Trump Adviser Roger Stone Unloads on CNN’s ‘Human Excrement’ Update, Twitter Cancels Stone’s account!


One of Donald Trump’s close advisers has called for the firing of journalists critical of the US president.

Roger Stone launched a tirade against CNN calling for journalists Don Lemon, Jake Tapper and Ana Navarro to be fired and describing them as “human excrement”.

In a tweet about the merger between AT&T and Time Warner, CNN’s parent company, Mr Stone wrote: “When AT&T aquires [sic] Time Warner the house cleaning at CNN of human excrement like @donlemon @jaketapper & dumbf*** @ananavarro will be swift”.

Earlier in the day he tweeted directly at Don Lemon, telling him to stop lying about the Clintons and uranium and describing him as an “ignorant lying c***sucker” and a “dumb piece of s***”.

On Thursday Mr Lemon penned an open letter to Mr Trump asking him to “please stop it” after the President’s condolence call to the widow of Sgt La David Johnson became a national controversy when she claimed it made her “very angry”. She claimed Mr Trump forgot Mr Johnson’s name, something he denies.



  1. Its been obvious since election night that CNN was not ready for a Trump victory. They have been so blatant in their opposition to what the electorate ( America) chose that it seems they would gladly start a revolution to satisfy the power base that pulls the strings to make the puppets dance.
    President Trump was elected because enough people in America had seen enough of the political establishment dumbing down the the population. The corporate push to turn the middle class into a third world work force.
    If the disaster in Europe isnt a clear enough picture of where the established political parties in North America want to take us then we deserve the outcome. Trudeau is completely on board with making us a debt ridden country that has no direction other than a death spiral.

  2. Roger Stone has it 100% correct about Tapper, Lemon, and Navarro who Masquerades as a Republican! Navarro dressed up as a Republican for Halloween would be appropriate!

    The only thing Stone missed was the fact that The Clinton News Network (CNN) need to jettison many more than just those three. CNNi is a Cesspool of Dishonest and Fact Bending Reporting that are still attempting to Fight the Last U.S. Federal Election.

    I hope their Ratings because of their Dishonest Manipulation of the News continue to sink to the bottom!

    I also find it very sad to see and hear the once Top Dog CKNDP (NW) their American PD and On Air Hosts like McComb, Sara, Drex, and that “Legend in His Own Basement” Charles Addler still Fighting that same Election much of their time On Air!

    Personally I can only hope that both CNN and CKNDP learn the lesson the Hard Way by Dropping Ratings and more importantly a collapse of their Advertising Revenue.

  3. I hope Roger gets as passionate about President Trump agreeing to withhold, for now, many of the intelligence agencies’ findings on the JFK assassination. Plus, I’m worried that many of the reports that were released are heavily redacted.

    To be fair, even this stuff probably wouldn’t have seen the light of day had HRC won. But The Donald could still win over a lot of skeptics (like me) by bulling ahead with full, virtually unredacted disclosure.

  4. Here’s what’s real: at least one indictment and arrest stemming from the Mueller investigation is coming Monday. I’m sure it’s all CNN’s fault.

  5. 1: Rocker Rich, President Trump withheld some JFK docs at the asking of the FBI and CIA, He has told them they have 180 days to justify this withholding.

    2: As to CNN and the f@ggots Lemon and Cooper ( both are out and proud gays, so folks don’t be mad at my f@ggots words to describe these two commie-propagandists) as well as most others at CNN and BTW most MSM. They all are liberal/commies, full of cultural-Marxist B.S. with their SJW mindset of being anti-Trump, anti-USA/West. They are all near treasonous.

    Pretty well all Pinko commies, Feminists and SJW’s allies are dykes/faggots and/or pedophiles and most gays and dykes are socialist/commies.

    They HATE THEMSELVES and as such wish for all others in the USA/Western world to be just as self-loathing. THEY ARE ALL DELUDED AND ILL IN THE HEAD! All their anger and hate for those who do not fall into line with them IS ONLY THEM PROJECTING THEIR OWN RACISM, SEXISM, BIGOTRY AND HATE! These SJW’s, Feminists, cultural-Marxists and all socialists /communists are the most racist hateful and ignorant people on Earth.

    Black Pigeon Speaks, (channel) on Youtube has a recent upload where he makes clear that to fight the sicko leftist, self-loathing hateful degenerates we can’t use defensive words to prove our points, nor use logic or facts. He says and I agree is to highlight to them their inability to first meme, second their lack of humour and third to constantly ridicule them, their sexuality, their hair colors/style, piercings, their general style and clothing, their [lack of credible] education and their boo hoo tears of being triggered by mere words, finally to make fun of their leftist/commie/islam loving (BTW ISLAM HATES COMMIES! BUT BOTH ALLY IN HATING THE WEST MORE!) FAILED AND FLAWED IDEALS.. Only by such may those who still have a mental chance to see the proverbial light may then look inward enough and at the mirror to see how brainwashed and messed up they are. Sadly all too many are past reforming and will live their lives in self-loathing misery trying to project this to draw others into shared misery. It’s what all forms of socialism and cultural Marxism does best. But if we try, some can still be saved, but not with us using logic or facts but by using their words against them, throw their words right back in their faces and with lots of ridicule. Consider it our mission to save the western developed world as it is and has been warts and all still the greatest human/social/economic experiment in history and deserves being saved.

  6. BTW, To be clear I have no issues with homosexuals, transgender persons (I like and enjoy Youtubers Blair White, Theryn Meyer and other NON I’M A VICTIM trans persons. I quite enjoy and like Milo Yiannopoulos) and all sexuality or such. Normal, western world loving gays, lesbians, bisexuals and trans persons who want to take advantage of life and all the west gives them to BETTER their own lives and by such then able to make other lives better are all fine citizens. BUT! FAGGOTS, DYKES AND THIS NON BINARY B.S. are hateful self-loathing SJW, pinkos and want to tear down the western developed world and I won’t defend such from these haterz.

  7. I love it when a homophobe uses the word “f—–s” in a sentence, comes back later to say he doesn’t have a problem with homosexuals and lists his favourite YouTube channels as proof. Endlessly entertaining stuff.

  8. Truth

    And please tell us how you know an actual Indictment and Arrest is about to take place Monday?

    Did CNN or any other announce that either of both of those would take place Monday?

    Or was it once again a “Report, Souces have Said, It has been reported, or an Anonymous Source has Said” thing.

    The “Great Unwashed” eagerly await your confirmation of whatever fact you think you believe you have,

    Who needs the Facts when One has Ideology, correct Truth?

    It has been reported? Yeah sure!

  9. Truth,

    Eff off with homophobic shite… I used the words faggots and dykes as a derogatory words towards ALL SJW’s, 3rd wave feminists and all leftard, pinks/commies as most of these people are faggots, dykes and/or pedophiles.

    Normal everyday living, western world loving homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and trans gender persons who do not wake up with their first daily thought of “I’M A VICTM.” are not the same nor the problem as those I painted here as faggots, dykes and pedophiles all whom are leftist, commies who HATE THE USA/WEST.

    I noted a few pertinent transgenderr females, I enjoy following in Youtube. I noted the self named DANGEROUS FAGGOT Milo Yiannopoulos. These are just a few trans and gay persons I am totally COOL WITH, WHY? Because none are blathering SJW, CRY BULLIES and NOT FOREVER VICTIM, hateful, self loathing persons. They among many others I follow along with some I know realize the privilege WE ALL HAVE living in the western world. They just like me do not want to see it burn but they too want like all everyday, working folks to HOLD IT UP! as the citadel of life, liberty, freedom of conscience, freedom of choice and the security of the individual the western world gives.

  10. If the likes of Lemon, Tapper, Navarro, Cooper et al. should be fired, it’ll no doubt be for their poor quality “journalism” (i.e. personal opinions masquerading as “news”), lies and bias. But this is CNN we’re talking about, where reporting fake news gets rewarded by the higher-ups.

    Best thing to do to really punish their ilk is to tune them out and block them on your cable boxes – that’s what I do.

  11. “Truth” or perhaps “Not the Truth”

    BTW, did you happen to notice that JUST WHEN CNN and other Elite Liberal Media were about to be forced to talk about HRC, Bill, The Clinton Foundation, Podesta, and the rest of the Clinton Campaign Swamp and their Minions and their own Russian, Uranium, and other
    Questionable Dealings the LEAK about potential Indictments and Arrests against Trump Minions overnight displaced the very problematic News Coverage and Investigation of the Clintons which within hours gets absolutely NO News Coverage on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, and the rest of the Elite MEDIA Clinton, Obama, supporting Outlets. “Move along Folks, nothing to SEE Here”!!

  12. Just to clarify: What I’m expecting from Roger Stone is consistency.

    Along with millions of aging boomers like me, Roger is–what the CIA and MSM designate–a conspiracy theorist re: JFK. He’s written books and appeared on shows such as Coast to Coast to advance his views on the assassination.

    He’s also been an unabashed supporter, long before most firebrand pundits, of Donald J. Trump. If the President wimps out by holus bolus accepting whatever excuses the agencies offer to justify keeping substantial numbers of documents hidden, then I would expect Mr. Stone to vigorously voice his disillusionment. If not, he’ll be seen as putting politics over principle.

    As it is, Roger Stone should already be manning the ramparts regarding the substantial redactions in the documents released last week.


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