has self induced both psychotic behavior (screaming) and vomiting. McComb (mental health advocate) and his crew were laughing and making jokes about drug abuse. With the loss of the C2C at night it should find it way to fourth place in a hurry

  7. Tsn1040 will be toast with that brutal morning Lineup
    Pratt and bro jake . 650 is only good for Canuck games.
    What’s Dan Russel doing? lol

  8. I was forced to quit listening to CKNDP (NW) as each and every time I heard McComb Sidekicks Tim, Nicki, and then Simi I was brought to Scromiting myself.

    Between the constant SJW Repeat, Repeat, Repeat, and the everlasting Anti DJT/U.S. rhetoric overseen by their Uber Leftist U.S. PD it became more than I could stand.

    I even once tuned into Addled when on while I was heading home some nights but he appears to be getting his marching orders from the same PD and because of that he has lost the ability to think critically about anything.

    This may be a repeat but The only time I listen to NW is if I can catch Bruce, Michael Campbell , faithfully by Audio Vault, Palmer, Smith, especially when I hear is in subbing, JILL Bennett, if I am in the Car on weekends, and the odd Lunch News Cast, Which is a fair amount but my listening is limited to that.

    Opinion Radio is fine but just a little balance would at least offer something that wold create a little more interest from the public in general.

    Again, if someone like WX were to hire Smith and Bennet for the Say 9AM and 1 PM 3 hour slots along with early morning and Drive Time Afternoon Local, National, and International News along with a good 12 PM hour News Package that Station would do very well and surpass NW in only weeks.

    NW are attempting to attract an under 40 year old Demographic that DO Not CARE about Radio, Politics, and do not purchase what CKNDP Listeners buy, items like

    Fireplaces, Roofs, Sidewalks, Driveways, Home Reno, Mercedes, BMW, Jeep, Financial Planning, Funeral Services for Parents, Furniture, and the rest.

    Once another Station realizes the mistakes by NW they might seize on the opportunity and offer those over 40 with Purchasing Power that listen to Radio what they want and they will knock NW on their Ass and take away much of the NW listenership, it is only a matter of time.

    I should also add that it appears that NW has brought Roy Green back to Sat/Sun late morning early afternoon and he has a great show which offers lots for a diverse listening audience, I will try to remember to Audio Vault him during the odd weekday morning.

  9. BMCQ NW seems to have carved out a niche in the ratings where they are not as dominant as they used to be but not bad enough to blow up and reformat. CBU+ demonstrates that there is room for a dominant station to reach the 16 level on 12+ and NW is nowhere near that but still respectable. Although when you drill down you really don’t know how attractive their 10 share is to their advertisers. NW used to be the one keeping other Corus stations alive, now it’s the other way around.

    The only competition that would make sense is for Bell to reformat 1410 to talk with C2C and then get some people like Smyth and Bennett during the day focusing on being hard on all sides and not being a poster station for SJW’s most of who would not know how to operate a radio dial. While giving a haircut to 1040 they would probably get more bang for that buck putting it towards balanced talk which is currently being neglected by the marketplace. Then again, just because it makes sense doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.

  10. Mark

    Some good comments, I hope someone at NW, WX, or another Station that is interested in getting a good portion of Local Listenership is reading this.

    Even more importantly I hope Big Budget ?Advertisers are Reading PSR!

    The under 35’s that the Programming Genius covets Purchase absolutely nothing that current CKNDP (NW) Advertisers are selling.

    NW May be doing OK compared to some but when you are a 4 in a Sea of 2’s on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being best that 4 is still not so good!

    NW was the Gold Standard only a few years ago and Local Listeners that are engaged and Pay attention deserve much more!

    IMHO the PD at CKNW couldn’t find Girls at Hugh Hefner’s House, and that my friend is pretty hard to miss.

    Opinion Radio is fine but NW sadly pretend to be Balanced and that is very dishonest and most people see beyond the poorly disguised act.

  11. Hi. I’m 35 years old and like listening to CKNW. I don’t think you guys who are criticizing it really understand today’s market. The 13 guy says they’re failing at 3rd place. 3rd place is pretty good. Others are using the moniker CKNDP but I don’t see it, because I’ve heard their announcers rip the NDP on Über and Site C. They’ve also been upset that they’re anti-trump, but isn’t 68% of the Globe against Trump. Perhaps it’s not NW who sucks but the people who wish for the days of Frosty Forst and Rafe Mair to return. It must be a sad life, never adapting to new things and being left behind. Sounds like these critics are just giving us a bunch of sour grapes and are sad that the world of communication has passed them by.

  12. I wonder how long someone that rationalizes “third place is pretty good” would last selling that product. At what position does the need to improve go away? If knowing and understanding that a product that has been on the market for a long time has declined in value is that sour grapes or gripping reality.
    As far as NW ripping the NDP over Uber and site C you must have just tuned into the dead dog for the first time. Most of the CKNDP staff are still fighting the last election in BC . As far as Trump , NW is just another msm outlet that hasnt yet realized that Trump won an election in a democracy. He did not overthrow a government in a third world country. He was elected by voters just like you and I.

  13. Dale, I believe many of the negative views coming from readers here are twofold. They have either been fired from NW or they wear role-colored glasses and think that everything was better in the 1970s, including their hair, hearing, and job prospects.

  14. Dale

    I really do not care what your age is.

    Again 3rd place is not so good if the market is as weak as it is.
    Those you criticize want a better NW, and most regardless of their Political Brand want Fair and Balanced Radio where all points of view are heard.
    CKNDP Never Rip NDP, please illustrate where you think they do.

    FYI – NDP And MOST of their Supporters are AGAINST Site “C”! On Air Types at NW are very sympathetic to the NDP and I have no problem with that but they need other points of view.

    As to the world passing me by and not adapting to change? I carry out business in over 80 different countries, I just completed a marathon Business trip to 7 different countries in the Middle East, the EU, Asia, and the U.S. which included 11 different cities and temperature changes between 5C and 40C, I think I can adapt to change fairly well.

    How about you DALE, how was your last four weeks, just what did you accomplish my friend?

    Oh and by the way Dale, I also managed to arrange to bring home Two Stray Dogs from Greece,! They willl both be here in February, might you be interested in giving one of them a Home?

    Or perhaps you can’t adapt to that change.

  15. Dale if you look at the ratings a bit deeper you are an anomaly (sort of like the few women who listen to sports radio, you will always find some). In my view, there is nothing wrong with NW going after a younger demo, it’s more that the other stations haven’t responded with a new talk station which goes after a wider demo. That said, whether it is purposely or because they are inept they are not really doing a good job going after a younger demo; if they were they would be getting rid of all the old fogeys on air. That means new hosts in the morning, midday, evenings and probably even replacing the woman in the afternoon with the raspy voice.

    As for Trump talk if I tune into a station in Vancouver I want to hear local, BC or national talk, rarely international so you can probably rack this up to their American PD who still thinks he is in the states. It’s much more interesting to a local station’s audience to talk about local, provincial and Canadian issues and politics. You can get enough constant Trump talk on Cable TV from the US.

  16. Hi Rob. Just a heads up . Ive never been fired from anywhere. Rose colored glasses or clear lenses, the product that NW is putting on air has tanked steadily since Corus/Shaw took control. If you cant see (hear) how bad their production values are, how weak the on air hosts have become then perhaps you have a pair of colored lenses on.
    So to use your convoluted logic , Dale I believe that people like “Rob” might be Corus employees just spinning for the bosses.

  17. Never worked for Corus. I go back a bit readers like many of you. To be very honest with you, the three stations have lost something since they had to relocate in the TD Tower. They lost a warmth, a friendliness, and relatively small town feel from the single ground floor building in New West. Some stations have TV channels and security guards on site. Warm friendly feel good stations are really a thing of the past. AM is pretty much dead in most cities, and last point, why is McComb still hosting at 65 or so.

  18. Rob , so you think its the new digs and not shaw/corus that have taken NW from number one to number three? Perhaps, some small town vs Georgia St relevance.
    McComb was up until the onset of Larry Gifford a decent radio host. Balanced and fair. I always thought his hatred of Christie Clark might have been a hold over from her time on air at NW. (Just a wild guess with no basis in reality). His time on the pm drive with Till was very entertaining radio, and his early days as the morning guy were also pretty good radio. Maybe he is getting tired at 65 plus years. He must have his work cut out for him at home because he has kids with moderate to sever disabilities. He also mentioned a week or so ago that he was suffering and his doctor asked him if he was using his light box. That would indicate he suffers from sads. Seasonal Affected Disorder.
    Even with his hatred for the BC Libs and POTUS Trump I still listen as once his show is over it only gets worse. Seems he is also saddled with some pretty inexperienced production staff. Plus there just isnt any local alternative.


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