CKNW to Replace Their All-Night “Coast to Coast AM” Show


CKNW is having to come up with new programming to replace their current overnight offering, “Coast to Coast AM’ with George Noory, which has long been the allnight show of choice on North American talk radio stations.

The current contract is about to run out, with the subsidiary of Bell Media that controls the Canadian rights to the show.   Bell has decided not to offer to renew on NW, a Corus property, thus forcing the station and its talk radio sister stations across the country to come up with a Canadian-based alternative.

No word on what other Vancouver station (if any) will be airing “Coast to Coast” in the future.   We assume the George Noory feature will continue uninterrupted on C-FAX 1070 Victoria, a Bell station.


  1. There’s been several Vancouver/Victoria guests on Coast over the years. Art Bell broadcast a show from CFUN studios on a stopover, with late spouse Ramona, from an Alaskan cruise. George Noory did a meet-the-folks variety show (separate from Coast) at, I believe, the River Rock Casino.

    Canadians callers frequently get on-air. Toronto broadcaster Richard Syrett is one of several rotating weekend hosts. And let’s not forget former Liberal cabinet minister Paul Hellyer, who has reinvented himself as a UFO-files truther decades after leaving federal politics. Paul gets way more credence than he probably deserves on Coast. After all, why didn’t he pipe up while an active politician able to do something about disclosure? Still, ya gotta admire his moxie to keep relevant at a very advanced age.

    Just speculating, but perhaps CKNW paid full price for Coast in order to run more station ads on breaks. CFAX, by comparison, runs more of Noory’s in-house ads for alternative-health remedies, Paranormal Date (for lonely hearts) etc. In return, perhaps CFAX gets the show much cheaper. Whereas NW maintains news breaks after midnight, CFAX skimps by opting for Canadian Press hourly news followed by a short pre-recorded summary of Victoria happenings.

    I live on the Saanich Peninsula but prefer to pick up Coast on 97.3FM in Seattle. For some weird reason, the US signal beats the pants off CFAX’s transmission once night falls. Wonder what station Victoria climatologist Tim Ball chooses? Due to his academic background, Ball is George Noory’s go-to climate change skeptic.

  2. I can hardly wait to see what kind of crap NW replaces Coast to Coast with. Every morning at 2 am I tune in and listen to some of the best radio ever. Coast runs from 10 pm till 2 am the replays from 2 am till 5 am. Maybe we can get some infomercials for adult diapers.
    NW truly is a rotting dead dog

  3. Hey. 13! Let’s just hope they don’t program repeats of Simi, Steele and Drex and Adler. Hey Mary Daniel! Try tuning in KIRO 97.3 on FM. As I noted above, it has a howitzer signal at least here in Victoria.

  4. Although I have listened to this program on occasion, I found this particular program to be full of whack jobs. And although it did provide me with fodder when I got to work (I would Lauren to it on my drive in to work in the early mornings), it was ridiculous.
    I will not miss this show when it is gone. I liked the host but did he believe any of the crap?

  5. Ironically, Coast to Coast was one of the more entertaining broadcasts on NW. Surely it was doing well for late night/over night ratings. Yes, the show has a number of kooks on it at times but it also had topics/personalities who provoked thinking and at least were entertaining.

    Most of CKNW’s in house shows and host have all become quite bland, boring, predictable in POV and candor as well as slanted to liberal/leftist/ sjw righteousness bias. Even Adler has moved to being more libtardish now that he lives on the left coast than back in his days in Winnipeg.

    Over much of my life as an adult right back to listening to CKNW from the mid 80’s onward it was often must listen to radio. My radios in house and in car often were set to NW98. In the last 3-4-5 years, it is no longer must listen to radio and usually after a short while my radios are on another station or I am not even bothering to have my radios on at all.

    Simple fact is today I can find more informative, provocative and critical thinking enforced, news, current affairs, political and social topics on Podcasts and You tube channels. Talk radio today fails to see this and to compete with it well enough.

    Coast to Coast was again at least entertaining at times informative on many topics not often discussed.

    Look as like another Corus management faux pas in the making.

    I bet CKNW will put on hours of REPLAY radio made from the stew of daytime radio hosts, that and the rest of the night craoppla infomercials.

    As to replay radio on NW98 the different talk shows repeat crap all too often during their own shows But this crap is also shared in repeats each others’ show as well, QUITE IRRITATING AND BORING!

  6. As some have suggested above repeats may be the order of the day (night) when Coast to Coast ceases to broadcast on 980. That being the case, I’ll go out on a limb and suggest the one program that won’t be repeated will be the 6 pm news from Global.
    Just a thought, is there someone out there with a few million bucks that might be interested in buying NW from CORUS and running it locally? Imagine having to fill air 24/7 with local talent and topics. A delicious but daunting idea!

  7. Once upon a time NW ran David Berner (producer Bob Addison from 8 pm untill midnight. CALL IN FORMAT no buzzbsline. From midnight till 4 am Stirling Faux , also call in format. At the time I was driving a route from 6pm till6am. Both shows were interesting and entertaining. Berners first night he interviewed an Abottsford school teacher who was an expert on the JFK murder. Berner was well conected to entertainers and had many celebrities on air. One of his best segments was “steel toed kick boot” where callers could vent on almost any person or topic. Great radio and as local as you could get.
    Rocker I also get a Bellingham station 96.5 fm. Sadly it signal is okay in the Valley but not in the lower mainland. Trust me if I could listen to another talk radio station other than the petrified dog I would

  8. Forgive a third posting, but Les H. ( whom I often disagree with) is spot on in crediting Coast for discussing serious topics completely ignored by mass media. For example, Sunday host George Knapp devoted the entire four hours to experts pulling back the curtain on the current opioid crisis.

    PSR readers should rush to CKNW archives (while they still exist for Coast) and learn how North American authorities are using the avalanche of fatal ODs from illegal synthetic fentanyl to crack down on law abiding citizens relying on medically prescribed opioids for chronic pain caused by disease, traumatic injuries etc. Folks who’ve been able to work and function for years on doctor-monitored medication regimens are now weaned back dramatically or cut off entirely by physicians fearful of violating new guidelines, The result? Affected patients end up again bedridden and unemployable or risk personal safety (and/or arrest) by seeking out illegal synthetics.

    British Columbia is Canada’s harshest jurisdiction after the College of Physicians and Surgeons enacted guidelines allowing raids of doctors’ offices for random inspection of files. To my knowledge, provincial media have completely ignored this bureaucratic overreach. That’s probably because the average journalist, much like the average unaffected citizen, conflates illegal synthetics with legal prescription opioids, The synthetics cause the overwhelming number of OD fatalities that make headlines. Prescription opioids, properly monitored, are rarely fatal and allow patients to live normal productive lives.

    A couple of Knapp’s guests on Sunday posited that authorities are doing the dirty work of insurers (in the US) and governments (countries like Canada) which want to cut expenditures. Aside from the unnecessary pain for affected patients, it’s a shortsighted approach since it will surely increase the number of disability claims.

    Bottom line: One of the best Coast shows in years which should, if there’s any justice, for George Knapp to vie for broadcast awards in 2018.

  9. This is my favourite show. I listen every nite and a lot of my coworkers do as well. There are tons of Canadian content from callers ,guest hosts, and content which concerns everyone world wide. Shame on come for not renewing tnlhe contract. Like others say , guess I’ll be listmening to something else.

  10. Looks like all Corus news/talk stations across Canada will be dropping C2C
    Network Announcer​
    Division: CKNW News-Talk 980
    Work Status: Full-time
    Location: Vancouver, BC

    About the Role

    Reporting to the Senior Program Director of CKNW-AM, Vancouver, you will be responsible for hosting a weekday overnight program (10p-2a PT/ 1a-5a ET) for Corus’ seven News Talk radio stations based in Vancouver. The show will expand on the day’s news and events and get listener’s set for a fresh start of a new day. It is story driven, opinionated, irreverent and Canadian.

  11. Coast to Coast is actually pretty good until they morph into the chemtrail subjects. Many times I thought it probably was the highlight of the talk shows on NW for the day. But then again I don’t regularly listen to them so I might be wrong.

    Bell should put Coast on TSN1410 and grow that station to maybe carry national talk from other stations it has across Canada since sports is probably going to disappear from 1410 soon if Bell is looking at the bottom line.

  12. Habits are hard to break. Even though CKNDP has become so left wing that they should have Al Gore and David Suzuki on their logo when C2C ended at 5 pm it was G Mac tilll Mcomb came on air. No C2C then no G Mac and no McComb and that leads into no Simi and no Drex. There is an upside to NW canceling C2C after all.

  13. Yet another reason CKNW and Corus is spinning round the toilet bowl………anyone ever notice the continual rotation of “kids” working at CKNW for free? They are losing money like crazy trying to stay alive as a “radical left” radio station. Good luck with that……..MAGA President Trump !!!

  14. Really? So as of tonight more being treated like infants and being told what to listen too as in all Canadian content! That show kept me informed from 10pm to 4 am for years. Every one knows Canadian radio and most tv contentv Sucks… reruns of beachcombers… really! Good bye courus and .. deleted off my radios!! Just added 97.3 in washington state.

  15. Les H – I totally agree with you. Especially your comments about Adler. When he used to be ‘national’ I listened to and enjoyed the program, but ever since his move to Vancouver and rebranded as ‘real talk, common sense, Canadian.” I stopped listening. For two reasons: It was astounding how often he ‘leads’ with an American story (typically Trump bashing) – the amount of American content is actually inordinate for a ‘Canadian’ show. Also, he does seem to be shifting to the left and SJ issues. As for CKNW in general, I’m with you again. I used to listen most of the day and into the evening. I loved the type of programming where Bill Good would address a single topic to a half-hour or so; bring in ‘expert’ opinion and open the lines to commentary and question. Contributors Norman Spector, Francis Bula, Michael Gheller, Vaughn Palmer spoke from experience and expertise. Now, the programs are simply opinion and ‘chatter’. I still love how Michael Smyth runs the shows when he fills-in for. He’s a ‘straight-shooter’ who isn’t afraid to ask the non-PC question.

  16. Also, I shudder at the ‘promo’ for the forthcoming show to fill the time slot; promising to be ‘irreverent’ among other things. Haven’t we just about overdone this ‘irreverent’ thing yet?! Do programmers have any idea who listens to am talk radio? Hint: it’s not 18 year old teenage boys.

  17. I hear ya. NW just lost another late night listener. I’ll be tuning into another station moving forward. 24 /7 mainstream radio ……. you can have it! The Top Dog…. is no more. Rest in peace.

  18. Just discovered last night that Coast to Coast is gone…well that’s it for us. We’ve shut off NW a couple years ago except for Saturday morning and Coast at night but looks like we outta here now.

  19. I’m pissed right off .
    I’m a Gry worker and have listened to coast for years .
    This is just one more reason to tune out am radio .
    First they screwed up Oidies 650 … Now no coast on 980 .
    What’s the matter with these idiots … Answer is they don’t care about their listeners .
    So what now reruns of Drex and his side kick all night . That would be enough to drive me mental .


  21. I tuned in last night to listen to George Knapp…they were playing an oldtime radio drama.
    I listen to weekend programing when Noory takes 1-3 days off.
    When was the last time that guy took a vacation?

  22. Did I just slide off Santa’s sleigh and end up in 1940.
    Yes I did and we are listening to cknw….no coast to coast and
    this is your answer. YUK….how quickly can I find coast
    To Coast on another station. Gee it was the only good
    show you had, I take that back, mike Snyth is always
    good and Charles alder is pretty good. The rest suck

  23. So terribly disappointed to discover that radio plays are back on CKNW. I spent many, many sleepless nights listening to Coast-to-Coast. Now what am I going to do?

  24. I been listening to coast to coast forever. I work graveyard shift it’s the only thing that helps me get buy. Can’t believe they are playing some weird show on there tonight. Anyone know if any other station will be hosting coast to coast. RIP CKNW

  25. Just subjecting my self to the c2c replacement programing. I have been making a list of NWS advertisers. I will define try boycott them and phone the advertisers to make them aware of what NW has done. Penfolds. Ragnar. Rentapro. Clovers. Marks pharmacy and many more

  26. I believe Corus has made a big mistake in cancelling Coast to Coast program. It was an interesting listening with varied subjects with no left or right wing bias. You can be assured that the loss will be Corus’ loss because the ‘loyal’ will be forced to switch to Seattle or Victoria. If Corus drops the evening listeners they will all lose their daytime listeners,

  27. Extremely disappointing not to be able to listen to C2C on my radio here in Vancouver . Went through every station Am and Fm many times last night and No Luck . Been listening for years everyday .

  28. You’ve got to be kidding me! Coast to Coast off CKNW ! What idiot is making this decision? I’ve been tuning off CKNW more than usual lately . Boring! I have been tuning in at 10 to Coast to COAST for something different and interesting!
    The weekday hosts all sing the same tune and I’ve had enough!

  29. Why don’t the Noory listeners realize that the program was selling books. I have complained before aboutC2C. Also the prescription Dr sounded so phony. Also would comment that Jon it’s time for him to go. Also Noory was too Catholic and didn’t give other’s chance to rebuke,

  30. Same here — Been listening for years … one of my time-outs in the evening: Coast To Coast AM.
    On my simple AM/FM radio I can not pick up other broadcasts of C2C at my location, other than occasionally– CKNW was usually the best for me… Disappointed in that.
    For now, I can stream C2 C on my computer via CFAX 1070 online in their AUDIO section.
    This link should take you there:
    … But this does not help if I want to tune in before sleep in bed…

  31. Now where can I listen to everything from,
    Seems like normal to totally out of this or any realm?
    I especially like the kooky stuff,
    I would love to be the fly on the wall to observe George Noory’s
    Reactions to the really nut bar callers,
    Some of that stuff makes me almost pee myself from laughing,
    Some of it makes me want to go out and get pissed so I can start laughing.
    George’s respect and response to his guests and callers is Very Genuine.

    Ed Note: Ric, I guess you haven’t seen the thread, announcing CTC will now be heard in Vancouver on Roundhouse Radio

  32. Could it be Vancouver BC is a certain location where they want to keep us in the dark? Where people don’t know what the pedestrian signals mean and maybe don’t care (google for info on signals meaning). City Hall is certainly not interested in teaching them and saving lives, where the VPD create their own rules (instructed by who?), where the traffic lights timing is designed to push people to drive 80 kph to make the green lights, go figure? Coast to Coast made me feel at home and I will continue to listen wherever it is available.

  33. I’m old enough to remember when Jack Cullen had the “Owl Prowl” in that slot. Funny to hear it filled once again with those radio dramas from the 40s, 50s and 60s. Someone mentioned David Berner’s show — I remember that too. Would be good to have a reprise of that: a local phone-in/interview show that focused not on a rah rah celebration of the market city of Vancouver but, a la Ray Taliaferro’s 1pm-4pm KGO program (1977-2011), its critique. Programming idea: a weekly point-counterpoint featuring Michael Campbell and Ivan Drury

  34. So…..I thought I would be okay, seeing I had been listening since 1994, and what more could I hear from C2C; but, I don’t know if I will be able to sleep. There were so many whack-job shows, but you could leave it on in the background and pick and choose who you would listen to as you drifted off to sleep. After all of these years, it will be like withdrawal. I wonder why the listeners aren’t consulted; and what will happen to Noory with all of these affiliates being dropped? I’ll admit I have been annoyed with him, since he seemed less than invested in the radio program and more into his TV shows–but he has been a fixture for so long and Art Bell before that. I have been listening since AB started the show. This kind of change is huge.

  35. I thought there was a connection problem few nights ago. But then those oldies started past 4 nights now. Hope some how they might bend a little. Otherwise…. a bad loss I feel.

  36. Bad mistake. Another reason to tune out CKNW and find something that is vibrant and Up to date. Re-running oldies is symptomatic of living in the past.

  37. Its is unfortunate that NW has lost to Coast to Coast airing, but it was “Bell” who decided not to renew the show….but in keeping with the loss, I will not be tuning in NW in the future

  38. So disappointed! Do they really think the listeners who enjoy C2C would rather listen to The Lone Ranger?? or Wild Bill Hickock? Know your audience!

  39. Coast-to_CoastAM was great when Art Bell was hosting but has slowly (but surely) become just another far-right, conservative nut job platform and I’m glad it’s being canceled.

  40. Listening to Coast to Coast AM brought connection, community and comfort to so many people. Yes, there were nights that I had no interest in listening to some of the topics, but I always enjoyed hearing George and the other hosts voices and input. They put me to sleep many nights and that’s a compliment!

    I’m so disappointed that a unique and different perspective has been silenced – not cricket! Same old radio programming now … tuning out.

  41. I believe this has more to do politics rather than contracts & costs, but I’ve now left CKNW and have found a great substitute for Coast to Coast listening and a few other shows. We’re fortunate here along the border to receive KGMI 790 News in Bellingham which has a syndicated coverage of Coast to Coast and a few other No. 1 rated shows. It was an awakening for me and now look at it and say ‘Thanks…. CKNW for opening my eyes to your competition’!! I’ve now cut CKNW from 12 hrs a day to maybe 3-4 hrs. If that goes, I’ll get Sirius XM.

  42. I find it is better to just pay for the coast to coast show live streaming with the commercials cut out, and then throw them on my phone or iPod and listen to them anytime and have them down loaded and stored in my computer for later listening if i want to re listen to one. i have every C2C show on my stored on my external hard drive since 2006, hey Vancouver has a ufo conspiracy meet up group, that brings in speakers and its a great way to meet like minded people check it out.

  43. CKNW and Global are just a shadow of what they once were. It certainly doesn’t help that the news director is prone to childish outbursts similar to a teenage girl.

  44. Is Charles Adler the anointed one for the new national program? It wouldn’t be a stretch. His present program is already running in three of the seven markets designated for the new program.

  45. Charles Adler is a New Man, he has recently undergone “Political Reassignment Surgery”!

    He is now a PC Social Engineering Pro PM Justin Anti Trump “Snowflake”!

    Because of the GR Surgery he will fit quite nicely into the plans of the Liberal Activist Mensa Member Program Director at CKNDP and he will be On Air from 7 PM until 5 AM Forever!

    Adler has Sold Out andI am embarrassed for him!

  46. I have been looking for an alternative to “Coast to Coast” for a long time. That program does not do much for me. Years ago Sterling Fox (or Faux) had a great late night show I used to listen to all the time. Perhaps he would come back.

  47. Sure, there was some wacky stuff on C2C, along with many respectable scientists, authors, etc. This change makes my nights as long and boring as the old time radio classics now running. Luckily I can usually scan the stations and find C2C out of the U. S somewhere. Bad move.

  48. TO; all concerned!

    I am so disappointed “Coast to Coast” is no no longer on 630 ched, all my friends and children listen all the time, and we fill in each other on interested topics, many, many Canadians call into this program every night, kindly reconsider if possible!!
    Thank you! Happy New Year!!

  49. Good replacement is Red Eye Radio. On WABC live starting at 1030 PST or at midnight up and down the west coast on stations like KVI, KKOH or KSFO.

  50. I use my ipad or laptop to listen to radio as Kelowna has nothing .. find c2c on any bell media station… CFAX
    looking forward to new progamming on corus radio stations. apparently Kelowna CKNR 1150 am will be broadcasting c2c as of Jan 15.. better than the sports they had all night. ugh

  51. First CKNW takes away my nightly ritual listening of Dan Russell’s Sports Talk and now they’re taking off Coast to Coast AM. Well I’m taking CKNW off my list of anything I’ll listen to now. Steele and Drex sucks, poor liberal whining lefties. I’m done with CKNW.

  52. The good news for us night hawks is that we can still hear a regional Coast to Coast AM live feed on CFAX 1070 out of Victoria: I can pick it up on radio as well in DT Vancouver.

    I attempted Roundhouse Radio’s ‘mixed-up’ music show tonight at 11pm and lasted about twenty minutes. It was sitar music back-to-back with MOR nineties rock and Fleetwood Mac. Like a college kid discovering the history of music for the first time. There is no way I’m missing C2C live for a canned music show. I can play my own music thanks.

    Also, the last time I tuned into CKNW they were playing a live feed of the Global Television news cast. Complete with videos and photos we cannot see on radio. Who is the radio genius at Chorus who made this decision?

    Here’s my last rant. Why has Vancouver radio taken such a huge flop in the last few decades? It’s like nobody cares anymore. Yesterday I spun through the dial to only hear Kim Mitchell’s “might as well go for a soda” on three separate stations simultaneously! There is so much good music (new and old) out there and we get the same damn songs on every station over and over. Time to move on and try some B sides for gawd sakes.

  53. I’ve been an avid listener to Coast to Coast AM since its founding by Art Bell. I’m very saddened to learn of its cancelling by CKNW. I’ll no longer be tuning into same and instead becoming a Coast Insider and live streaming the program on my laptop. Eva

  54. I have been a dedicated listener of Coast to Coast AM, starting in 1997 with Art Bell, who was the best, and later taken over by George Noorey. I have followed the show from different stations as they change formats. I had no problem leaving CKNW behind and following C2C again, this time on CFAX 1070 in Victoria or on 97.3FM, Seattle. Personally, I doubt if CKNW with a new Canadian format will be able to retain the huge C2C sophisticated audience.

  55. Been a long time regular C2C listener since the Art Bell days. Love the alternative views and interesting topics each night. Goodbye QR77; I Will not tune into your daytime radio as a protest to communicate my absolute disappointment in your decision to drop an iconic program. Hello CFAX Victoria and CBC.

  56. @Mike November 29, 2017 – 7:15 am

    Interspersing the “whack jobs” with the “truthsayers” is probably Noory’s insurance for staying alive! It’s how the deep state operates that controls your puppet Canadian govt.- truth mixed in with lies to get you misdirect you away from the truth, which only a tiny group worldwide control.

    Identifying the “whack jobs” from the others, is part of the skill that comes with listening to C to C. I guess, not unlike most Canadians, you are not quite up to snuff yet, happy to care more about irrelevant things in the press, such as hockey stats, etc., than knowing about the control of your money supply through the central banking system (BoIS, Basel, Switzerland), that dictates policy to the Bank of Canada (and all other central banks in nations worldwide), that in turn controls your life through supplying your money…

    Hopefully you’ll figure it out one day!

  57. Thank god for American Alternative media! I have not found a single Canadian media outlet online that is willing to tell us why CKNW 980 no longer carries Coast to Coast AM. As usual, it seems to be about the money- possibly too expensive for CKNW to renew, since C to C is currently the most popular radio station in the world today…

    A worldwide awakening is happening, and I am happy to avoid the CRAP that has replaced C to C on CKNW. Hopefully they’ll get the cash together soon to satisfy Bell Media, but in the meantime, I’m listening to KIRO radio Seattle when I have wifi, and Sacremento, CA radio KFBK 1530AM, which can be received fairly clearly, with a good quality AM radio in west-end Vancouver near or along English Bay and south-coast Stanley Park.

  58. Not renewing the Coast to Coast nightly program and substituting it with a same old, same old show platform hosted by opinionated hosts chattering on with opinionated callers about the same old topics that we listen to all day long –that was a big mistake. Coast to Coast AM was relaxing, a nightly reprieve from the rehashed chit-chat spruiked by radio hosts all day long in their desperate sounding, urgent, alarming voices. It was something different that had variety, with something for everyone during the week. Also, George Noory kept it clean, and polite, with no swearing to jangle your nerves. He is an expert and experienced radio host who knows how to bring out the best in his guests and hold his listeners interest without beating them about the ears loudly with topics that are chewed over all day long. A show with a different take on world events, is what it was.

  59. CKNW is a far left liberal propaganda machine…Coast to Coast probably didnt fit their programming criteria because it isnt politically left so they replaced it with a liberal brainwashing show that rehashes all the junk they broadcast during the day…


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