Netflix’ ‘House of Cards’ Ending after Sex Assault Allegations Against Kevin Spacey

Courtesy of Netflix
‘House of Cards’
Frank Underwood’s Washington tenure is coming to an end. Netflix is currently in production on a sixth and final season of House of Cards, the landmark drama that signaled its aggressive push into original programming.The final run of House of Cards, which stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright as ruthless and ambitious beltway couple, will debut its last 13 episodes in 2018. Executive producers Melissa James Gibson and Frank Pugliese, who replaced exiting creator Beau Willimon last year, are both expected to return as co-showrunners.

Official word on its conclusion, which has been in the works since the summer, comes at a problematic time for Spacey. The star and executive producer is embroiled in sexual assault scandal, with an actor alleging that Spacey made aggressive advances towards him when he was just 14. Spacey responded, in turn, by apologizing for “inappropriate drunken behavior” and coming out as gay. (Neither the apology nor the admission have been met with a positive response.)

House of Cards has been especially important to Netflix. An adaptation of a British series and Michael Dobbs novel of the same name, news that Spacey and director David Fincher were updating the project as a beltway drama for the U.S. sparked multiple bids from stateside programmers (including HBO) before finally going to Netflix with a straight-to-series order for two seasons at a price tag then estimated to be around $100 million. This was in 2011, before streaming had become a dominant player in original programming and when filmmakers such as Spacey and Fincher shifting from movies to television was still somewhat surprising. It premiered in 2013.

The show has seen critical affection wax and wane over the years, but it has remained the de facto flagship at an increasingly diversified Netflix. House of Cards is also a regular favorite at the Emmys, nabbing 46 nominations and 6 wins to date. (It also boasts a Peabody and two Golden Globes.)



  1. As Trevor Noah joked: “Why does Kevin always have to play the bad guy?”.

    I seriously doubt he hired a PR firm before issuing the weird apology. It sounds like he channeled the late Rob Ford. Didn’t Toronto’s famously troubled mayor basically explain away crack-use allegations with “If I did, it must have been during one of my drunken stupours.”

    The problem with Kev’s mea culpa is that his alleged action –propositioning a minor–wasn’t just wrong but criminal. Perhaps the teen in question appeared older than his years. It’s hard to believe that Spacey wouldn’t have long ago been in a world of legal hurt if he consistently targetted young ‘uns–especially if hook ups ensued.

    Editorial cartoonists will likely use the Frank Underwood image to rib Spacey. A more daring artist might want to use Kevin’s diabolical turn in Seven to have him pulling, say, a jack-o-lantern pumpkin with “your career” carved on the forehead , out of a courier box.

  2. I find it interesting that Rapp held off with his allegations against Spacey until his Star Trek show hit the airwaves. All this attention over an incident that happened in his early teens will certainly win him an Emmy. NOT!
    I also see many column writers claiming Rapp is “starring” in Star Trek: Discovery. I think that bumps him up the billing ladder considerably. I admit when I first heard the charges laid against Spacey, I had no idea who Rapp was. It wasn’t until someone mentioned Star Trek: Discovery that I made the connection. This merely proves my point about how the story will help his career.
    And yes, Spacey may have done a better job of ‘coming out’ but at least he apologised first. And, who cares whether Rosie liked the way he did it?
    Coincidentally, whether this helps his situation or not, Spacey got his TV start in Vancouver as a drug dealer with a huge yacht anchored in English Bay. It was a story arc on “Wiseguy” starring Ken Wahl. An actor no one has seen or heard from since.

  3. Why all of a sudden, Kevin Spacey and his career is frozen. Anybody can make any claim about anybody in the entertainment world, then that person is toast, even if there are no charges forthcoming. People in Hollywood knew he was gay 25 years ago.

  4. Gay or straight, who cares? He jumped a 14 year old kid. To hell with him and all the other pedophiles and predators destroying lives in show business or any business. Spacey’s a god damn vampire and deserves a stake through the heart.

  5. Warren, you dont know what he did or didnt do. I wish you were in the public eye and everything you did was put under the microscope. In your world, there would be no court system, the world would be run by accusations, rumours, and hearsay. Thats not my world.


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