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Dave Bannerman was the Program Manager of the station I worked at in 1989. (Yes, back then there was a Program Manager AND a Program Director) He was a great teacher of radio who allowed me to try out things that I thought might work. Some failed, some worked, and some stuff really worked. I was surprised when he made the transition to teaching radio at Nova Scotia Community College in 1995. But as I spoke to Dave, I realized that Dave had been a teacher all along; his curriculum had not changed since our days at Annapolis Valley Radio in Nova Scotia. He had turned out exceptional broadcasters by stressing a focus on the listener, never getting hung up on the digital technicalities, and doing what radio does best: Content Creation.

The list of graduates reads like and a Pro-Bowl roster of Canadian radio:

Fearless Fred – 102.1 The Edge (Toronto)
Gillian Foote – 100.3 The Bear (Edmonton)
Ruby Carr – Z95.3 (Vancouver)
Jax – Kiss 92.5 (Toronto)
R.S. Smooth (Ryan Sommers) CKDU 97.5 (Halifax)

and Christina Fitzgerald and Morgan Sheppard most recently of Indie 88 (Toronto)

(I know there are many many others; these are the ones that I can recall in my head… please me and identify yourself as a graduate if you are in radio today. so******@ma*********.com)

Dave announced he is moving on from the school after 22 years of service. Thanks Dave!


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